ClickAdu Review – Pros & Cons And Everything You Need To Know

Advertisement industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the online world. The businesses who wish to grow their assets go for the advertising. The most popular ad network is Google Adsense which is ruling the world of advertisement. There are times when due to some issues many people are not able to get the approval from Adsense. To overcome such problems, many people are using more and more Google Adsense alternatives.

There are numerous Google Adsense alternatives available in the market which provides different types of ads and revenue sharing schemes to its user. I was also trying to find such network which works best for me. After so much trial and error technique, I found an ad network which works for me.

Are you being excited to know the name of that Ad network? I know you are. Now you won’t have to wait a lot,  I will be revealing each and every aspect of this Ad network in this review.
Actually, I was recommended by one of my friends to give a try to this Ad network. I used this network on one of my niche sites and I got good results. Then I started analysing more and studying deeply to know more about this Ad network.

And after having the facts and data of this Ad network I can say ClickAdu also comes in the list of Best Adsense Alternatives. Even, I can say it is far better than Ad networks like PropellerAds and AdHitz (My personal experience).

So here I will present my review on this ad network and I will tell you why you should also give a try to this network.

So the Ad network I was talking about in this post till now is ClickAdu.

What is

Clickadu is premium ad network for the web and mobile channels with superb expertise, unique capabilities and experience in revenue maximization for publishers and advertisers both. Clickadu was founded in 2014. The best thing about Clickadu is that it uses best ad server technology to maximize the reach of advertiser and give the more benefits to the publishers. At present, Clickadu is receiving 740+ million impressions and 3.3 million conversions daily. Clickadu is having 740+ active publishers. This is the wonderful achievement in very short span of time.

ClickAdu Review

ClickAdu Review for publishers

For all those people whose Adsense are not getting approved or who want to make more money with Google Adsense alternatives can try for Clickadu ad network. There are many advertisers associated with Clickadu. So publishers will also get the maximum amount of revenue.

ClickAdu Review: Publishers

Below are some of the things for publishers on Clickadu:

1. Website Types:
The best part for the publisher is Clickadu supports almost all types of websites. Websites including blog, niche sites, arts-designing  or entertainment  sites are supported by Clickadu. So as a publisher, you can make money with any type of website with the help of Clickadu.

2. Ad Formats:
They are specialized in pop-under ads and Push Notifications. Clickadu will provide you the JavaScript code which you need to paste in your website in order to display the ads. You can display as many as you want. Another advertising formats that are provided by Clickadu: Video Pre-roll, Skim, Instant Text Message.

3. Payments:
The minimum threshold to get paid is $10 on Clickadu. Once you crossed this threshold, you can withdraw money into your account. It supports various payment options like e-payments, wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal etc. You can get paid in two-time payments.

4. Analysis system:
Publishers need to check all the details about the ads. The analysis system which Clickadu provides is the top analysis system. Once you are logged into your dashboard, you can track various ads and your revenue from your dashboard.

ClickAdu Advantages for publishers

1. It gives payments by Net7, Net30, Net60, Weekly.
2. It supports various payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer etc.
3. The statistics which is provided to publishers are very easy to understand.

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ClickAdu Review for advertisers

As an advertiser, one should need some features which ad network should provide. Clickadu provides some unique features which are not there in other Ad networks. So advertisers can utilise their services well.

ClickAdu Review: Advertisers

Below are some of the great features for advertisers:

1. Sign Up:
The sign up process of Clickadu is very simple. If you are an advertiser and wish to advertise on this network then you just need to sign up on Clickadu. Once you signed up, the account manager of Clickadu will contact you for how to go further. So this is very easy process.

2. New technology for advertisers:
Clickadu is using new ad server technology for advertisers. With this technology, advertiser can reach more and more people. Clickadu is having network in 240+ countries.

3. Promotion:
As an advertiser, you need to promote your products. So Clickadu supports you with its easy process. You can promote your products easily on this ad network until and unless you do not violate any rule of Clickadu. If you are violating any rules then you are responsible for the further actions which are taken by Clickadu.

4. Payment methods:
Clickadu supports several methods of payment. There are options like PayPal, Payoneer and some others which you can use as an advertiser. One thing you need to keep in mind that Clickadu does not work on credit basis. So once you add your amount, you are allowed to start your campaign. If your amount is over then you cannot post ad.

ClickAdu Advantages for Advertisers

  1. Clickadu is having smart optimization system for high conversion quality.
  2. Clickadu helps advertisers in optimal targeting.
  3. It supports both desktop and mobile channels.
  4. Clickadu is having automatic optimization feature.

Disadvantages of Clickadu

  1. The auto payments are frozen, but there is a chance to work with them using no fake/bot traffic.

ClickAdu Payment Proof (Review)

Here I am attaching one payment proof of my friend with Clickadu network. I came across this network with the help of this friend only.

ClickAdu Review: Payment Proof

Final thoughts:

Clickadu is growing ad network with 740+ active publishers. If you are using Google Adsense on your blog or website then I suggest you to use Clickadu with it to maximize your earning. If your site is having problems with Google Adsense then I strongly recommend you to use Clickadu as the main source of income on your site. There are very good features which Clickadu is having as ad network which can be utilized well. You can easily maximize your revenue with Clickadu until and unless you are not doing any wrong activities. So give a try to this ad network and let me know your results with this growing ad network.

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