5 Easiest and Most Efficient Ways to Prepare for Microsoft Exam 98-364

Ways to Prepare for Microsoft Exam 98-364

Knowledge in database fundamentals certainly goes a long way. This IT advancement is one of the most sought-after fields in the industry. A database is not just any other IT feature. It’s a vital collection of data information and files that are systematically organized for easy access among people within the organization.

And if you want to improve your understanding about database, then you’ve got everything you need with Microsoft exam 98-364, the perfect test that validates your database proficiency. So, start digging this vital Microsoft certification exam and see what’s in store for you once you pass the test.

1. Figure out the exam as a whole

Database is such an exciting pitch to pursue and if you want to shore up your knowledge in this field, then you’re in great hands with Microsoft Exam 98-364. This exam is particularly intended for IT professionals who are already acquainted with database concepts. This means that it’s highly advisable to have prior knowledge and practical experience related to database, particularly about Microsoft SQL Server. If you don’t have a relevant database background, this Microsoft certification exam still welcomes you as long as you take some related training courses and other recommended materials by Microsoft. Upon acquisition of significant experience, nothing can stop you now with your exam preparation.

2. Pinpoint all exam topics

The exam topics are listed to give you an overview of what Microsoft Exam 98-364 is all about. And for this test, it circles around database concepts and tasks listed below.

Key database concepts

Taking up at least 20-25% of the total exam percentage, you should fully take command of core database subjects. These concepts include how data are stored in tables and how relational database works. Other than that, vital topics like DML or Data Manipulation Language and Data Definition Language or DDL will also be deliberated further Click here .

Database objects

Moving on, you will understand and learn how to utilize database objects. Tasks such as creating tables, views, and stored functions are expounded here, along with knowing how to use T-SQUL and ANSI SQL syntax. These topics have the same fraction as the first key area, so be sure to spend extra time knowing all crucial information related to database objects.

Manipulation of data

Covering 25-30% of the entire exam, this test is the best way to acquire familiarity with manipulating data. Manipulation of information stored in database comprises of extracting, putting in, updating, and removing data. You should master all these basic yet vital functions so that you gain a profound database foundation.

Data storage

Another significant database feature you need to learn is database storage (15-20%). This aspect features matters like normalizations and various keys such as primary, composite, and foreign. Moreover, the two types of indexes―clustered and non-clustered―are also added to your learning.

Administration of a database

Lastly, the exam strengthens your abilities in administering a database. But of course, you can’t do this if you don’t have a thoughtful grasp about database security, along with backup types and restoration processes. This area may hold a smaller percentage of the exam, which is 10-15 %, but don’t take this too lightly and spend relevant time understanding all its sub-topics.

3. Maximize all the official resources for each topic

Luckily, each exam topic comes with useful preparation resources specifically provided by Microsoft. You simply check their website and you’ll discover different materials you can use for your exam preparation. These resources are particularly curated for each topic so that you will completely comprehend everything revolving around database.

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4. Enroll for Course 40364A

For a detailed and beneficial training of Microsoft Exam 98-364, there’s the Course 40364A, which talks about the Database Administration Fundamentals. Spend three days to learn significant insights about database in a class setting―either personally or remotely. If you avail of this training course that follows the official Microsoft content for Exam 98-364, you are ensured of a proper exam preparation without leaving any fundamental topic behind. And the best thing about enrolling for this 3-day session is you acquire deep-seated knowledge from industry-recognized instructors, whom you can ask questions with. Also, this gives you the chance to share different ideas from peers and gain new friendships in the long run.

5. Take advantage of various practice tests

Include in your preparation some practice tests that assist you in closing knowledge gaps. Practice tests are tools that help you nurture your skills efficiently. Microsoft offers you its official practice tests for exam 98-364. Right after answering the endorsed practice exam by Microsoft, you can try other recommended web resources. PrepAway is one of the most trusted providers of exam dumps, not just for Microsoft but all other top IT organizations like Cisco, VMware, CompTIA, Oracle, and more. By downloading their files, together with the testing engine, designed by Vumingo team, you can excellently practice for the exam. Avail of their 98-364 Premium ETE file now and you’ll save $20.00 off. Such a great steal for those who do not want to break the bank just to polish their practical skills!


For successful passers of Microsoft Exam 98-364, you will be presented with a valuable Microsoft Technology Associate or MTA; Database Fundamentals certification. And once you gain this foundational credential, then you’re ready to take on some next-level Microsoft certifications to advance your skills and expand your professional reach. So, if you want a bright career ahead, start with exam 98-364 and you’ll have something to look forward to in the future.

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