Kerish Doctor Review 2016: Is it Best PC Troubleshooting Software Really?

Kerish Doctor 2016: Best PC Troubleshooting and Malware Protection Tool

Kerish doctor 2016 Review

This post is based on my honest, unbiased review and my personal experience with Kerish Doctor 2016 software. After using this tool on my Laptop, I can say this is one of the ever best-performing tools for PC troubleshooting, PC cleaning, PC optimization, and Protection from Malware.

Are you facing the issues of your PC/Laptop’s slow performance? I know 9 out 10 people will say ‘YES’ because these days Computers and Laptops hang too much due to Junk files, Malware, Crashing windows, Corrupted files etc.

If we do not focus on these things then it starts damaging the hardware of our systems which costs in 100’s of dollars. Sometimes these type of issues and malware damage the system totally and results in loss of all important data and information saved in your system.

Then why take risks?

I have a tool which I found on the Internet and after reading the reviews of that tool I decided to purchase and check it on my system.

(Actually, I was also facing the same issues of slow performance of my laptop, for this I did many scans, change windows, uninstall many programs but that all did not give me the results I was expecting. Then finally I came to know about Kerish Doctor 2016 tool and here is my experience with that tool.)

I downloaded Kerish doctor 2016 software on my laptop and started using free. Kerish doctor software provides 15 days free trial offer. I just used it for 4 days and I was amazed by the results I got.

I did scan my whole computer system with this tool and it took approximate 3-5 minutes only. Then I worked according to their recommendation and fixing suggestions. This tool fixed 55+ issued in my Laptop and then after simply I did shut down my Laptop and started again and there was a dramatical change the performance and speed of my Laptop.

Now I could run many programs at the same time without loosing the performance speed. Trust me guys, It made me feel so happy and I decided to I will definitely share this tool with my readers of Tips2secure.

First of all, I would like to write about the features of Kerish Doctor 2016.

Features of Kerish Doctor:

1. Monitoring Computer Health (Overall)

Kerish Doctor uses its unique and unparalleled Real-Time Failure Detection technology which makes them able to prevent Windows crashes in real time. It monitors the Overall health of your system.

2. Install it and forget it

Yes, I am saying correctly just install it and forget it. After installing this software there is no need to check and scan the things manually. It is providing high-quality maintenance for your computer in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no need for user intervention. However, you can also use it manually.

3. Repairs your computer

Kerish doctor monitors health of Computer

1. It prevents Windows failures in real-time.
2. It Corrects registry errors.
3. It monitors Computer temperature.

4. Cleaning

Kerish Doctor 2016 helps in cleaning all types of Junk files, Invalid items, shortcuts, digital crash, and Deleting outdated application cache.

5. PC Optimization

It optimizes Windows settings and system services. It also optimizes the Internet connection speed. If you are a game lover and play games on your system then it also helps in Acceleration of games.

6. Protection & Security of Your System

It also works like Antivirus and prevents your system from Malware, Eliminates vulnerabilities in Windows and installed software, Monitors Key PC events.

If you are the Android Smartphone or Tablet user then you must read this one,

Android Smartphones and Tablets: Tips for Security and Malware Prevention

7. User-Friendly Interface

Kerish doctor 2016 software has a modern and user-friendly interface and can easily be used by beginners or experienced users.

8. Additional services

It offers:

1. Free updates.
2. Free technical support.
3. It has the Ability to recover license in case it is lost.
4. Applies all versions to applications.

    How to Install and use Kerish Doctor 2016 Software?

    Step #1

    Click on this link,

    Step #2

    Download Kerish doctor 2016

    Download the software on your PC. Its size is 34 MB.

    Step #3

    Run it

    Run Kerish Doctor

    Step #4

    In the next step, it will ask you to choose your language. So select your preferable language and click on “OK”.

    select language in Kerish doctor

    Step #5

    Continue the steps and it will show you Kerish doctor 2016 setup Wizard then click Next.

    Kerish doctor setup wizard

    Step #6

    Accept their license agreement to use Kerish doctor product.

    Accept agreement to use Kerish doctor

    Step #7

    It will start installing and take around 4-5 minutes.

    Installing Kerish doctor

    Step #8

    Here installation is the complete and it will show you a dashboard like this where you can check the services and recommendations.

    Kerish doctor services

    Step #9

    After using their free trial version if you feel you should buy and extend the time then you will have to make a small payment (pricing is discussed below this paragraph) and you will receive a serial key. After receiving that serial key you will have to use that in your product.

    Step #10

    To use the serial key to activate your license just navigate to “About” then Click on “Activate the License” and then enter your name and license key. Click “OK” and it will be activated instantly.

    Serial Key Kerish Doctor

    Kerish Doctor 2016: Pricing

    Kerish Doctor comes in three packages with three different validity. Every license key is Valid for 3 PCs.

    Kerish doctor Pricing

    1. License Key for 1 Year for 1-3 PCs: $19.95
    2. License Key for 2 Year for 1-3 PCs: $29.95
    3. License Key for 3 Year for 1-3 PCs: $39.95

      It accepts Credit-Card, Paypal, Check-Prepayment, and WebMoney for purchasing.

      Why Should You use Kerish  Doctor 2016 Software for Your PC?

      Kerish doctor awards

      This software has received more than 50 TOP awards from independent experts and software reviewers. Kerish Doctor is the highly recommended and trustable software tool for PC troubleshooting and improving performance speed.

      Download Kerish Doctor


      You can use Kerish Doctor 2016 with your existing tools and antivirus programs too. It is fully compatible with all those programs.

      Final Words:

      To be honest, if you do not fix the issues of your PCs then it will cost you more than 100 USD but here you can save this large amount and your computer from being damaged by paying 20 USD. Now the decision is yours.

      I would recommend you to give a try first their Free version for 15 days and then after only if you feel satisfy then buy their license to extend the validity or simply stop using it. Is not it simple?

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