HeedYou Review – Is HeedYou PTC Site Legal or SCAM?

HeedYou Review

In the modern era, we have plenty of options to make money and enjoy the life we expect for. Among them, earning money online is the preferable way by many people. Of course, the web is the platform, which includes both positive and negative aspects. However, you can earn money online without experiencing any hassles if you engage with the right platform. Even though many ways are there to earn money online, many people choose the option of clicking ads and earn money. If you are one among them, then we suggest you open an account in the Heedyou. Read Heedyou review and learn how to make money with it.

It is one of the popular PTC sites to earn money online. Simply click the advertisement and view it to get a specific amount of money. Since this site does not require any investment from your side, you can give a chance and see what you earn from an online platform. Read the following Heedyou review to know everything about it.

What is Heedyou?

HeedYou (http://heedyou.com/) is the well renowned and popular PTC website, which serves as the best platform to earn extra pocket money for many people by watching advertisements and completing certain tasks. In simple words, advertisers available in this online advertisement platform pay for the users who click the online ads. Accessing this platform is completely free of cost, but you should perform the registration process, which takes 2minutes. As your confidential details are kept safe, you need not worry about anything when engaging with this online site. If you are searching for the way to use the site along with the features, advantages, and disadvantages, please read this article carefully.

How to use Heedyou?

HeedYou ptc ads

1. Unlike other PTC sites, members of the Heedyou should sign into their membership account and look at the sites and tasks are accessible for you to complete easily and quickly.

2. Upon completing the task, you will get the associated payments.

3. The site members will be asked to visit several websites, click on ads, complete short surveys, and various other basic activities to earn money.
4. You can create the downline of earnings when inviting new members to join. Thus, they can work continually to earn money.
5. At last, Heedyou offers its customers the easily and quickly achievable minimum payout to withdraw. Once you have reached the minimum payout, you can request the payment.

Heedyou Review – Features

  1. Quality control
  2. View validation
  3. Survey
  4. Website tour
  5. API
  6. Activity control
  7. Campaign control
  8. Ad rotation

Why should you use Heedyou?

Of course, we all want to know the reasons to try out something, especially in the online destination. The same thing also applies to use the PTC site, Heedyou. We know about your concern, and therefore we want to tell you the reason to use this site. Actually, this advertising platform is a great way to show the benefits of your products and even share your ideas with huge people. It customizes your campaign and boosts your site like never before. On the other hand, its straightforward registration process makes you participate in the program and earn some amount.

Benefits of Heedyou

Heedyou is the best PTC platform, which giving you a huge variety of tasks such as clicking ads. It helps you to earn points easily to reach the minimum payment. This site has constantly been paying to its customers since 2012. This site has an open and active forum, which means you can get all the details about the platform before engaging with it. This actually shows the good signs of the credibility of all PTC sites. Without making any investment, you can earn money by clicking ads. Unlike other PTC sites, you need not receive any spam emails from them. The only side effect of the Heedyou is that it pays you only a few cents by working a few hours a day. You also need a big downline to make a better income on its referral program.

Is Heedyou Scam or Real?

The major problem of engaging in the online earning world is the existence of the projects, which called scams. Of course, you might hear about this term many times when surfing online. The scam site usually stops paying their users in a specific period of time and disappear into thin air with the members’ investments. If you have a doubt regarding whether Heedyou is a scam or real, then throw all your worries away. It is because Heedyou is completely a safe platform to earn money.

I personally utilized this platform and earned huge money online. In terms of legitimacy, Heedyou is the best PTC website. Since it does not compromise on anything, millions of people use this platform to achieve their dream of making money online. Users generally give a high rating to Heedyou due to its clear terms & conditions, legitimacy, privacy protection, and making a payment on time.

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Heedyou Review – PROS

Here are the pros, which you have to know about if you decide to use Heedyou.

  1. Renders a huge variety of the tasks apart from just clicking ads yet it is not a sustainable way to earn cash online
  2. Offers strong privacy to the users confidential information
  3. Gives a fun way to earn money online but not available in all countries
  4. Low cashout threshold
  5. Provide a fastest and quickest way to earn points, but you need to upgrade a membership to improve earning rates
  6. Gives active and open forum.

CONS of Heedyou

  1. There is no availability of direct bank deposits
  2. Click ads and earn money without any investment but it allows you to earn only a few cents


If you want to earn money online, then I prefer you to engage with the Heedyou. Even though it gives you a few cents for a specific click of ads, it is a worthy way to earn money. Keep in mind that this form of money would never make you rich so that you should continue doing your work. You can do this work part-time and make some money to fulfill your specific needs. Users who know the right way to earn money on PTC sites can use this website without any worry.

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