Mall91 App Review – Mall91 Referral Code, Mall 91 SCAM or Legal App?

Mall91 App Review

Do you often pay bills online? Are you looking forward to an app that can help you in earning money in your free time in the comfort of your home? If you are searching here in response to these queries, Mall91 App is just the way to go on. We are here providing you an honest Mall91 App review so that you could better get an idea about this tool.

Earning money while performing different tasks is something that we all want to have. But there are only a few tools that make the task simpler and Mall 91 is surely one of those.

What is Mall91?

mall91 app interface

Mall 91 is one of the finest apps that are being designed to offer users the freedom of making money at the comfort of their homes. Mall91 was initiated in 2018 by Nitin Raj Gupta and Shubham Paramhans.

It is a vernacular social platform that offers a very user-friendly and interactive interface for the users to work on. The tool provides users a video-based shopping and local language voice recognition and chat-based checkouts to work on.

mall91 shopping app

Moreover, it also enables users to make money just by paying bills. Various discount coupons from the videos are being served that can be redeemed to get the prices. The earned money gets automatically credited into the user’s E-Wallet or bank account without any hassle.

How does Mall 91 App work?

Mall91 is a wonderful platform that offers users the opportunity of earning money while performing other tasks. Processing is quite simpler. You just have to refer the app to your friends to get started with it.

Users are free to earn money just by taking part in various tournaments, playing over games here. Moreover, one can also earn money by playing quizzes, watching videos and scratching cards as well.

mall91 earn money

Mall91 app is a way to improve your earnings in just a few seconds. You just have to put on very little effort from your side and rest will be taken care of by the tool.

The main source of earnings at Mall91 is:

  1. Everyday Scratch Card
  2. Cashback & shopping offers
  3. Play quiz and win cash
  4. Share products and earn money
  5. Earn money by paying bills
  6. Read news and earn money
  7. TV 91
  8. Earn money by checking out live Videos

How to earn money with Mall91 App?

1. Earning money through Mall91 is the easiest opportunity to raise your funds in just a few days. The best thing about Mall91 is that it offers users the opportunity to make fixed money every month. You just have to install the app on your smartphone to get started with.

2. The app is being available there at Google Play Store and can be easily installed without making any payments. Moreover, the registration process is also free to go on. The app includes 15 different levels and each level comes up with a different set of earnings here.

3. Make sure you are passing out every section over there very carefully to fix up your minimum income through the app. One needs to be active every day on the app to make it more favorable for you.

4. If you are eager to know about the earning process of Mall91 in brief i.e. about 15 Level schemes, here is the detailed segment for you.

mall91 compensation plan

5. You have to connect a minimum of three people at the first level, but if you can you can even add as much as you can. More will be the number of people in your first level, better will be your earnings in later stages.

6. Persons being added up in the first level by yourself will work for adding up people for you in the second level.

7. People being added up in the second level will work for adding up people for the third level. And that is the chain fill run up to 15 levels consistently.

8. The best thing about Mall91 is that even minimum three of people being added up in the first level can enable you to earn minimum money of about three crores fifteen lakhs sixty-seven thousand five hundred and eighty-one up to 15th level.

Isn’t that sounding great?

Mall91 Download Link

Interested in getting this wonderful app in your device? Looking forward to getting the easiest way to get this app on your device. If your answer to these questions is being yes, here we are presenting you with the convenient download link for you.

Use this download to open up the paths of unlimited income for you.

How to register in Mall91?

The registration process for Mall91 is quite easy to go to. The app is available in Google Play Store and once done you can further proceed with the registration part. The only things you have to for getting started with the app are:

  1. CLICK HERE to download the App
  2. It will take approximately a few minutes to get installed on your device perfectly.
  3. Once done, launch the app and then add your mobile number in the prescribed column.
  4. An OTP will be sent to your number and that will automatically get filled up over there, if not, you can add it manually as well.
  5. Adding up a referral code is quite necessary to make in so be sure, you are adding it very carefully.
  6. Once done, you will be redirected to the home page of the app. You are now free to start up your earnings by taking part in various programs being offered by it.

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Mall91 referral code

Mall91 Referral code is quite necessary to get started with the application like Mall91. Below is the referral link that you can use for checking out the registration process of this wonderful application.

Mall91 referral code: R9HJAFY

Just make sure to add this referral code very carefully in the dedicated section so that you could not face any difficulty over there.

Mall91 Customer Care

Users are free to resolve their queries through the online portal or can even make a call on customer care number for their issues also. You can put on your queries at its official website, and can also seek help at email id:

One can also get their answers through customer care toll-free number at 011-43092005

Mall91 scam or real

It is a very obvious and most important question in the segment. Mall 91 is a real tool that has enabled millions of users worldwide to make easy money. The earnings get started on the very first level. So make sure that you are having more and more people in the segment.

mall91 top earners
mall91 top earners

People are being asked for the PAN number and their account number for transferring money from the app wallet to their account. So, one doesn’t need to get worried about the same. It is a safe and secure platform that one can work on.


If you don’t know much about the technical skills but still wanted to earn good money from your home, Mall91 is the way to go on. It is one of the most trusted and tested tools in India that can be easily used by the one having a smartphone. Earnings start from the very first level and one can earn up to 15th level unlimitedly.

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