Long Tail Pro (Cloud Version 2020) Review [2 CASE-Studies Added]

Due to the change in terms of Google Adwords keyword planner tool, Long Tail Pro stopped displaying the monthly keyword search volume data. But in their latest Long Tail Pro Cloud version they have started displaying the Keyword search volume data again with few conditions. So, I will be revealing all about Long Tail Pro and LongTailPro Cloud in this review.

When you are working with blogs or websites, it’s all game of proper keyword research. There are many tools available in the market which can help you to get this work done in better way. If you are stuck in choosing the best for you, then LongTailPro is the only answer.


Here is your answer…

Long Tail Pro Platinum (Cloud Version) Review and Latest Features

What is LongTailPro?

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is a Keyword research tool for SEO purpose which allows users to generate hundreds or thousands of unique Long tail keywords in minutes based on the single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

If you are in the field of Blogging or SEO, then you might be heard about this killer Keyword research tool. This Keyword research tool has been featured on MOZ, Search Engine Journal, Backlinko, Forbes, Ahrefs, Blogging Wizard and other known brands.

Most of the successful bloggers have given credit to their blogs’ success to Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool.

Pat Flynn – SmartPassiveIncome,

“I’m a fan of Long Tail Pro! It’s a powerful keyword research tool that I’ve used and am very impressed. I definitely recommend Long Tail Pro. It’s a must-have tool for any SEO or Internet Marketer”

LongTailPro is an Adobe Air desktop application that uses the Google Keyword Tool to pull through keyword data about a particular subset of keywords that the user may interested in analyzing.
It is a premium tool, but if you want to check it out, then you can get trial version just in $1. The brighter side of this tool is, you don’t need to be SEO master to use it. You can easily get used to it as it is simple and straightforward.

LTP (Long Tail Pro) Cloud

Due to the Google Adwords the Update, there were some issues with some users of LTP that’s why LTP started paying for a service that provides them with updated Google AdWords data along with search volumes, and they would display this information to users, rather than requiring the use of individual AdWords accounts. Now LTP is giving access to LTP cloud to their subscribers which is faster, more intuitive and better with no extra charges.

Longtailpro Cloud Screenshot

For non-platinum Long Tail Pro subscribers, Access to Long Tail Pro Cloud version will be provided at low soon.

Click here to read the detailed article on Long Tail Pro Cloud Rollout Update.

Features of Long Tail Pro cloud

  1. Find Easy Keywords using Unique KC feature
  2. Use Rank Value to discover Keyword Profitability
  3. Scope out the Competition with Detailed Metrics
  4. Filter, Sort, and Export Results As Needed
  5. In Depth Domain and Page level Metrics
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LongTailPro Review: Keyword competition metric

Keyword competition metric determines the level of difficulty for a keyword to rank, Which ranges from 0-100 where 1 stands for the easiest to rank and 100 stands for toughest to rank.
The calculation of keyword competition metric depends on the following parameters.

  1. URL
  2. Title
  3. Page Links
  4. Juicing Page
  5. Domain Authority
  6. Page Authority
  7. Moz Rank
  8. Page Rank
  9. Site Age

Why go with LongTailPro?

If you own a site and want to drive organic traffic, LTP will add very high value to it. If you are not having any site or content idea in your mind, then combine some keywords of your interest and passion and get an idea about what’s going on the room. If you are using Google Keyword Planner, then LTP will make your work easier.

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LongTailPro Review: Features

Score Keyword Competitiveness

If you are targeting to be in top 10 Google results, then LTP will help you with Keyword Competitiveness score to determine the difficulty of ranking different keywords.

Custom Difficulty Targets

Long Tail Pro will also help you to fix your target. Here, by target, I mean what level of keyword difficulty you should focus on with each of your sites.

Determine Metrics

You can view metrics (powered by Majestic) to help determine domain strength, indexed URLs, the number of links, page strength, referring domains to page and domain and age of the site.

Calculate Keyword Profitability

If you are working on an Adsense site, Amazon niche site or you are selling your own product, you can use the new rank feature to determine the profitability of the keyword.

Sort & Track

If you are working on different blogs with different niches, then it is obvious that you will target different keyword for the blogs. With LTP, you can sort the keywords niche wise and track favorites within projects for future visits.

Export Results

You can export lists of keywords, competition data, top 10 Google results, and keyword metrics data with this amazing Long Tail Pro tool.

Real – Time Filtering

You can filter keyword results by CPC, local searches, advertiser competition, the number of words, and keyword competitiveness with LTP.

AdWords Data

You can give a list of keywords as input and get data on competition, CPC, local/global monthly searches, and the number of words.

These features – all together are a boon for the bloggers. Though if you are having any second thoughts, I would suggest you go with the trial version and then invest in it.

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Long Tail Pro Review: Plans and Pricing:

No matter how good a product is, while purchasing you need to think of your pocket as well. This investment will not cost much and whatever it will cost is worth for the value.
Here is the snapshot of the pricing.

Long tail pro Pricing

You will get Long Tail Pro discount on Annual Plan 45% OFF and on Long Tail Annual Starter Plan 27% OFF. To grab this discount use the special link and the Coupon given-below.

Click here to Activate Coupon (45% OFF LongTailPro Annual Pro Plan)

Click here to Activate Coupon (27% OFF LongTailPro Annual Starter Plan)

Long Tail Pro Review: Case Studies (My Personal Experience)

Case Study #1

To be honest, I would not believe in using any tool for SEO or keyword analysis, but I was wrong. 1 month ago I planned to start a niche blog, and I discussed with some Professional bloggers. They highly recommended to use Long Tail Pro for Keyword research, and I also decided to use this tool for once.

I used Long Tail Pro for keyword research. I booked an EMD and write 12 posts according to their keywords suggestions. And the result I started getting after 5-6 days is here, you can check it yourself in below screenshot from my Google Webmaster console account of that niche blog. I can not share the URL of that blog here because if I do so then the people, especially competitors will start spying and spamming both and that will harm my blog for sure.

LongTailPro Review: Traffic increase

All the credit goes to Long Tail Pro account.

So what I recommend you, if you are struggling a lot but not getting any success then it is the right time to take the right decision and go for Long Tail Pro.

Case Study #2

Last month again I tried and used Long Tail Pro keyword research tool in building one Amazon niche affiliate websites. What I got in that experiment, how Long tail pro helped in that project, all will be revealed in this paragraph.
I built that Amazon niche website on “Sewing Machines”. Again I booked an EMD. I hosted that website on Godaddy shared hosting.
Before making the website live I started my research on Long Tail Pro to find some best, low competition keywords, and long tail pro keywords. I was already aware that targeting branded keywords like, “best sewing machines” or “sewing machine” would not give me any benefit, because such type of keywords has lots of competition.
So I targeted to target some low competition with lesser search keywords (Long tail keywords) with the help of this excellent Keyword research tool “LongTailPro”.
In the next step, I hired 1 writer and asked him to write 10 contents. After getting contents ready, I started my website, added some important pages like, “About us”, “Privacy Policy, “Disclaimer” etc. After that I published 5 posts and fetched them in Search console and then I started publishing daily 1 post till five days.
In the first week, my website started getting 10-50 days daily. I asked my writer to write few more posts, and after 2 weeks website was getting around 100 views.
Just with those 100 views, I made 3 sales in my Amazon Affiliate dashboard. I would like to show you the screenshot of sales from my Amazon affiliate dashboard.
At present my Amazon affiliate website is getting daily hits of 500+ and generating 5-10 (varies) sales every day.
Screenshot of Sales,
Long Tail Keywords make sale
Again, all the credits go to Long tail pro.
Isn’t interesting and beneficial to use Long tail pro keyword research tool?
If you really want to rank your blogs and make some sales, you should never miss this amazing tool. 
Moreover, as a reader of this blog you are already getting that much of discount on Long Tail Pro purchase so why are you being late? Grab the deal now (Discounted link and Coupon is added above)!
Note: 45% Off coupon is valid only for Yearly purchase. If you want to avail that discount then you will have to click on above given special discounted link and coupon code. Or if you just want to use their Trial Version for 10 days then click on the below-given Trial button.
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I would highly recommend this tool if you are working on any micro niche site or site earning from AdSense to target the high CPC keyword. If you are a current user of Long Tail Pro, then let us know your experience via the comment section. If you are having any problem with this tool or you are using another tool then feel free to leave your feedback in comment section.

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