How To Save Lost Leads And Sales In 4 Simple Steps

form abandonment feature by wpforms

You can save the lost leads and sales by using the WordPress plugins. It is possible to perform any sort of functions with a variety of available plugins. Within the available plugins, only some of them can create the web forms and able to customize using the editor along with saving the partial form data’s. WPForms is one among the best powerful and user-friendly contact form plugins which assists the users in creating web forms.

With the help of WPForms without coding, it is possible to build various types of web forms for your site very quickly. Please note that the partial data can be automatically collected even if the form is abandoned by using the Form Abandonment add-on. You can utilize the information collected from the abandoned forms to follow-up with the nurture lost leads, potential customers, and make them as loyal customers.

For different online forms, you can perfectly use the Form Abandonment of WPForms includes Contact forms, Sales inquiry forms, Request forms about free online quotes, Support request forms, Order forms, and many more.

WPForms to save the Lost Leads and Sales within WordPress

We all know that it is much easier and pretty simple to get started using the WPForms. You can follow the below-provided setup process to make everything fully automated:

Install WPForms and activate the Form Abandonment add-on

At the initial stage, it is required to install the WPForms plugin and activate the same on your WordPress website. You can also refer some of the trustworthy websites on how to install the WordPress plugin on your site. After installing the WPForms, you can install the Form Abandonment add-on and activate the same.

Within the WordPress Admin dashboard, you can choose the Add-on option from the WPForms menu. You can search and locate the Form Abandonment add-on and press the Install add-on icon to proceed with the installation and activate it. By enabling this add-on, you can easily identify which users have not filled up the form or stopped in a half-way or left your forms.

Create a form

You can start creating the WordPress form after the Form Abandonment add-on is activated. The following list of online forms can be created by using the WPForms such as Signature forms, Order forms along with the online payment feature, Guest post submission forms, Member registration forms, Job application forms, Donation forms, Survey forms, Email opt-in forms, and Basic contact forms.

A few lists of guides are as follows:

  1. Create WPForms in the form of Conversational forms.
  2. Create WPForms for Order forms along with the online payment feature.
  3. Create WPForms for Electronic signatures.

You can follow the below example on how to create a Request quote form.

  1. The new form can be created within the WPForms by clicking on the Add New button and select the template named Request quote form.
  2. It is much easier to build a form by choosing the Blank form and prefer to choose the pre-defined templates similar to Request quote form to create hassle-free forms.
  3. The new request quote form will be automatically generated by the WPForms. It is now accessible to add, edit, update, modify, or remove any mandatory or other fields within the request form, which are essential to collect date from the users.
  4. Press the Save icon to apply or update all the latest changes to your Request quote form.

It is most important to gather all the essential information like Name, contact number, communication address, and email address in the front section of your request quote form. This information will help you to communicate with your customers to save the lost leads.

Form Abandonment feature should be enabled

After successfully creating the request quote form, now it is important to enabling the Form Abandonment feature to save all the lost leads. Within the Form Abandonment feature from the Settings menu, you can enable the option named “Enable the Lead capture for Form Abandonment”. Find below the list of two lead capture options:

  1. Always save the abandoned entries.
  2. Save only if the phone number or email address is provided.

By default, all the partial data’s are captured from the abandoned forms by using the WPForms. If you would like to avoid duplicate of saving the user information then it is advisable to enable the option named “Prevent the duplicate abandon entries” and press the Save icon to apply the changes.

Adding the forms to Pages or Posts

If once the form is ready, you can add the same to your WordPress website. It is possible to add the form to your preferred location (anywhere) on your website like blog posts, web pages, widgets, etc. The form can be displayed on your existing posts/pages or even create a new page/post by following the below steps:

  1. Press the Add Form icon from your editor menu.
  2. You can choose your preferred request quote form from the available drop-down menu and press the Add Form icon.

By this way, the WPForms will save all the essential information automatically from the form entries even if any one of the users left the page without filling any information.

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Working Process – WPForms Form Abandonment

The abandoned form can be named when a user stops filling the required information on the request quote form. The lost leads are considered whether the user fills out a single field or does not click on the submit button. By the below-mentioned two ways, the incomplete entries are automatically saved by the Form Abandonment add-on:

  1. Any user clicks on the web link which is provided within the web page.
  2. If the user’s mouse cursor navigate outside of the web browser’s viewport.

Trace out abandoned entries

You can generate maximum leads by tracking the request quote form. However, it is possible to view the entire abandonment form entries by following the below steps:

  1. To start with, you can enable the Entries option under the WPForms Menu.
  2. You can enable the forms named Form Abandonment feature and rename it as Abandoned within the Status column.
  3. The preferred form can be chosen to view all the user entry details.

Forward Abandoned Form Emails

After gathering the lost lead’s contact information, you can get in touch with them by forwarding the automated email notifications. The email notification which you forward to the lost leads may contain about their feedback, information about a new product launch, or with regards to a promotional offer or great deal.

You can follow the below-provided two ways to forward an email to the interested leads who had abandoned your request quote form. They are:

  1. Forward a customized or personal message by manually entering their email address.
  2. Forward an automated email to the users who had abandoned the request quote form by accessing the WPForms Form builder. Navigate to the Notifications under the Settings menu and enable the option named “Enable the entries for abandoned forms.”
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