How Has Mobile and Tablet Advertising Revolutionized Businesses?

Remember the time when businesses would be lined up to put their advertisements in newspapers alone? Now, with advent of digital, mobile and cloud technology, there has been shift from traditional to new media advertising. Consumers can be reached through text messages, internet, smartphone applications, and tracked through GPS services. Imagine how quickly an organization can contact you regarding their services and products via cell phones.

If the offer or serving interests you, it is possible to quickly connect with the required individual/organization etc. The investments in mobile sector have therefore increased tenfold. It is a frolicking industry, with assured profits. Infrastructure and technology keep on updating for tablets and other electronic devices used for communications. Voice calls, chats, email service, conferencing, seo tools, webcam feature are among the trending advertising tools for organizations.

Mobile and Tablet Advertising Revolutionized Businesses

As several operating systems have emerged for tablets and mobiles, companies are integrating their product applications so that it suits them. Here are some of the common, yet important advertising technology means every firm uses in mobile marketing:

Internet Service on Electronic Device

No need to carry notebooks, laptops around, if you want to log onto internet. Get internet connection on your tablet or mobile and access online whatever you want to from here. Certainly, businesses have realized how potential mobile marketing is. Thus, every successful organization has made their website and other internet presence zones compatible to suit mobile screen resolutions through innovations like Bootstrap etc. Mobile applications for the websites and blogs like Tips2secure etc. are one of the popular business trends today. A good example is applications on cell phones of shopping sites (Amazon, eBay etc), telemedicine and restaurants.

SMS Polls and Quizzes

Companies often drop messages to customers for feedback about their services through opinion polls. People need to simply vote on the choices or pass an opinion through text. Similarly, consumer participation in a product idea, business initiative etc. can be honed with interactive quizzes sent on mobile. In fact, the SMS campaign has one of the largest shares in mobile advertising market, and is set for immense growth in the future. It is seconded by mobile and tablet app marketing and social media public relations. This technique works best to tap rural area consumers or regions that have difficulty of internet access. Thus, new business horizons can be found with this service.

Automation Marketing

What has further advanced advertising on tablets and mobile is automation technology. If you think that the recent discount offer you received on your phone was sent manually by a person, then may be it is not so. Certain software programs allow automated SMS campaigns that are operated by computer software system and not by people. The marketing team is involved to strategies as to which message to send, specifying the date/time (if needed), or random distribution of same. The software follows the guidelines and transmits the message to the audience.

Instant Message Service

Instant message (IM) is like chatting applications or messengers that can be accessed through desktops, laptops and tablets. However, new features have been launched even in IM. Organizations have tied up with popular messenger providers to reach millions and billions of people with their advertisements. The Mobile& Tablet Advertising Market is dominated with IM service. The company address people with offers, discounts, news events, updates and addition to product line etc. keeping the customers informed about current happenings. Thus, a businessperson can contact you from one part of the world to other via IM service.

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