100+ Whatsapp Group Names For Friends, Family [Cool, Funny Group Names]

After writing Whatsapp dare and Whatsapp puzzles, I am making the list of whatsapp group names in this post. You can use these whatsapp group names for friends, family, and cousions. I will be adding funny whatsapp group names, Cool whatsapp group names and so many other attractive whatsapp group names that can use while creating communities on the Whatsapp with your friends. Some of these whatsapp group names for lovers are best for couples and bf/gf.So now without wasting much time I would like to start my list for you!

Whatsapp Group Names List 2021 [Latest Collection]

Whatsapp Group Names

I have divided the list into various parts so that you can use these whatsapp group names easily according to your need. Sometimes, we create our Whatsapp groups only for family members, sometimes we create groups only for friends, and sometimes we create Whatsapp group for our partners (husband/wife, lovers).

So we always use some different and unique whatsapp group names for different communities on the Whatsapp. I hope you will enjoy and love this post.

Whatsapp Group Names for Friends

As we all know most of the Whatsapp groups are created with friends because we feel more comfortable with our friends. We don’t have much restriction while chatting with friends. So choosing a best and unique Whatsapp group names becomes mandatory and here I am adding latest 30 whatsapp group names for friends. You can pick any of the group names listed in this section for friends.

  1. Bang Bang Party
  2. Life Buddies
  3. Life Line
  4. Live together Die Together
  5. Love vs Life
  6. Lover vs Friends
  7. Friends my Love
  8. I M Nothing Without You Guys
  9. Guys We Are Life
  10. Bachelors Group
  11. 10 Idiots (You can increase or decrease the number according to your number of friends)
  12. Teenagers Life
  13. We are Bunkers
  14. We are Fighters
  15. We are World changer
  16. We are Bachelors
  17. Bachelors Life is Love
  18. Friends are Life
  19. Friends are Love
  20. Live happy with friends
  21. Die for Friends
  22. Do Anything for Friends
  23. Friend for Friends
  24. We are back benchers
  25. We are wondering minds
  26. We are so called engineers
  27. We are chatter box
  28. We are bachelors
  29. Friends name’ (404 Not Found)
  30. We are atomic reactors

Funny Whatsapp Group Names

Do you want to make some with your group members? If yes, then changing the Whatsapp Group names suddenly into the funny name will make your community members laugh for sure. You can choose any of the funny Whatsapp group names listed in this section and change your Whatsapp community names.

  1. ABCD Friends
  2. We are Blasters
  3. Love in Water
  4. Bathroom Singers
  5. We Take Bath Every Week
  6. We don’t tell a lie
  7. We love to be loved
  8. Would you kiss me?
  9. Searching for a girl
  10. Drinkers batch
  11. Chat at your own risk
  12. Baba ji ka thullu (Hindi Whatsapp Group name for Indians)
  13. I Love exams but not the result
  14. Why results come?
  15. Make me Fool
  16. I am your that kind of buddy
  17. Please smile
  18. Group name does not exist
  19. Typing…
  20. At your service

Cool Whatsapp Group Names

Cool Whatsapp Group names

I have listed Top 30 Cool Whatsapp Group names in this section and you can use these names while creating communities with friends, family, mom, dad, partners etc.. Let’s start now!

  1. Innocent boys
  2. We all are awesome
  3. We’re rocking stars
  4. We’re cool dude
  5. Welcome to the world of cuteness
  6. Cute world
  7. Nature lover
  8. We are not hackers
  9. Free birds
  10. I don’t like the life you spend
  11. I love you… should I?
  12. Why you are so cute?
  13. Why am I so smart?
  14. You are too ugly
  15. I can’t forget you, you looks like my pet
  16. Can we be lovers?
  17. What do you do at 12 midnight
  18. Midnight Chatters
  19. Lollypop Lovers
  20. I don’t like bananas
  21. Non stop chatters
  22. Chat is going on
  23. Unlimited chatting
  24. Looking for Group members
  25. If you are fool you can leave the group, are you?
  26. We are cool, you are hot
  27. Hi Hotty
  28. Bad chatters stay away
  29. You are so hot
  30. You are as cool as Ice

Whatsapp Group Names for Family Members


In this section I am adding some latest Whatsapp group name for family members. You can use these group names while creating your communities with family members like Uncle, uncle, parents (father, mother), grandparents etc.. I am sure they will be impressed by your community names on Whatsapp.

  1. My sweet family
  2. My Home my temple
  3. My Parents my worship
  4. One life one chance
  5. Top Rated family
  6. We love our family
  7. A Man without family is nothing
  8. We are lucky we are in the Family
  9. Keep sharing love
  10. Grandparents are the sweetness of family

Whatsapp Group Names for Cousins

  1. Stay safe with family
  2. Hard Workers
  3. We don’t say we do
  4. We are best buddies
  5. Don’t dare to slap me
  6. If you slap me I will kick you
  7. Tit for Tat buddies
  8. We are 100
  9. We love each other
  10. Life is too short for our buddies love
So, I have done with 100 best Whatsapp Group names list. Now I would like to list some Whatsapp Group Names for Lovers, partners, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife. The Whatsapp Group Names I am going to list in this section is suitable only for lovers and couples.Read also,

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Whatsapp Group Names for Lovers

  1. My Love My Jaan
  2. Love starts from you and ends at you
  3. Love is a poison but you are not
  4. Let’s celebrate some love today
  5. Kiss for a Kiss
  6. Make the Night Romantic
  7. Hug me tight if you love me right
  8. You are my heart and I am your blood
  9. I can’t take my breathe without you
  10. Your love is my Madness
So guys for now, I am ending this post here. But I will be waiting for your response on this Whatsapp Group Names for friends, family, cousins. You can share your response using our comment box given below this post. Also don’t forget to share this post on your social media profiles so your friends can also enjoy this list and use these Whatsapp Group Names while creating communities on Whatsapp.
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