How to Accept Credit Card Payments on WordPress with WPForms

How to Accept Credit Card Payments on WordPress

In order to build a business, WordPress playing a crucial role among the business people in general. However, one can find the struggling process in accepting the credit card payments on a WordPress website with WPForms. If this process is done successfully, then generating the revenue from business will become easier and it is an achievement for most of the business owners. Here we are going to discuss how to accept credit card payments to build the business at any time.

Why agree to credit card payments on WordPress forms?

Most of the people’s query is why credit card payment is essential when it comes to handling the WordPress forms. People who are looking forward to generating the respective revenue along with building the customer and business owner bond will always lead to best level achievement. Well, these things can be happened once done with the approval of credit card payments on WordPress forms.

For information, this thing mainly helps you to bring better success in business due to:

  1. Potential in bringing more new customers to your business rather than just maintaining the existing customers. When you are handling the existing customers, all you need to offer the option to them is like purchasing the products or handling the services regularly. Yes, this thing will be helpful in saving your money and at the same time, it supports to make more money online without any hassles.
  2. When it comes to approving the credit card payments, then it will take very less try and offer the things in an easier way for most of the time. Also, it will be easier for your customers as well.
  3. By just following the credit card payment, it will take your business to the next level for sure.
  4. With the support of credit card payment, you can maintain the business in a smoother way and lead to reach the maximum number of target people as per your wish and convenience.
  5. Once started to agree with credit card payments, then it is possible for you to witness more income consistently. Well, it can happen with payments for products and subscriptions at any time.

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How to accept credit card payments on the WordPress with WPForms?

If you are willing to get started with accepting credit card payments on WordPress websites, all you have to do is:

  1. Launch your web browser and install WPForms Plugin option for your WordPress website.
  2. Activate the installed WPForms Plugin option that will ultimately enable you to accept recurring payments on your forms using Stripe in the future.
  3. Once done launch WPForms option and then tap on Addon section.
  4. Search for the option of Stripe Addon.
  5. Get back to WPForms and then move forward with the Add New section. It will further create a new WPForm for you.
  6. Once done, you can now easily add additional fields to your form just by using drag and drop feature.
  7. Tap on the field you are willing to add changes in.
  8. Tap on the form field and drag it to rearrange the order.
  9. For accepting recurring payments using Stripe, add two form fields for your form.
  10. Add a Total form field to know the amount you are being charged.
  11. Once done, tap on Save option to proceed further with the process.
  12. Once your form gets ready to go to the Payments option followed by Stripe to configure the payment settings of your form.
  13. Tap on the checkbox being labeled as Enable Stripe Payments and then add a description to the payment you made.
  14. Select Email as the Stripe Payment Receipt.
  15. If you are going to accept one-time donation, go for the process of adding your donation form to your website.
  16. If you are willing to set up recurring donations, tap on continue customization.
  17. Scroll down the Stripe settings list and then tap on the option of Subscriptions.
  18. Tap on Enable recurring subscription payments and then configure; Plan Name, Recurring Period and Customer Email.
  19. Now, set the conditional logic rules by tapping on checkbox Enable conditional logic.
  20. Configure the rule to Process payment as recurring if Dropdown is Monthly.
  21. Once done successfully with all this press Save button to enable it.
  22. Don’t forget to check out the donation form to enter the correct information in your WordPress WPForms.
  23. That’s it. You have successfully done with how to accept recurring payments on your WordPress website with WPForms.


It’s been a dream to every businessman to grow up their sales and the level of their WordPress website especially for the credit card payments. Grow up the level of your sales and donations and maintain your WordPress website successfully with WPForms. Start accepting your recurring payments with the powerful WordPress WPForms plugin today. We have tried to sum up the detailed information about how to accept credit card payments on the WordPress website with WPForms. If you still have any queries, you are free to ask.

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