Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels (UPDATED) – Which One is Better?

Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels

Well, it is such a common thing where most of them are confused about choosing Kajabi vs Clickfunnels. If you are one of them who is getting struggled in choosing the right one, then the below discussion could be helpful for you.

Let’s have a look at main points and differences, and then we’ll discuss each point separately in detail.

Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels (Unbiased Comparison) 2019

There are some points which we clear about kajabi and Clickfunnels which are given below. This comparison will enhance our understanding of this concept.

Its purpose is to see online courses, coaching courses to enhance knowledge.
Its purpose is to see physical products and helping them in delivering.
Kajabi has a limited scope as per its use.
Clickfunnels provide their users with a wider scope.
Kajabi is designed to fulfill the needs of digital entrepreneurs.
Clickfunnels are designed to only sell products through a digital platform.
Kajabi provides its customer a 24*7 days support.
Clickfunnels does not provide this kind of edge to its users.
With Kajabi persons could not change the pre-build appearances.
With Clickfunnels one can change the appearance easily by coding.
Kajabi does not have any auto email responder.
Clickfunnels have actionetics as their e-mail responder.
Kajabi has three tiers consisting of basic, growth and pro.
Clickfunnels has two tiers cost structure of starter plan and etison plan.
Kajabi does not have this feature.
Clickfunnels has an upper hand in this area.

What is Kajabi?

what is kajabi

Kajabi https://kajabi.com/ is a platform that is popularly used for marketing purpose. It provides an integrated approach to the various businesses to sell their products, market them in a better way and helps in successfully delivering them. It made the process of sales and client management very effective. It is a centralized system for content marketing. It provides people a platform where they could convert their knowledge into something useful. They could share their knowledge in the form of online courses, digital products, training portals, etc.

Kajabi is popular among its users because of its wide range of products like various themes, page builders, customer support, video hosting. All kinds of data like audios, documents, videos are fully supported by this platform. It is a centralized approach from the business point of view. The system of hosting used under Kajabi is off-cloud. There are various tools provided to the management as a support for the effective utilization of this platform. Read a detailed Kajabi review here.

Features of Kajabi

Features of Kajabi

There are certain features which makes Kajabi platform worthwhile. Let us discuss them below:-

1. Sales Oriented: Kajabi has been formed with the main purpose in mind and that is sales. Businesses could create effective landing pages which do not only help in generating viewers but also initiate them for sales. It provides you with all the guidelines to handle your page. Your e-mails, pages, websites all the things are handled under one roof.

2. Alluring templates: Kajabi is a platform that has some in-built templates for its users. Persons using Kajabi for their sale purpose could use these templates to make their pages look more attractive. It helps in gaining more customers. When our website looks professional, it provides the customers also a sense of confidence.

3. Mobile supportive: Kajabi works on all kind of devices. All the products that are provided by it like the pipelines, landing pages, templates, themes, etc. are fully activated from the mobile platform as well which gives it a plus point. It makes it much convenient to use

4. Video streaming: Sometimes the website takes a long time in processing when videos are being posted on the website. In the case of Kajabi Video streaming is done at a very fast rate. It used the hosting platform named Wistia which assures that the processing does not take much time irrespective of the network used by the operator.

5. Custom forms: Kajabi helps there users by providing them the insights about the visitors. It has used various custom forms which helps the businesses in better understanding of their customers. These custom forms could be used by the businesses over their websites to gain useful knowledge about their traffic.

Kajabi Pros

The Kajabi has all the above-mentioned features which make it worth the money. Moreover, it a single platform tries to provide their users with all the benefits at one place.

  1. There are various in build themes, templates, landing pages, pipelines, etc. which could be operated by the users.
  2. Its customer support is open for its customers day and night.
  3. So over and all one which has something to sell could use this platform for increasing his product sales with the use of effective marketing.

Kajabi Cons

We know that this is an era of globalization so there is a great increase on the part of the competition as well.

  1. Kajabi has slightly higher prices as compared to its rivals which could pull it back. 
  2. All the businesses could not afford heavy load on their pocket moreover they try to go for the cheap alternatives.

What is Clickfunnels?

What is Clickfunnels

It is such a platform which helps its users to market their products by preparing the sales funnels. Clickfunnels makes the use of sales funnels to promote its user’s products. It is very easy to build a sales funnel with the help of clickfunnels as proper support has been provided by it to its users. There are various kinds of funnels which are already pre-build within the system. Users could use them as per their business need to get more customers and effectively marketing their product.

Visit Website here: https://www.clickfunnels.com/

Features of Clickfunnels

Features of Clickfunnels

There are certain features of Clickfunnels which makes it worthwhile. Let us discuss them below:-

1. Robust: Clickfunnels is fast in its process. It has an amazing feature of drag and drop which let you adjust the appearance of your page in just some clicks. It is easy to work with clickfunnels because there is no need to code every single time which saves time and energy as well.

2. Actionetics: One of the amazing features of clickfunnels is its ability in handling e-mails of their users. Actionetics is fully owned autoresponder of clickfunnels. It could be used in scheduling the emails. This feature provided the clickfunnels an edge over the others.

3. Sale funnels: Clickfunnels provides its users with the inbuilt templates which could be used in preparing the sales funnels. It has 22 various forms of sales funnels basis on different business categories. These sale funnels are easily assessable and operated and make the sale procedure hustle free.

4. Different templates: Clickfunnels provides various templates to make the website look more authentic. It has 30 + templates. Some of them are surveyed website, hero website, Many thanks page, Bridge page, Share pages, affiliate space, Promo codes, etc.

5. Billing feature: Any user who wants to purchase any product could gain the knowledge by simply through the sales pages. Clickfunnels supports PayPal, Stripe, NMI, Ontraport, etc.

You must read these;

Clickfunnels Pros

Clickfunnels has acquainted with various features some of them are above mentioned. In addition to these, it provides a full-time service to its customers.

  1. It is an easy platform to use.
  2. The most advantageous part of this platform is automatic e-mail responder which takes it a step ahead of its competitors.
  3. Moreover, its drag and drop option makes it an easy platform to use

Clickfunnels Cons

We know that it provides various templates and sale funnels but sometimes it creates complications for the users to use them.

  1. It sometimes irritates the users.
  2. Price is also another thing that has to be decided while opting clickfunnels.

Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels (Pricing Comparison)

Kajabi pricing has been classified into three categories which are basic, growth and pro. 

Kajabi Price

Kajabi Price

1. Basic: The basic plan cost 119 $ per month with three pipelines and unlimited landing pages. It also consists of 3 products and 1 website.

2. Growth: This plan costs 159$ per month with 15 pipelines and unlimited landing pages. It also consists of 15 products and 1 website.

3. Pro: This plan costs 319 $ per month with 100 pipelines and unlimited landing pages. It also consists of 100 products and 3 websites.

Along with these, Kajabi offers its users a 14-day free trial service as well.

Clickfunnels Price

Clickfunnels pricing has been classified into two categories which are a starter and etison plan.

Clickfunnels Price

1. Starter plan: It costs 97 $ per month and includes 100 pages with 20 funnels but page viewers are limited to only 20k.

2. Etison plan: It costs 297 $ per month and includes unlimited pages and funnels with advanced features of affiliate marketing and Actionetics.


We could see that Kajabi is mainly prepared to sell some online courses like teaching courses or something knowledgeable whereas Clickfunnels is prepared to sell the actual products. If the purpose of business is to market something knowledgeable irrespective of physical products then they could go for Kajabi otherwise Clickfunnels is a good option for other products.

Kajabi is simpler in use as all the pipelines, landing pages, templates are pre-built in it and Clickfunnels sometimes seems complicated to the beginners of digital platforms.
When to decide between these two platforms one has to keep in mind the purpose of its business. Moreover, in our view, Kajabi is a little costlier than Clickfunnels so it is up to the business house which platform they want to utilize for their products.
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