How to Make a File Upload Form in WordPress Website?

File Upload Form in WordPress Website

Are you also one of those willing your website to upload all the attachments to the word press forms easily? If your answer is yes then we are here to help you out. Here in this article, going to provide you details that how you can easily create a file upload form in WordPress without having any complexities.

Why Do You Need to Use a File Upload Field on theWord press Form?

You must add the fields in the file upload form on the basis of the type of information you are willing to collect. It is one of the easiest methods to get the most relevant information on your form through the users easily. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the form abandonment rate and your site easily generates more revenue. In order to collect different types of media files also you can add file upload field to the word press forms.

How to Create a File Upload Form in WordPress?

In order to create a file upload form in the word press, it is important for you to follow the given steps.

You may also refer to this video to learn the steps live on the screen.

Step 01: Create the file upload form in the word press

First of all, it is important for you to create the file upload form in WordPress. For that, you need to install and activate the WP forms plugin. With the help of WP forms, you can easily add file uploads anywhere on your site not only on the form pages but in other sections as well. Thereafter you need to go to the word press dashboard and then click on WP forms option and then choose to add a new option given on the left-hand panel.

It will help you in creating a new form. You can easily set any name according to your requirements. After setting up the name, go to the additional template section and then type file upload form and then click on it so that the template can easily get opened. Within seconds, WP forms will start populating a pre-built file upload form and display the drag and drop building as well.

Creating the file upload form

At this step, it will become easier for you to add the additional fields to your contact form. You can easily drag them from the menu and add it to your phone. When you choose the file upload form template, you will automatically get the fields including additional comments, phone, file upload, name, and email.

If you want to make any changes then you can easily select the field. Do you know that you can also add the file upload field to any of the word press forms you are willing to create? In order to complete this all you need to do is to drag a file upload form field and drag it.

While rearranging, you can easily make changes to the label, description, allowed file extensions, maximum size of the file, requirements, and style of the page as well.

Step 02: Switch to the classical file upload field

In the next step, you need to switch to the classical file upload field. This is one of the optional steps that depend upon you. It is not generally recommended but if you are willing to change the style of the file upload field then you can easily set it from default modern style to the classic style. For this, you just need to select the style option given in the advanced options section and then from the dropdown menu, you need to select classic.

While changing the style, it is important for you to determine that in this style only one upload per field can be accepted. If you are willing to accept multiple uploads then it becomes important for you to add another file upload option field. The classic style of the upload field allows the users to upload only one single file each time.

After, you need to click on the dropdown field and then select the choice that is the number of files you are willing to upload. It is important for you to keep in mind and ensure that the new fields will be added just by pressing on the add new group button. For that, the tab will be given on the left-handed panel as upload your second file.

Step 3: Start customizing the file upload form settings

In order to customize the file upload form settings, you need to go to the settings section and then select general. After going through this section, you can easily configure the form name, description of the form, button text submission option, spam prevention and also the GDPR enhancements.

Step 4: Complete the configuration to your form’s notification

upload form wordpress configuration
With the help of the notifications, it will become easier for you to know that when someone has submitted any of the file upload forms. You will receive an email notification regarding the same. If you disable the notification feature then you will not get any sort of emails on messages. It is easy to send multiple form notifications in WordPress you can easily set it up by going to the advanced options.

Step 5: Configure the file upload forms confirmations

In order to take immediate action after the submission of the information to the form, you can easily choose the form confirmation option. In the WP forms, you get three different kinds of confirmations related to messages, display page and redirect as well. For this, you need to go to the confirmation tab given under the form editor option in settings. Thereafter selecting the type of confirmation, you are willing to create. Customize it according to your requirement and you are ready to add your form to the website.

Step 6: Start reading your file upload forms to the website

After creating your form, you need to add it to the word press website. With the help of WP forms, you can easily add your forms to multiple places including your pages, sidebar widgets and the blog post as well.

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In the WP forms, every submission is considered as an entry. If you want to view the files then you can easily go to the WP forms and then select the entries option from the dropdown menu that needs to hit on the view tab.


Finally, now you are having all the essential details that can help you out in creating a file upload form in WordPress. So you are waiting for?

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