Neobux Review – Is Neobux Scam or Legit $50/Day?

Neobux Review

Are you looking for a genuine PTC (Paid to click) website for earning extra money online? Though you know that there are numbers of websites available that claims to pay you handsome without doing such efforts but how you come to know about which one is better.

Well, in this article we are going to mention about Neobux which is considered as a famous PTC site and working since 2006. In the field of PTC, this is a great time for any website which is perfectly running and paying thousands of people.

You can earn money by clicking and viewing advertisements. PTC sites provide a free sign up facility means you need not pay any single money for registration. You can simply join this and view ads and can earn on the regular basis.

Neobux Review (My 17 Days Experience with Neobux)

Here is little Proof of mine (Founder/Writer of this Blog)

To be honest, At start, I completely ignored Neobux but after realizing that Neobux can be more profitable than we think. I started Neobux 2019/09/28 (just 17 days ago from today) you can check and verify these dates from the Screenshot I’ve added.

neobux review personal experience

Just after 17 days, I’ve started making around $1.80 (approx $2 per day) from the last 3 days. For the first 10 days I was earning in CENTS only but after renting 225 referrals and with my proper Neobux strategy I’ve turned it into $2 per day.

… And TRUST ME, just after few more weeks I will be making $10+ from this site.

That’s all even without any direct referral. You can check in my screenshot.

You just have to spend on a few minutes of yours on a daily basis; to make some beautiful amount every month. No hidden charges no working limits; absolutely a free platform to get started with.

Unfortunately, the PTC industry is becoming infamous for its scam and these types of fraud sites spoil all the reputation of this industry. A scam PTC site provides many tasks but never pay for that.

Neobux is not included on those fake sites and that’s what we prove here and we are sure that after reading this article you will start believing in Neobux and join this today.


What is Neobux?

What is Neobux?

Neobux is one of the largest using PTC website with thousands of registered workers. Millions of people earning from this site and many beginners have been joining this regularly.

You will be surprised to know that 15000 people are connecting with Neobux daily and they are getting paid and viewing millions of ads. You can simply open the home page of Neobux and see the data and information which is the initial proof of that it is not a fake one.

Neobux offers an advantage to both the client who wants huge traffic in his ads and the worker who get pain for viewing the ads.

It is a trusted online source that makes it quite easier t8o earn by accomplishing various tasks, offers, figures, paid surveys and paid advertisements also. More will be you active on this platform higher will be your earnings.

Neobux Scam or Legit?

We know that you have still many doubts and queries about Neobux. That’s why we are describing all the points and information related to Neobux that will solve your doubts. Take a closer look at the review of Neobux.

Yet the majority of the PTC sites do not have positive reviews in the market; it really gets quite obvious to get associated with the platform like this. Precautions are better than care; so make sure to know about the legacy of any tool before starting up with it.

Neobux is one of the leading PTC sites being available in the market that is paying the users from 2008. Users can start up their experience just by selecting the standard membership here that is absolutely for free.

Once you have built up the link of trust with the tool; you can easily upgrade your Neobux to the premium version i.e. Golden membership. No investment; no hidden charges you have to pay on here. Just start your earnings with zero investment anytime you want.

One more thing that we need to clarify here is that only one Neobux account is allowed with one IP address. So if you are willing to raise the amount of your earnings with Neobux by working on multiple accounts simultaneously; you have to raise the number of PC or laptops also. You can use same Neobux ID on three different computers.

Warning: You need view ADS only on OC or laptop, mobile phone/tablets are strictly not allowed. If you missed today’s Ads then you won’t get paid for the next day referrals earnings so you need to view Ads (ORANGE ads are compulsory) to receive earnings from your referrals. You can complete other tasks like Surveys, Games etc.. on your mobile phones.

If you don’t have PC or laptop then you can try ySense. I’ve recently published ySense review on this blog, you can read that and start making money.

How to start Earning in Neobux

There are several ways of earning money through Neobux. You can earn money by viewing ads or you can do Crowdflower work and surveys and you can earn higher via PTC site.

Neobux for Advertisers

If you are trying to sell your service or any of your products then using Neobux ads won’t be much beneficial for you. People are not much interested to buy anything from these ads and also they paid very less for viewing such ads.

On the other hand, if you wish to attract more views and traffic on your ads then it here you will be lucky to choose this because you can purchase 10,000 ads views in just $20. It is the best opportunity for those people who have less money for spending on their ads. If you are certain about your choice of paid to click ads then you must choose any other site for making money.

If you want to earn your livings then you need to View Ads daily, complete other tasks and rent referrals. By renting referrals you can start making money in dollars from the very first week.

You can also earn in points and coins and later on they will be converted into money and you can easily receive your payments through Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, PayPal, Payza, and other payment procedures.

One can exchange the points for achieving a Golden membership as well. Neobux is only the favorable PTC that never delays in money transfer so you never feel any worry or disappointment.

The other way of making money is, you can send a reference link to people through Neobux and this referral link gives you extra points.

However, viewing a single Ad only gives you 5 cents which is a small amount but different strategies and renting referrals can make you earn more money.

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Neobux Review: Referrals

There are two types of referrals available on Neobux. Either you can directly refer to somebody or you can have paid to rent referrals for a particular time period and get a commission. Both are smart ways to earn extra from Neobux but most of the time people don’t know how to use them and they lose money. Have a look at the bellowing points and you come to know the keys of earning extra.

Neobux Direct referrals

These are the referrals that you can use personally for sending a reference to other people for viewing your ads.

In other words, we can also say that the people who join Neobux through your provided referral links are termed to be direct referrals.

The direct referrals can be easily added into your account just by sharing the referral links with your friends, family, colleagues and through social media sites also. One thing that we need to tell at this moment is that you can’t exceed the limit of having more than 30 direct referrals in a moment.

Neobux Direct referrals
As a being Neobux standard member (free member) you will earn $0.001 per click from your direct referrals but when you upgrade to Golden member you will start earning 5X per click, i.e., $0.005 per click. You can make 300 direct referrals.


Neobux rented referrals with an example

Referals being earned from the Neobux itself without opting for any referrer are known as Rented Referrals. These are the paid referrals being provided by Neobux; for which you have to pay out some charges each month. Moreover, users also have to renew the rental referrals after the completion of the rental period each month.

Most people use this referral in Neobux for earning smartly. Here you need to buy these rented referrals for a certain time period which is easy to get and you get your commission according to their activity.

Neobux rented referrals

You would be surprised to know that this is the most confusing part and way to earn money via Neobux. People don’t understand the system of rented referral and they bothered about the service and take it as a scam one.

If you want stability in your income through Neobux then you have to be very patient and understand the rented referrals. Earning profit from rented referrals you have to view limited ads if you buy standard membership then 5 ads and if you buy premium membership then 9 ads.

If you are looking for traffic then you can convince people to see it. no matter you are investing money or not you are new here or an old one you have to understand the basics of rented referrals.

For example:-

  1. Extend the Neobux rented referrals from 150 days to 240 days. Because if you renew for the longer period you will get 30% discount that will be your profit.
  2. Modify if time to time or recycle if not working well.
  3. If there are fewer clicks or no click under in a week, recycle it. Keep recycling inactive members for the last 4 days. For recycling a referral it will cost you $0.07. If referral inactives for the last 14 days then it will be recycled automatically without any charge.

With rented referrals, if you upgrade your package investing money in it then you will be able to earn more.

There are particular strategies that are worthy of using rented referrals.

Do you want to Learn and follow my best Referral Strategy?

Here is the link to my Neobux Strategy that will help you start making $6/ day from the 1st month without any direct referral.

The Strategy I’ve given will guide you all when to upgrade your account, how many referrals you should buy and how to manage them.Direct and rented referrals both are major methods to make money on this PTC site. Though there are other ways also but remember one thing that you have to be very patient for that.

While working on Neobux; make sure to raise the number of referrals for your account consistently as it is the key to open the doors of huge success. More will be the number of referrals higher will be the commission you will get on them and ultimately greater will be your earnings also.

Is Neobux Legal in India? (Neobux India)

Yes, Neobux is Legal in India. Anyone Can participate inNeobux and earn money as per their terms.

I’ve got many questions regarding the legality of Neobux in India. The answer is Neobux is legal in Indian and almost in other countries as well.

The concept of Neobux PTC runs worldwide. So, it does not matter from where you are, you just need to have a system (PC/Laptop) with Internet connection and you can start earning from Neobux.

I personally know an Indian Pritam Nagrale, who has earned about $11,000+ in just last eight months and right now he is earning more than $50 per day.

I can say that Neobux is the best opportunity for Indians if they can Invest some time and keep patience. You can also watch this Tutorial based on Neobux Hindi especially made for Indians.

Neobux Strategy: How to earn fast and more

If you are thinking that only rented referral is the way to earn money via Neobux then you are wrong. There are many people who are earning without any referrals only you know the right path.

Neobux Strategy to earn more and fast

There are various mini tasks and Crowdflower jobs that you can do on Neobux. If you have sufficient time and you are in a working mood then choose these types of tasks. If we compare with any other GPT or PTC site then Neobux pays more than any other site.

If you belong from UK, Canada, Australia or the US then per click and viewing ads for some seconds can earn $1. If you pay extra attention and complete mini jobs you will be able to earn $100 per month.

If you’re from Asian countries like me, then you need to focus on renting referrals.

You can earn extra coins by participating in surveys, polls, and other trials that offer paid and unpaid services. The more points and coins you earn you can simply convert them into currency and withdraw them.

You can exchange your points to get the golden membership which stables for 1 year. There are many workers who gain the golden membership forever just by using their points and coins whether other people pay for it.

Furthermore, there are several ads that organize prizes so you can be a lucky winner. You can earn many points in a prize or even membership as well. You just simply click on the specific ad that conducts prizes for viewing it.

Many people shared their experience regarding Neobux so before investing your money it would be better to have some research.

How to join Neobux?

If you gaining some positive vibes from Neobux and are now looking forward to joining Neobux now; we are here providing you the step by step procedure that will make it a smooth ride for you.


  1. Click Here to get started with.
  2. Tap on the Register option on the home page of the Neobux website.
  3. Fill in the asked details very carefully to accomplish the signup process successfully.
  4. A verification link will be sent to your email account. Just verify your email using this link.
  5. Once done with it successfully; log into your Neobux account and accomplish all the tasks being mentioned there.
  6. Follow on the same Neobux strategy to make your earnings consistent.

How to get Neobux Payouts?

Accessing payments through Neobux is very easy to make. Users need to attach their any of one Skrill, Payza, Neteller, AirTM accounts to Neobux to getting their payments easily. You really need to have a minimum of $2 in your account to withdraw cash from it.

Once you reach the minimum payout; you can submit your withdrawal request using your preferred payment mode at any time. Users can opt for the option of Skrill, Payza, Neteller, AirTM here to get their online payments and if they want it can be easily transferred to their account through the easy process also.

It might take sometimes three to five business days to get appear the payment into your bank account; so don’t get panic and wait patiently throughout. Rather than starting withdrawing your earnings immediately; we prefer you to spend some of your earnings for getting referrals so that your profit margins can be raised instantly.


Neobux Review: Important TIPS

1. Each phase of earning is very crucial; so make sure to be preparing for the consequences you might face in the future. The user doesn’t need to payout the initiating charges to get started with Neobux, but before starting up with the earning phase with it; there are certainly some things that you need to care about so that you could have beautiful earning each month.

2. Each and every advertisement is quite crucial here especially when you are going through the initiatiol phase. So make sure to click each and every advertisement daily so that could earn $0.01 daily.

3. Don’t forget to check the number of referrals who are actively clicking on the advertisements every day. If you found any inconsistency there; you can send a reminder to your referrals about the same.

4. Make sure to recycle all those rented referrals that you felt to be inactive for about 4-5 days.

5. In case if any of your active referrals stop the advertisements clicking; don’t get panic. The reasons may be multiple; maybe he/she has gone on vacation or has got seriously ill. Be patient and make sure to take each and every step of yours very carefully.

6. To gaining active rented referrals to your account; make sure that you have turned on the Autopay option on your account. More will you invest in your rented referrals; higher will be the profits you will gain in return.


Doing some research and after reading this article you would come to know that Neobux is not a scam and it is paying millions of people that’s why hundreds of people joining this daily otherwise why they do that.Lack of understanding the tricks and strategies some people can’t make money even they lose it and stamp on it a fraud one or it is a scam. However, it is not their fault because there are plenty of such sites that offer to earn a lot of money without any effort but your awareness is important.Earning money is not that easy as you think and it demands effort, time and patience. If you are ready to give these all then there are many ways. We hope that this information will help you to understand what Neobux is and how it works.

If you like this then share it more and share your Neobux experience with us so others can learn more about it.

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