Tips on maintaining your game console

gaming console

Enjoying video games is important, but it is also important to maintain your consoles and controllers, otherwise, you will end up having problems with the performance of your console. This article will give some helpful advice to help you maintain your gaming devices.

Keep the console dry

Water (or any other liquid) can damage sensitive parts or your console that are important to its operation. Liquid coming in contact with your console could fry its insides, thereby leaving it irreparable. You only have to think of what would happen to your phone if it fell into some water: unless you switch it off and leave it in some rice, the survival chances of that phone will be incredibly low. Therefore, whenever you’re making use of your console, ensure that you keep any drinks far away from it.

Don’t touch the lens

The importance of the lens to your console cannot be overemphasized—it reads your discs. Therefore, if you touch it, you could cause permanent damage, making it almost impossible for the discs to be read. If this happens, you’ll probably have to send out the console for repairs—and unless you’re within warranty this will come at a considerable cost. Even though internet guides are available to help you repair the lens yourself, it isn’t advisable. You could end up with even more damage than you started with. All in all, getting a gaming desktop would serve you well to avoid potential damage.

Create space for the console

Consoles can overheat a lot. That’s why they need ample space to be able to breathe. Consoles should be placed on a shelf or a table that is surrounded by empty space. If you have a television with a glass or wooden cabinet underneath it, you could allocate that space for your console. Not only will this extend the lifespan of your console, it will ensure that it stays in pristine condition as well.

Dust the console regularly

Following on from the previous point, it doesn’t matter if we clean once a month, once a week, or once a day—dust is perpetually around us. This annoying companion of ours has the tendency to get into cooling fans and other crevices. When dust blocks the air vents, it could lead to your console overheating without you even knowing. Regularly dust your console will prevent this sort of damage from occurring, and once in a while, you can also apply compressed air inside the vents to clear dust. You will be shocked by the amount of dust a console can accumulate when left unattended. Dust is a silent enemy of consoles, so you need to keep a watchful eye.

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Don’t expose the console to heat or direct sunlight

Exposure of your gaming console to heat or direct sunlight could cause overheating or electronic damage to it. The interior of your console might become fried, while the exterior might become warped. On the other hand, extreme cold could also damage your console. Therefore, you should ensure that your console is kept at a basic room temperature at all times. This way, no interior damage will occur. You should consider this when storing your console in a storage space or an attic.

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