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Social media has become part and parcel of our life. We do a lot of activities simply to show it on social media. There would be a limited few, who do not have a social media account. And those who deny using facebook, twitter, Instagram or Linkedin need to have a glance at the stats – the number of sim cards and facebook accounts per person in India is among the highest in the world. Messages and videos go viral on WhatsApp within a night.

The latest example of overnight fame is Priya Prakash Varrier. It was just one video, and she became a celebrity. From a place where only a handful of people knew about her, social media acted like a torch to throw light on her. Such is the power of social media.

Not just the glamour world, but the business world too is under the impact of social media. Elon Musk tweets his ideas before he announces it to the employees in his firm. Most of the celebrities tweet a message or blog to stay in the limelight. Even small businesses, could not undermine the role of social media, that’s the reason there are hundreds of groups for startups on Facebook alone.

What is Famoid?

Famoid review

Famoid is a service provider which deals with social media services in particular. The company in its domain has acquired goodwill worth millions and is holding an accurate view in the eyes of its clients. The primary work of Famoid is to synchronize your social media accounts. When you post something on one social media handle, you do make a mistake of sharing the same on all others.

The different channels of social media have different areas to cover. For instance, Facebook is for people of every age group; it gives you access to unlimited clients, but how many will turn up, is unknown. Linkedin, on the contrary, is for professionals and unlike Facebook, you cannot put general content on it. Its maintenance requires a different approach. Famanoid eases out the process for you with its diverse range of services and distinguished features.

What are the features and services of Famoid?

The services offered are for social media management and synchronization, while the features which set Famoid apart of others are:

  1. 24*7 customer support
  2. Privacy and safety of client’s data
  3. Instant delivery (in less than 5 minutes)
  4. Uncompromised Quality
  5. Passion towards customer satisfaction

How do Famoid work?

Famoid is a tech-based company, which aims at making the best of social media for you. Unlike digital marketing agencies, Famoid uses technology to add followers to your account instantly. The company has a pool of data and genuine information which it uses to connect you with the people who are related to your business.

Services Offered by Famoid

1. Buy Followers

You can buy Instagram users as Followers, as well as followers on facebook and twitter from Famoid. Plans are starting $2 which you can utilise to increase your publicity.

2. Buy Likes

If despite every digital marketing strategy, your reach remains the same, and the number of likes is diminishing on every post you share, try buying the likes from Famoid.

3. Increase your video views

Having spent thousands of rupees on making videos, you would naturally wish your viewers were larger in number. Now, you do have an option to buy views of videos on youtube as well as increasing the number of subscribers.

4. Fan page likes and automatic likes

With the package activated, you do not need to worry about getting likes, again and again, there are options which will vanish your worries of social media visibility.

5. Twitter

One of the toughest tasks in social media management is handling twitter. It is highly difficult to increase your reach by retweeting on Twitter. If you have an option to get more twitter likes, it’s a blessing.

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Famoid PROS

  1. An easy to use format to increase visibility on FB, insta, etc.
  2. Immediate results.
  3. World class customer experience.

Famoid Cons

  1. There is an amount of money you need to spend.
  2. The likes and follows may vanish after a certain period.


With social media serving as the spine of generation Z, a business or any individual who wants to attain fame and become famous needs more than digital marketing. The posts we see on social media are mostly from the pages which we are following.

We don’t get any idea of something new happening until somebody sends it to us. Famoid brings people with similar interest to your page and offers you a platform where you can scream loud about what you do. To become famous, we try a lot of things. There is nothing wrong with giving this option a try. If anything, your page will see a rise in the number of likes and followers.

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