How To Speedup uTorrent (Guide)

How To Speedup uTorrent

A Torrent file is basically a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed. They are usually large files that take a long time to download. It can be frustrating when you find the torrent you have been looking to download, and it takes almost forever for the download to complete. Thanks to the peer-to-peer technology which shares pieces of the files between different users, you can speed up your uTorrent download speed.

There are quite a number of ways for speeding up your uTorrent download. First you need to download uTorrent 2.2.1 (Rocketfiles), before you can use some of the tweaks and sneaks for faster uTorrent downloads. Below are some of the steps you need to take in speeding up torrent download speed.

Apportion More Bandwidth to the Torrent to Speedup uTorrent

If you are downloading more than one torrent at a time, you can apportion more bandwidth to the download you want completed quickly. You can do this by simply right-clicking on the file you want to increase its speed, hover the mouse pointer above the selection “Bandwidth Allocation”.

On the side menu, choose the option “High”. All that remains is for you to go through the same process with the other torrents that are downloading. This time you will set the others to “Low” instead of high.

Download One File At A Time

This is perhaps the easiest way for speeding up your uTorrent 2.2.1 download speed. A common reason for slow performance is because users try to download more than one torrent at a time. Hence, if one download is taking too long to complete, and you have already opened multiple download tabs, then pause the remaining and watch how the speed of the lumbering file increases.

Choose Healthy Seeds and Peers

Any computer that is participating in the download or upload of a torrent file is A Peer. While A seed or seeder is anyone that has the complete copy of the file being shared across the torrent network. The larger the number of seeders the healthier the torrent, and the better chance of getting high speeds. So if you want a faster download of uTorrent2.2.1, then choose the torrent file with the highest number of seeders.

Make Sure uTorrent Can Get Through The Firewall

Firewalls have the ability to stop incoming BitTorrent connections from going through. If you do not want this to happen, you will have to configure the firewall manually to accept the connections and allow it go through the client. Configure the firewall to accept the connections by checking the BitTorrent Client on the allowed list. In other words, go to “Options” then “Preferences”, then “Connections” and finally “Check Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall”. You can as well check the Windows firewall exception in your client.

It is not recommended that you shut down the firewall, because it will leave your computer open to attacks.

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Your Internet speed is a great contributor to how quick torrent files download. If you have a slow internet speed, that may be the reason why your torrents download slowly.

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