Increase Adsense CTR on Blogs by Deactivating Interest Based Ads

We know that there are many bloggers and web owners who are making daily hundreds of dollars using Adsense Ads on their blog and websites. At the same time, some bloggers have a large number of visitors and pageviews on their blogs, but  still they hardly earn some cents in a day. But why? There are are lots of reasons of low Adsense CTR.


CTR in Google Adsense refers to Click through rate. CTR is the percentage of impressions that led to a click.

Formula to find out CTR in Adsense

CTR: Number of Clicks/Number of Pageviews

CTR is always low in Tech Niche Blogs

Now, I would like to tell you about the reasons why CTR is low in tech niche blogs. Firstly, tech related blog niches also have majority of viewers and readers dealing with some type of tech trends. Tech persons are fully aware of Adsense ads and they don’t take any interest in Ads to click and simply ignore that.
Secondly, Interest based ads in Adsense ads.

Interest Based Ads in Adsense,

Interest-based advertising enables advertisers to reach users based on their inferred interests and demographics. It also allows advertisers to show ads based on a user’s previous interactions with them, such as visits to advertiser websites.

Suppose, few days ago, you made a search for Iphone’s. Now you are searching for something else in Google, and Google send you to any website for your queries, where AdSense is monetized, then you will see the Ads of iPhone not related with that website’s niche.

How Interest based ads lower Adsense CTR?

Readers are not able to see the relevant ads on your website. Moreover, what reader was searching in past does not be more valuable the result of past searches at present. We know well, when we search for anything on Google, mostly we get a particular answer or some solutions for our queries at that time. We don’t wait till long for that solution, then why we take any interest in past results or Ads related with that terms showing on Bloggers website.

My Personal experience with Interest Based Ads on Blog Tips2secure

Tips2secure is a tech related blog, but Ads displaying on this site were of Matrimonial sites, Sell old/new Goods advertisement and many more like that. Think, visitors of this blog who are here for blogging or SEO tips, would take any interest in that type of Ads. Answer is ‘NO’, and that’s why always Adsense CTR was 0.20-0.50% only. Last month, I updated my first earning report from Tips2secure, where I mentioned that I have not earned a lot from Adsense and I did not mention Adsense earnings in that post. But after solving this issue, I’m getting better results in Adsense, and getting 2%-5% of CTR and will post Adsense earnings soon in my upcoming Income reports.

Deactivate Interest Based Ads in Adsense to Increase CTR

1. Login to your Adsense Account.
2. Navigate to Allow&Block Ads
3. Under User-Based Ads, you will find Interest Based Ads, deactivate that option.

Increase Adsense CTR by deactivating interest based ads

4. That’s all, you have done.

If you don’t have Adsense account and facing problems in getting approved then go through this post 7 Easy Steps to Get Google Adsense Account Approved.


Higher CTR with high CPC will make your earnings bigger in Adsense. But never do spam to increase your CTR or CPC. If you are still facing the lower CTR after making above given changes, then let me know through comment box. I will personally check your blog or websites and let you know about specific issues or changes need to be made on your blog.

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3 thoughts on “Increase Adsense CTR on Blogs by Deactivating Interest Based Ads”

  1. Thanks, Suresh for this information. I thought Interest based ads will be effective but you proved me wrong.
    Are you sure that disabling Interest based ads is a good practice for incraesing CTR? Will it work for everyone?

    1. It differs according to the niche of blog/websites. You should do Adsense A/B testing for better results.

  2. Hey, great article, love it. But am facing an issue with Page RPM dropping every after few days. Is there any possible way i can increase or maintain it.

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