Le VPN Review: Browse The Internet More Securely

We are living in the world of Internet. Internet is having very high demand everywhere. Internet is something which we can’t live without. There are many advantages of it. But with those advantages, some disadvantages like Internet scams, malware it becomes hard to access internet safely. So we need something by which we can access internet safely. Fortunately, there is always one solution of every problem. Our solution to this problem is a VPN.

Virtual Private Network

VPN is a technology by which we can create secure network connection over a public network. Some example of public network includes internet and private network provided by service providers. VPN is widely used by many corporations, educational institutions and government agencies. There are many people who want to see some TV serials, movies or original content of other countries; they also use VPN services to access such content from different countries across the globe.

In this post, I am going to give you the quick review of one of the best VPNs. I will give the review of LE VPN. So keep on reading…!!


Le VPN Review

When we heard the name Le VPN, we may think that what it is. But this name consists the French word Le which means The. So the meaning of Le VPN is THE VPN. The company is Hong Kong based and it serves the customers all around the world in French, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish. It was founded in 2010 and in a very short span of time, Le VPN became very popular for its services.

Le VPN provides many services that go beyond only VPN. The best service for those who all are interested in entertainment is SmartDNS and HybridVPN. The support of Le VPN is excellent when it comes to Email support.

How Le VPN Works?

To use any kind of VPN, you need to install it on your device. So first you need to install Le VPN client on your system. Le VPN provides client for every platform because it is one of the premium services. You can have Le VPN client for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Linux.

The process is very simple to get Le VPN. All you need to do is just enter your email address and password. Once you enter these two, it will ask you to choose any payment methods. So once you do payment, you are ready to go. Le VPN will send you the confirmation mail with the guide on how to setup VPN on your system.

how Le VPN Works

Features of Le VPN

1. Not Just VPN: 

This is the great thing about Le VPN. It is more than just a VPN. Le VPN will allow you to access the best and high demanded content from all over the world. The connection process is bit different in Le VPN. Le VPN allows you to see the complete list of servers first, classified by region. Once you decide which server to connect, you need to provide the login details. The one package only offers two simultaneous connections with two different devices at a time.

2. Privacy Protection: 

Privacy is major concern in case of VPN. Le VPN comes with 256 bit AES encryption for privacy purpose. The only thing is you cannot protect yourself if your internet connection is disrupted. In the terms of service of Le VPN, they have stated that they are not responsible for any loss of data in case of network disruption. But this is a very rare case. So when the service is active, you are among the safest internet user.

3. Device Support: 

In this fastest growing world of technology, Le VPN provides software for each Operating system. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. The interesting thing is the interface and designs for all these three operating system are the same. So you can feel the same functionality for all of these. Le VPN is also available for SmartPhones. You can use Le VPN application on Android or iOS. In case of windows phone, you need to configure it manually.

4.VPN Speed:

This is the must have measure for any VPN. In case of Le VPN, it is very good. Various tests have shown the good results for speed. With the help of such high speed, users can use the VPN the way they want and get most out of it.

Some Extra Features which are worth noting for Le VPN are as follows:

1. Hybrid VPN is very unique in the market but it is included in each and every package of Le VPN. It is a mix of a VPN connection and a SmartDNS, and it allows to unblock a large selection of TV channels and online media in the US, France and the UK, and at the same time be connected to a VPN server in the country where you want your IP to appear to be.

2. Whilemany VPN providers have been blocked by Netflix, Le VPN is still among the only few which unblock Netflix libraries in the US, France and other countries. Same for SkyGo service in Italy, which is very popular with Italian expats.

3. VPN servers networks are in 114 countries. So it is among the largest networks available on the market.

Advantages of Le VPN

1. Hybrid VPN is included in all packages.

2. Very low price for annual plan.

3. 114 Countries and locations from which you can choose whatever you want.

4. Fast Service.

5. High security with the help of 256 bit AES.

6. Reliable customer support

Disadvantage of Le VPN

1. No Free trial available (but 7-day moneyback guarantee)

2. Pricing structure is not for all users who want to have access for limited period of time.

Pricing model

Le VPN has 3 types of plans for all its users. The first plan is $9.95 per month. This is on monthly basis. Here your saving is nothing. The second plan provides you 25% saving. This plan costs you $7.50 per month for 6 months. The best plan is the third one. You can get the best of all the features with this plan. This plan costs you $4.95 per month for 12 months. Here with this plan, you are able to save 50% money.

Le VPN do not provide you the free trail before the actual purchase. But you can have 7 days money back guarantee in case if you don’t find usefulness of their services.

Le VPN Pricing

So as of now, you may have the good idea about what are the best things about Le VPN and what are the advantages, disadvantages of it. You can try their services and if you don’t like then go for refund within 7 days. So their service is worth trying if you are looking for good VPN.

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