Is Grammarly accurate? How accurate is Grammarly, 100% (Really)?

Is Grammarly accurate

In content writing, grammar is having the most important role. In order to get the sentences correctly structured, there are some amazing tools available online. One of the best tools is Grammarly. There are several users who use this platform for getting their grammar mistakes corrected and structuring the content in the best possible manner.

How accurate is Grammarly?

However, users ask that “Is Grammarly accurate”? Well, the answer is yes. “Yes, Grammarly is accurate and provides you with the best grammar results and solutions”.

Grammarly is one of the best online spelling and grammar checker available that acts as a safety against any sort of typos or mistakes in your contact. This platform is actually suitable for casual writing from bloggers to students and anyone who regularly composes content for emails.

How accurate is Grammarly

It is incredibly easy to use and undoubtedly one of the most powerful online grammar checker available. The best part about this platform is that it is available in both the versions that are the Grammarly free and the paid ones.

The free version is actually pretty good and it provides you with the spelling checking solutions without paying a single penny. Apart from this, the premium version is available at the amount of 29.9 dollars per month. If you pay annually then you need to pay the amount of one 39.9 $5 per year.

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How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly helps a lot in ensuring that everything you are typing is easy to read effectively and also mistake-free. It automatically detects the spelling error, word choice, style mistake punctuation error or any sort of other grammar error. It is definitely easy-to-use.

Using this platform is absolutely easy. All you need to do is to follow the below-given instructions.

At first, you need to register your free account in Grammarly. Thereafter, you’ll be able to follow the steps added below.

  1. You need to copy and paste any English text in the Grammarly editor
  2. You can either install the browser extension or can go to the online portal as well
  3. The algorithms of Grammarly will potentially flag all the issues in the text and will suggest specific corrections related to the content that you have entered.
  4. The solution suggested will be related to grammar, spelling and usage, style, punctuation, wordiness, and even plagiarism the same as well.
  5. You just need to click on the suggestion given at the right side of the page and the correction will automatically be done in your text.

How Does Grammarly Work?

You can watch this video to check the live Demo on ‘How does Grammarly work‘.

Grammarly analyses the pieces of text that you have written and then check for all the errors. In the free version, you get the punctuation, grammar, and spelling related solutions and if you take the premium version then you can easily move a step further.

It was used stylistic and best writing practice suggestions. There is a lot of difference between writing something compelling and clear as compared to the writing that is floppy or unprofessional.

Grammar and punctuation

  1. In this feature, it actually detects basic and advanced grammar and punctuation related errors. Here you get the solution of errors related to commerce places, fragments and others
  2. Along with providing the solution it also gives you a quick and easy to understand lesson.

Spell check

  1. It takes each and everyone that you have written in your content for the spelling error
  2. It works more amazing as compared to the average Microsoft Word spell-check. If provide accuracy in the content


  1. It helps in scanning document in regard to giving the reason that you have done intentionally or unintentionally
  2. This tool helps you a lot in getting a unique duplicate free content
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Writing style

  1. It provides amazing tips and suggestions that help you in making your writing style more human friendly.
  2. However it is the most underappreciated feature of Grammarly but it helps you a lot with the sentence length, overall readability, and other actionable insights that help a lot in improving your writing style. It helps you in being a better writer with the best style.


It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you are doing, Grammarly can help you in embracing your writing style and content with the amazing suggestions and solutions.

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