How Can an OFCCP Audit Help a Business?

ofccp audit business

Government contracts are one of the best things any company can manage to grab. These federal contracts guarantee good money for your business, as well as excellent benefits for you and your employees. This contract isn’t an utterly stress-free nab, though: there are audits every year to ensure all companies with contracts are working to do their best.  Instead of staring down at these audits and worrying about everything that can go wrong, here are some of the ways an OFCCP audit can help your company.

Help Organize Your Work

When you’re being audited to check on your federal contract, there’s a need to keep your paperwork in order. Although it’s annoying that someone else will have to look through it, the excuse to organize and get everything in charge should be a welcome one. Take the time to go over your paperwork and tax information, and make sure that everything you’re doing is for the best.  

Ensure They’re Following Their Affirmative Action Plan

Affirmative action is a plan with strong opinions on both sides of the argument, but one thing comes through clearly: everyone deserves an equal right to work. Having the federal government looking over your shoulder is a great way to overcome the subconscious biases you might have had when hiring in the past.  Instead, it’ll push you to look at the skill level and ability instead of at names or who you think you’d like to get a beer with.

Reminder To Put Up Important Paperwork

There’s some paperwork you’re required to have posted if you have a federal contract. Knowing that the government is on its way to audit gives you a reason to update your paperwork and ensure it’s in a clear area. When you keep this information posted, you empower your employee to know their rights, and you help make it clear how important the work you’re doing is.

Give Your Company A Reason To Review Hiring Wording

A large part of federal contracts is how and who you hire. With an audit coming up, you can review the wording in any current job listings you have and consider whether it reflects the importance of what your job is doing. This problem is an easy fix that may lend you more applications and good interviews.

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General Employee Review For Fairness and Competence

A large part of the audit ensures that everyone who has a position got it somewhat and deserves it compared to anyone working beneath them. Knowing that this audit is coming gives you the chance to review your employees and ensure that they’re getting the work that they need to be done. If someone deserves a promotion or realize another person isn’t in the role they should be, you can take care of it now.

Clear View On Your Company’s Future

Getting this audit may be the scariest part of some companies’ year, but it doesn’t have to be. Proving your company as worthy and working to keep your contract help build on what type of future you want your company to have.

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