Little Giant Extension Ladder Review & Buying Guide

Little Giant Extension Ladder Review

In this post, we are going to read all about Little giant ladder. While working on various platforms, we often require a ladder to reach out hard to reach places. Just imagine; you have to reach till the ceiling or roof of your room or have to take out some necessary items from the topmost shelves, what will be the thing that will help you in reaching the same?

Yes; the ladder that will make it quite more comfortable for you.

A ladder is a tool that is being designed to reach the higher places both at your home and as well as in your workplaces very conveniently.

You can make use of the ladder to taking out some items for kitchen shelves or can make use of it for painting your walls as well. The ladder makes most of our tough to reach tasks much more relaxed. It is the only tool that can do versatile jobs for you.

The ladder has made our lives much simplified and convenient. But one needs to be very careful while choosing a perfect ladder for their usage otherwise it calls fall out of your pocket or can lead you towards some severe injuries as well.

As technology is advancing day by day; the aspects of ladders also have been changed to a greater extent. The place of the traditional ladder has been occupied by the advanced telescoping ladders. You can easily find out several brands already present in the market; providing their best counter ladders for the customers at the various price range.

Getting confused among such vast options is quite apparent. The ladder is all about reaching higher tough to reach the place, but a wrong decision can backfire on you as well. So taking you out for this confusion, and to offer the best suggestion for you; today we are here with one of the best telescoping ladders in the market, and that is Little giant extension ladder.

Before proceeding further with the Little Giant ladder review; let me explain to you what telescoping ladder is and what are the features that make it quite different from the traditional one? A telescoping ladder is a modified version of the standard ladder with adjustable height feature.

These are generally designed to offer extreme flexibility over various tasks. You can quickly expand these ladders up to preferred height and are also acutely more comfortable to store and carry out along with you.

Little Giant Ladder Buying Guide

little giant ladder

Confusion make all around; especially when we have to choose some product from the heap of various. The ladder is one of the necessary but most ignored homes and workplace item. The world is full of competition, and if we turn around, we can easily find out a large number of telescoping ladders there in the marketplace.

So how to find out the best one among all as there are so many brands with flattering various features to attract the customers. To take you out from the ditches of confusions and to make it quite more comfortable for you; we are here providing you slimmed guide that will help you to get the best one for you.

1. Take a look at your budget: One of the evident and foremost things that we can’t forget while selecting a new product for your home or workplace is your budget. Moving with a decided budget will go a great way while making a final selection for your preferred product.

2. Length: Are you going to buy the telescoping ladder for your home or you want it for your workplace? What is the minimum or maximum period you can extend it up to? These are some of the few questions; that you need to clarify before going further with the buying process.

Deciding about the length of the ladder is a little bit tougher task to go; so get the one that can extend up to maximum. If you are going to purchase a ladder for your home usage; the maximum length it would require is up to its ceiling, but if you are a professional then the length of the ladder will depend upon the project you are going to use it for.

3. Material: Material of the ladder also plays a more significant role especially when we are going to purchase it; after all, it is all about the money that we are going to invest in this project. The extension ladders being available there in the marketplace these days are generally of two types: one is of aluminium, and another one is fibreglass.

First of all, you need to look forward to the durability of the ladder so that you can make better use of your investment in the future. Moreover, the materials you are going to choose for your ladder also depends upon the type of projects are going to make it useful for.

For example; if you are willing to use a ladder for some electrical work; fibreglass would be an excellent option for you, but in case if you are going to use it for painting; aluminium ladder would be the most natural solution to go along with.

4. Don’t forget the weight load capacity: Weight to be loaded up on is another one of the essential things that you need to care about while selecting the best telescoping ladder for you. You can easily find out a vast range of ladders in the market capable of baring different weight load on it.

Having a low load capacity ladder to be used for higher weight loads would not be a wiser option as the safety measures are concerns with it. But if you are choosing one with higher weight and higher weight capacity would surely not be an option for home usage.

5. Look at the feet: Extension ladder with grip on feet would be a better option as it can prevent you from slipping down mainly when you use it on the ground soft place.

6. Levelling system: Most of the telescoping ladders come up with adjustable levelling systems. While making the final purchasing decision; you need to go with the one that you can conveniently use on uneven ground as well.

7. Check out the safety ratings: Safety is one of the major concerns that we need to look forward while making any purchase. Most of the times ladders come up with safety issues; so it gets essential to make the selection very carefully under keeping various concept under consideration.

Try to choose the one with anti-slip foot shoe, slip-resistant pads, D-shapes rungs and much more.

Little Giant Ladder Review (22-Foot Velocity)

little giant extension ladder

Due to the involvement of various advanced and excellent features; Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder has established a solid build up in the marketplace from the past few years. It is, in fact, one of the most tested and trusted brands; that have made it quite easier to reach higher platforms very conveniently.

You can not only use this extension ladder as step ladder only, but it may also be converted into a staircase ladder whenever required. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder is termed to be one of the most excellent products in the marketplace that can be your best partner at your home and workplace as well.

Being constructed from aluminium alloy; this extension ladder can be easily used for multipurpose under adverse conditions as well. You can easily make it use for withdrawing items from kitchen shelves, and it can even be used by professionals for painting multistory buildings as well.

This multipurpose ladder is quite durable and can easily bare weight about 250 pounds. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder is one of the lightweight options present in the marketplace; that you easily convert into a smaller package for easy storing. With the involvement of a convenient and durable strap; the ladder is very much more comfortable to carry and transport along with you if required.

Providing it extreme portability; two wheels are also there that you can make use of easy moving it to one room to another. If we talk about the charges it costs for; they are quite affordable and will surely not go out of its budget.

This 22 feet extension ladder is being designed to reach out to the higher areas of your home and workplace. You don’t need to have any partner while operating this ladder as it is quite easy to carry and operate. You and your partner can efficiently work along the sides of this ladder without taking your security into risk.

The design of this ladder offers a higher level of safety during various tasks. To make it safe from slipping on very smooth surfaces; anti-slip rubbers are there at both the ends. The ladder is being designed to be used by two persons consistently for longer durations. It means that if you are going to make purchasing for your workplace options; Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder is the ladder that will worth it for your hard earned money.

Little giant extension ladder Features

Features are something that represents the capacity and capabilities of any product. Taking you towards a brief outlook for one of the most beautiful extension ladders, i.e., Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder we are here providing you with some of the most admired features of this lovely product. Let’s get started with the elements:

  1. It is a convertible 22 feet extension ladder that makes it quite easy to reach very high places.
  2. It offers you an unmatched feeling of stability due to the presence of dual in the hinge. Moreover, wide flared legs are also there to provide extreme stability over various surfaces.
  3. The aluminium alloy construction offers Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder more excellent durability.
  4. This extension ladder is being designed to bear the weight of two persons very conveniently.
  5. The velocity ladders come up in multiple sizes of A frame that you can quickly scaffold if required.
  6. The extension ladder comes up with a secure locking system; that offers ladder an extreme level of safety to the users.
  7. The rung size of each section is about 1.5”.
  8. If required you can easily change the positions of the rungs as per your preferences.
  9. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder is easy to store, carry and transport along with you. You can easily carry on the backseat of your car as well.
  10. Usage of this convertible ladder for various tasks reduces the risk level as well.
  11. Two persons can work simultaneously on this ladder for longer durations.
  12. You can easily use it for reaching tight places such as above staircase, vaulted ceilings and much more.
  13. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder holds OSHA and ANSI standards registration.

Advantages of Little giant extension ladder

  1. Enhanced durability due to the presence of aluminium alloy construction
  2. Heavyweight loading capacity
  3. Multiple position adjustment for numerous usage
  4. Wide rubberized flared bottom to provide firm support to the ladder
  5. Quite affordable among such incredible features
  6. Wheels are there for easy transport

Disadvantages of Little giant extension ladder

  1. A little bit bulky in the range that makes it difficult to store, move and carry every time
  2. Doesn’t includes soft push button for easy adjusting
  3. Availability of numerous designs goes out of court sometimes.
  4. Fingers usually got pinched in between the rungs.

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Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder is undoubtedly one of the most excellent telescoping ladders present in the market. If you have any queries related to its compatibility, height, length, features, durability, and affordability; the above article will produce solutions for each consultation for yours.

Ladders are of course being designed for the convenience of the users and to get the one with the extreme safety should need to be the ultimate goal when it comes to purchasing section. One needs to look forward to the various criteria and we have tried to mention up all in the given content.

As everything has its pros and cons; and same we have summed up here in the content as well so it would get easier to go in detail with its various aspects. This article is undoubtedly going to be a great help for you while making the final decision.

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