50+ NEW Hike Dare Messages, Dare games for Hike (Hike dare Msg 2020)

New Hike Dare Messages

Are you looking for some good dare messages for Hike, dare games for Hike? If yes, here are 50+ new hike dare msg. You’ll surely enjoy these dare messages for hike.

Dare games and Messages for Hike are quite a in trend and can keep one entertained. It must be done based on the nature of the person and make sure it does not humiliate the other person. So, if you too want to try for it just check out some of the best dare games and messages to try for Hike.

Dare Games for Hike (NEW)

1. Choose any number and I will let you know who you are?

  1. 999
  2. 777
  3. 555
  4. 333
  5. 111
  6. 222
  7. 444
  8. 666
  9. 888
  10. 000


999 – Hard Worker

777 – Proud and sweet

555 – Sex Addict

333 – True Lover

111 – Lovely and caring

222 – Silent Killer

444 – Cheater

666 – Heart Breaker

888 – Lazy in Bed

000 – Handsome

2. Who am I for you based on the given food items?

  1. Sweets. 🍥
  2. Burger🍔
  3. Cigarette
  4. Pain Killer🍵
  5. Chocolate🍫
  6. Pizza🍕
  7. Drugs🍻


Sweet – Best Friends

Burger – Time Pass

Cigarette – Addicted to me

Pain Killer – You need me

Chocolate – You love me

Pizza – Good Friends

Drugs – Can’t live without you

3. Answer the question in 2 minutes. Be careful while testing answers. This is the bets dare game to be tried with your partner.

  1. Which place you saw me for the first time?
  2. How do we meet?
  3. First impression when you saw me first time
  4. Who am I to you
  5. My name on your phone is saved by which name?
  6. One word that describes me
  7. What do you like and dislike about my character?
  8. Can I share your answer on my WhatsApp story?

4. Pick any number from 1 -9 and I will tell about your personality?

  1. You are a negative person.
  2. You are romantic but unable to express it.
  3. You are shy and introvert
  4. A Hardworking person
  5. You don’t want love in your life
  6. A helpful and kind person.
  7. True lover.
  8. Entertaining person.
  9. You are quite a lazy person.

5. Choose any number from the given options and I will send you some dare to try your guts.


choose a number dare games for hike


02 – Rate our relationship between 1 to 10

48 – When did you start liking me?

54 – Rate my looks out of 10

65 – Can I say to my family about our relation?

68 – Propose me now.

85 – Why I am differnet from others?

87 – Tell a secret that you hide from me.

98 – What do you dislike about me?

New Hike Dare – Latest Hike Dare Messages

6. A test for you to know how much you know me. So, be careful as I will also upload your answers to my WhatsApp story.

  1. My Birthday?
  2. My Bad habits?
  3. Who am I for you?
  4. Why do you love me?
  5. What is the special quality that made you fall in love with me?
  6. What is my favourite colour?
  7. Which cuisine do I like the most?

7. It’s time to check your general knowledge and sense of humour. These questions are tricky so think before answering.

  1. Which is the most shocking city in the world?
  2. Where is the first potato found?
  3. What’s come down but never goes up?


2.In the ground

8. Choose any food item from the list and I will send its meaning.



Pizza – Romantic person

Chocolate – Time Pass

Pasta – Best Friend

Burger – Fantasize about you

Sweet – Can’t live without you

Cake – Addicted to me

Chips – Friends forever

9. Select any one phone function from the list and I will share how it related to your life partner. 

  1. Apps 
  2. Camera
  3. Messaging
  4. Calls
  5. Settings


Apps – Caring and loving

Camera – Irritating

Messaging – Selfish and quite boring

Calls – Romantic

Settings – Bold and also very talkative

10. Dare to find any miskate in the numbers mentioned below.




So, if you are still unable to rectify it check out the spelling of mistake. It is wrong!!!

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Dare messages for Hike

11. Choose any colour from mentioned list and answer accordingly.



Violet – Share the name of the person who is most important for you.

Indigo – speak up whatever you are thinking right now.

Blue – Don’t get online on WhatsApp for 1 day

Green – What are your perspective for me

Yellow – Ask your neighbour for a cup of tea with you

Orange – Make mine DP as your WhatsApp Dp right now

Red – Tell me your deepest fantasy

Black – Call me right now leaving all your work

12. Select any of the code and will let you know your expertise.

01 – 95 – 26 – 92 – 35 – 89 – 58 – 75 – 65


01 – Breaking promises

95 – In keeping friendship

26 – For motivating people around you

92 – To Bore everyone

35 – Kiss

89 – Romance

58 – Skimp

75 – In eating food

65 – Flirting

13. Choose a number and it will show your personality.

new hike dare















5698 – Naughty

7861 – Selfish

5465 – Caring

5156 – Boring

1584 – Energetic

6454 – Attitude

0268 – Cute

7413 – Romantic

2868 – Strong

3265 – Private

4692 – Talkative

8894 – Beautiful

7596 – Pretty

14. Answer below questions with complete honesty.

  1. First Impression when you saw me?
  2. Which of my habit annoys you?
  3. Do you trust me?
  4. Who am I for you?
  5. How would you describe me to everyone?
  6. Can you share everything with me even the deepest secret?

Hike dare msg (NEW & Short) 15-51

hike dare games

15. Put mayo on pickle and eat it. Make sure to send the photo of your face.

16. Send me the first email present in your inbox.

17. Its entertainment time and you need to perform a comedy act that can make me laugh.

18. Try moonwalk wherever you go.

19. Send a dirty and sexy message to any of your companion

20. What’s the first thing in your bucket list?

21. Describe the last dream you had?

22. Tell me about your fantasy which you have not told to anyone.

23. Have you ever peed in the pool?

24. What ‘s the bad habit you have?

25. Give an explanation of the item in front of you through voice call.

26. Wear a board over your neck that says “Kiss Me” for an hour.

27. Take a selfie with blindfolded and post it on your Facebook or as WhatsApp profile picture.

28. Squeeze lemon juice on your knee and lick it.

29. Remove the bra that under shirt and don’t wear till the end of game

30. Talk to me as you are singing the song.

31. Talk positive about the person who have given you dare and even talk positive in common group.

32. It’s time for some confession and so text message to your crush confessing about “Love”.

33. Mention your relationship status on Facebook.

34. Its quiet daring to clean the sink with toothbrush. So, just do it.

35. Perform Macarena at least for 2 minutes.

36. Shave your underarms and make it look sexy.

37. Try out something interesting and so have a spoonful of garlic paste

38. What’s one thing that you cannot live without it?

39. Allow someone to tickle you for a minute without interrupting.

40. You need to beg a stranger just for a dollar.

41. Try out some romance with book and also kiss it.

42. Keep finger in your nose for 1 minutes and especially when someone is noticing you.

43. You need to act like a per for 30 minutes

44. Blindfold yourself and allow someone to kiss you. Make sure you guess the person right or get ready for another dare.

45. Call your partners mother and say some secret to them.

46. Make yourself dressed as crown and entertain strangers going through the road.

47. TO check out your love ask partner to avoid talking with you for 1 whole day.

48. Try to shave off hairs near private parts.

49. Name the person whom you are stalking on social media.

50. What is the grossest habit of yours?

51. Call your girlfriend’s brother and say “You want to marry his sister”?

Most of us spend time on different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or even Hike. These can keep us engaged and the best way to communicate with friends and family. Hike messenger is quite popular because of instant messaging service. Many of us are using it regular life and is the best way to communicate with people.

To have some fun and excitement there are many dare games and messages for the hike. It could be tried with friends or your partner. These are mainly fr couples who are yet to know more about their partner. But more if it is all about the fun that can be enjoyed over Hike. Photos and videos can help to know whether your partner has done the dare successfully or not.

These dare messages and Games for the hike will have fun and also help to know more about your partner. If you are new in a relationship it is one of the best platforms to bring out secrets and know your partner’s personality. So, just try out some of the games and messages over Hike and have some fun with friends or partners.

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