Best Online Services to Send Faxes from a Mac

Several professionals prefer the use of Mac because of its security and advanced features. For this reason, online fax services offer individual apps for Mac and iPhone devices. With Mac software, you can directly send a fax from Mac without a fax line or phone.

Numerous online services allow you to send faxes. These fax services are excellent to save money and increase your convenience. If you want to stay away from traditional fax machines, here are some outstanding choices for you.

1. CocoFax (Highly Recommended)


CocoFax is an affordable alternative to a fax machine for growing businesses. If you want to learn how to send a fax from a mac, CocoFax can be the right answer. Mac is a professional choice for the security of your sensitive data. The fusion of CocoFax and Mac can be highly secure.

With the help of CocoFax, you can directly send and receive faxes from Mac. It acts as a post box to check things according to your convenience. You can get the advantage of advanced features and HIPAA compliance.

cocofax features

Remember,CocoFax’s free trial and a free fax number make it popular among millions of people around the globe. Unlike a traditional fax machine, there is no need to have an internet connection for 24/7. You can use a web app or a web browser to send and receive faxes.

Email to Fax Technology

With email to fax service, CocoFax enables you to manage the transmission of your sensitive documents. Use your email ID to register with CocoFax and get access to a dashboard. Receiving and sending faxes from a Mac computer can be an easy procedure.

For its convenience and security, CocoFax has been recognized by Toms Guide, Life Wire, Tech Advisor, CNET, Forbes, etc. You will get a free fax number and a free trial for 30 days. A dashboard of CocoFax enables you to send faxes and check received documents in the inbox.

Data Privacy with CocoFax

CocoFax is special for automating the data flow from email to faxes. There is no need to worry about privacy because your documents are protected from third eyes. Even a team of CocoFax will not view your documents. As a result, you will feel completely secure.

2. RingCentral

If you need a reasonable fax service for domestic faxing, RingCentral can be a suitable choice. This service is ideal for businesses and freelancers. You can send out faxes within your national boundaries. Price plans of RingCentral are flexible and affordable.

For Mac, RingCentral has a user-friendly app to send multiple faxes. It will help you to integrate with Outlook. You can use your online account or mailbox to send faxes. Feel free to use their 24/7 customer support. A 30-day free trial is available for new users. Remember, RingCentral is not suitable for international faxing.

3. FaxDocument

With a drag and drop feature, you can drop documents to fax from Mac. You can see a cover page and fax logs of each fax sent from your machine. It allows you to send 50 faxes for almost $29.99. If you don’t need a fax service for regular use, FaxDocument can be a suitable service for you.

It doesn’t involve a setup fee and additional charges. You can send faxes in 30+ countries without worrying about expiration and extra charges. Compared to several other services, it lacks advanced features.

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4. WiseFax

It is quick and easy for everyone to send and receive faxes with WiseFax. You can download its app from the Mac app store. Install this app and start sending faxes without any subscription. This faxing service is transparent, simple and quick for mac users without any hidden fee.

To send a fax, install this app, attach a document, preview it and send. WiseFax will manage the remaining procedure. It can recognize Apple Numbers spreadsheet, Keynote presentation, Pages document, MS Office document, Adobe Acrobat PDF and OpenOffice documents.


As you can perceive, several online fax services are available in the market. We have selected a few services for Mac users. For your convenience, these services are explained with their specialities, features and drawbacks. Feel free to consider these services to send a fax from mac.

In our opinion, CocoFax is an exclusive online fax service for domestic and international faxes. If you don’t want to send international faxes, feel free to use RingCentral. Unfortunately, it is affordable for domestic fax communications only. For occasional users, we have WiseFax and FaxDocument.

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