Choosing the best gaming chair for you; The ultimate guide

Gaming chairs buying guide

Choosing a gaming chair is a personal decision for gamers, one that should not be influenced by what friends and salespeople say, but rather individual preferences. After a heavy investment of a high graphics PC, a couple of gaming consoles, you want to accompany that with the best gaming chair available in the market.

However, how do you choose the best chair when there are a variety of brands and options in the market? Other than knowing what you want in a chair, there are a few other things you must be observant on, lest you regret your choice a few months into using the gaming chair. Consider this article the ultimate guide in your advance:

Size of the chair

The size of the chair vis a vis your body size matters, if at all you will enjoy maximum comfort. A typical gaming chair, at its best, should embody your figure by balancing out the weight throughout, with maximum comfort on the main pressure points of the body. It must engulf your rear properly, without squeezing some parts, and with consideration for your hips region. Further, the backrest should be wide enough to accommodate your entire back, as well as support the shoulder frame.

To get the appropriate size, your main focus should be the seat pan and the backrest. It helps to sit and test, so you can be sure that it is not too big, or too small for our bod features.


Next to the size of the chair, consider the adjustability, a feature that allows you maximum control over your gaming experience. As you play, your body obviously changes postures and sitting positions, and if a chair is not flexible enough to complement this need, then you have a huge problem on your hands.

As to fine-tuning your seat, you must consider the height, recline, rotation, among others. Height adjustability helps you align correctly to your gaming desk, or as proportional to your height, which makes it the most crucial element in this feature.

Next, determine the recline angle, which is what allows you to lean back as far as the comfort you are after. The highest angle is 180 degrees, which gives you a complete horizontal alignment, suitable for naps in between sessions. As the backrest adjusts, the seat pan should change as well, as matters to depth, so that your rear does not sit wrongly against the char. From the latest trend in the market, you will realize the 4D adjustable mechanism on the armrests is pretty impressive for jam-packed pleasure.

Have a budget and stick to it

As you may have noticed, gaming chairs can have quite a hefty price tag to them. Nonetheless, depending on the brand that manufactures the seat, the features, and capabilities of the chair, the prices hugely vary.

If you are working with a strict budget, you may want to be specific about your limit, so that you can get the best chair to give you maximum value for your money. It goes the same way when your budget is flexible because you do not want to put all your investment of a chair.

Tip: expensive chairs are not necessarily the best, and the vice versa is true.

Compare the basic materials of the chair

The basic material, in this case, is the cover used in making the chair. While it may be in place for aesthetic appeal, the cover has a role to play in the comfort of the chair. How soft is the material on your skin as your body moves back and forth during gaming? Will the material peel off quickly?

Some use PU leather like the Secret lab chair throne, while some use mesh material, leather, among other materials. Whichever your preference, ensure your skin feels comfortable as your rub your body against the chair. Look out for a chair that is effortless to clean, given that after playing, it is likely to build up with body oils and sweat. Consider also the breathability, in a way to allow free air circulation as you game, for a cooling effect.

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Support features

The body is one to get bored and tired from one position, and given the many parts that require support for you to enjoy comfort, the gaming chair you choose should fully cover this need. Ideally, you need reinforcement on your lumbar region, the neck, shoulder, arms, rear area, and sometimes, the feet.

The features to do this are a lumbar and headrest pillow, armrests, seat pan, and a footrest. For the most part, all gaming chairs have most of these features but differ in efficiency. Consider whether the lumbar and headrest supports are detachable, which is better because it lets you adjust them at will.

Further, it helps to have adjustable and padded armrests for added support. Some seats have contoured wing-like extensions at the shoulder level of the backrest to cover your shoulders. While the footrest is optional, some chairs have retractable ones, which elevate your experience.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity goes hand in hand with your body size, and if you are heavily built, then you need a very firm and sturdy framework to withstand your continually moving body. A reasonable weight capacity to consider is 250 pounds. The higher the weight capacity, the better, figuring you want the seat to last you a long while.

System compatibility

Gamers have different preferences for the games they choose and knowing the kind of player you are, be on the lookout for a seat that is compatible with your preferred consoles. The first question is to see if it is essential for the chair you acquire to be compatible with different gaming systems. If yes, then some chairs are compatible with Xbox PlayStation, PC, Nintendo, among others.

The system compatibility is also accompanied by the chair’s technology, to create an ample environment for the kind of experience you are seeking. While at it, check out the speakers, subwoofers, connectivity to Bluetooth, among others.

Experts have spent hours and hours testing different gaming chairs and reviewing them, which means that this list should give you a clear direction on which gaming seat is best suited for you. At the end of the day, the best chair for a gamer is solely based on their preferences.

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