How to create high converting ActiveCampaign Forms with WPForms?

create high converting ActiveCampaign Forms with WPForms

Moving along with the advancing technology is not so easy for everyone. One might need some help at various stages and we are here with the best one for you. The guide is going to be quite helpful for you if you are willing to create some high converting ActiveCampaign forms on your WordPress website.

For all those who are new to WPForms, it is a very user-friendly form builder that has made it quite easier to send contacts automatically to your ActiveCampaign emails list. If you just have started your journey with WPForms, it is the best plugin you could choose in. You can now easily grow your business online just by creating an interactive form through powerful drag and drop builder. No hardcore technical knowledge is being required to work on this platform.

The interface is quite simple and easy to go and it will hardly take about a few seconds to create 100’s of form templates, file uploads, payments, and lead collection. Users can now simply integrate into your data and can send data toothier forms through ActiveCampaign without any hassle.

What is ActiveCampaign?

As the name is describing it well, it is an active campaign being introduced by WPForms that has made it quite easier to build a relationship with your leads and customers. It is one of the most effective email marketing services at this moment that has currently being used by millions of businesses all around the globe for effective marketing. Users are free to enjoy optimized customer experiences here by automating their marketing strategies, sales, and support processes. ActiveCampaign has provided a way for WordPress users to create and put out their forms on their sites quite conveniently.

How to integrate ActiveCampaign form?

integrate ActiveCampaign form

ActiveCampaign has smoothened up the way to marketing automation. Premium features are being introduced into the technology world that has made it quite easier to manage different contacts effortlessly. ActiveCampaign have been transformed the prospective direction of the marketing campaign also.

The best thing we need to appreciate here is the extended workflow automation. Users are free to update their contacts smoothly and can also add a contact to the automation, can add a note to contact, and can even create different kinds of deals as well without making many efforts. The introduction of the ActiveCampaign form not only has smoothened up the way to form creation only but has polished the paths of management also.

If you are also willing to integrate ActiveCampaign form into your WordPress website, the things that you need to do here are:

  1. Launch your web browser and then authorize your form to get connected with the Active Campaign.
  2. You need to map the fields on your forms while adding or updating your ActiveCampaign.
  3. Users can tag their contacts for the same from the multiple-choice opportunities also.
  4. Users are free to use the same integration while adding multiple actions that usually being get triggered every time you submitted the form.
  5. Add contact to automation and don’t forget to add a note to a contactor that can even create a deal for the same also.
  6. Bingo! Your contacts and deals are being automatically updated now.

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How to create ActiveCampaign Forms with WPForms?

To get started with Creating ActiveCampaign Forms in WordPress, you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin and sign up for WPForms Elite.

  1. Now, you need to activate the ActiveCampaign addon. You can activate by navigating to WPForms >> Addons.
  2. Locate ActiveCampaign and then tap on the Install Add-on section.
  3. Once done, create a WPForm by going to the WPForms section followed by Add New.
  4. Name your form on setup screen and then select the Newsletter Signup Form template.
  5. Add additional fields in your WPForm and then tap on the field you wanted to make changes in.
  6. Next, tap on the form field section and then rearrange the order on your ActiveCampaign.
  7. Add the GDPR Agreement field tin your ActiveCampaign section.
  8. Now change the default language of the agreement field.
  9. Go to WPForms> Settings and then tap on the GDPR Enhancements checkbox.
  10. Once done, customize your form and press Save.
  11. Go to the Marketing tab >ActiveCampaign> Add New Account. Add your account name, API URL, and key very carefully in the provided boxes.
  12. Once done, go to Settings> Developer and then copy the URL and key into the window on WPForms.
  13. Now set up your ActiveCampaign form and then add it to your WordPress site.
  14. Bingo! You have successfully created a very high converting ActiveCampaign form with WPForms now.


Creating up a perfect high converting ActiveCampaign is not a big deal if being handled very carefully. If you are new to the world of WordPress website or WPForms this guide will help you out in resolving the majority of your queries.

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