Neobux Strategy to Earn $6 Per Day in 1 Month with PROOF

neobux strategy
I can feel if you’re here then you were looking for the best Neobux strategy to multiply your low Neobux earnings. So, I promise you after reading this whole blog post based on Neobux strategies, you will surely increase your earnings in Neobux.

Earning was not so much easy until I met Neobux. I actually suppose it a useless PTC site which was surely one of my biggest mistakes I ever made for earnings. If you are interested in making some earnings right from the comfort of your home, Neobux is surely one of the leading channels that will make it an easy ride for you.

Just thing earning of about $6 or more per day from the very first month is really something that no one will surely want to miss out. So, add wings to your dreams and make your earnings a smooth ride with Neobux.

Before starting the strategy, let’s have a look at what Neobux is, in very short so that the people who are not familiar with Neobux learn the concept.

What is Neobux?

Neobux is actually an online PTC website that offers paid to click services to the users. It is one of the leading companies in the market that is paying its members for watching its ads since 2008. Neobux is actually an advertising firm that offers multiple income opportunities to users.

People can easily make money here by watching ads and taking part in online paid surveys, offers, games, and various other summer tasks. The tool really has served as an online multi-lingual platform that has risen up the potential of your earnings effortlessly.

One of the best things about this wonderful tool is that it never limits the boundaries of your earnings by putting on specific barriers. You can earn whatever your capability is. Users just have to register to Neobux to start the earnings.

One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that whatever would be your income is; you will not be able to withdraw your earnings until you are having a minimum of $2 in hand. More you will be active in this platform; higher will be your earnings per day.

What are Neobux referrals?

Before starting the Neobux strategy, you must Understand the Neobux referrals. Because the whole strategy is based on referrals only. Don’t worry you don’t need to refer anyone personally here, just keep reading the post :).

Referrals are the fastest but surely effective strategy to get started with Neobux income without making an investment. Referrals are actually the people to whom you refer to Neobux business. In simpler words, they are the persons with whom you are going to share the referral link to start money-making by watching ads.One of the finest things about using Referrals here is that they boost up your indirect earnings. A fixed percentage of income will be automatically credited to your income whenever your referral accomplishes a task.

You really don’t need to worry about the referral income here as it will not deduct any amount from referral income. More will be the number of referrals you have made, better will be the earnings you are going to make in. The referrals that you are going to add up in your account are basically of two types:

1. Neobux Direct Referrals

Neobux Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are usually termed as the people who have joined Neobux through your provided referral links. Users of Neobux are free to increase the number of their direct referrals by sharing the provided referral links to their family members, friends, colleagues and various other people on various social media sites also.

2. Rented Referrals

Rented Referrals are the people being provided by the Neobux that will further work for you and will help you in raising your income. One of the best things about the rented referral links is that your account will be credited with the percentage of their earnings on a daily basis. The only thing that you need to work for availing renter referrals is that you have to pay for it.
  1. Neobux charges about $0.20 for a single referral for 30 days. Users need to renew their referrals on a regular basis so that to stay continued with the earnings.
  2. Whether it is about direct referrals you are willing to opt for rented referrals, the chance of earning commissions through these sources is unlimited.
  3. You can surely notice the change through the amount being incremented into your account on a daily basis.
  4. One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that just try to accomplish all the tasks being offered by Neobux and try to add about 300 rented referrals into your account to get free Golden Membership.
  5. Golden Membership is actually the way to rise up the earnings and commissions from your referrals and for availing it you have to pay out $90 per annum.
If you have not created your account yet in Neobux then you can create your account by Clicking here.

Neobux Strategy to Earn $6/Day

I would know Neobux for the last 6-7 years, but to be honest, I completely ignored Neobux but after going through some payment proofs of the people working in Neobux, I realized that Neobux can be more profitable than I think.
I started Neobux 2019/09/28 (just 17 days ago from today (2019/10/15) you can check and verify these dates from the Screenshot I’ve added.
Neobux Strategy 2019
Just after 17 days, I’ve started making around $1.80 (approx $2 per day) from the last 3 days. For the first 10 days, I was earning in CENTS only but after renting 225 referrals and with my proper Neobux strategy I’ve turned it into $2 per day.
… And TRUST ME, just after a few more weeks I will be making $10+ from this site.
That’s all even without any direct referral. You can check in my screenshot.
Now let’s start the strategy, you may follow in Neobux.

This strategy is based on my personal experience, research and with the help of people who are already making $1000+ per month from this amazing platform.

Disclaimer: Figures and calculations may vary from person to person as this neobux strategy is based on estimates. We writer/blog will not be responsible for any loss/profits caused to you by following this strategy.

Neobux Strategy for Beginners

By creating or registering your new account with Neobux you become a standard member and here you don’t need to pay any amount for the upgrades or renting. If you don’t have an account with Neobux yet Click here and register your account at first.
Your journey starts here! Now here you can earn money in two ways;
  1. Making direct referrals, viewing Ads, completing surveys and other available tasks.
  2. By renting referrals.

Note: You can refer Neobux to any other person only after 15 days. So you need to stay active for at least 15 days and watch at least 100 Ads so that you will be able to make direct referrals using your referral link.

I know making direct referrals is not an easy task for everyone. As this strategy is for everyone so it’s purely based on “By renting Referrals’.
You can start renting referrals from the very first day but you should start renting from the 2nd day only.
For renting referrals, you can;
  1. Watch some Ads, complete surveys and offers and wait for a few days so that you’ve $0.60 in your account, as this is the minimum amount you are required to start renting referrals. So, this one will be absolutely free but it will take a few weeks to months for making your earnings in $ per day.
  2. Invest some money from your pocket and start renting from the second day. Here you may start earning your profits from the very first week ( I did the same).
So, for the people who are going to follow the FREE method, they need to acquire $0.60 in their account and rent 3 referrals, as each referral costs you $0.20 per month. In this way keep compounding and renting more and more referrals to reach at least 20 referrals.
Before proceeding further, I would like to tell you some estimates that will help you decide to take your decisions;
  1. Standard members get $0.005 per click from their every referral when they click Orange Ads and there are minimum 4 ads to click daily.
  2. Golden members earn $0.01 per click from their referrals that is double the earnings of the standard members with the same number of referrals.
neobux standard vs golden membership
One can upgrade to Golden membership only after 15 days, and it costs $90 for 1 year. One can also win this membership by participating in their Ad prizes or by collecting points.
But in this strategy, I am trying to reach our targets being a standard member.
So, let’s calculate how much we can earn from a single referral in a month.
For renting a referral, we are paying $0.20 for a month, and if that referral stays active for the whole month then we can earn $0.005×4=$0.02 in a day and $0.02×30=$0.60 in a month from 1 referral, i.e., 3X (300%) the amount we spent in renting. And if we are a golden member then $1.20 (600%).
… BUT, this does not work like that always… You’re not going to get all of your referrals such active. So here the game begins by understanding the Average clicks a referral makes in a day. You will be provided all this data and statistics by Neobux itself.
If the referral clicks daily 4 Ads then his average will be 4, if he clicks only 2 ads a day or 4 ads in a day and missed 1 day then again the average will be 2.
Now to earn profits from our rented referrals we need to check the click activities of our referrals, who are active, what are their click averages, etc….
Whenever we find the referrals who are inactive, or their average is below the expected rate then we recycle them and bring new referrals.
neobux referrals average clicks
Being a standard member if the average click of referrals is 1.33 then you are in no profit/no loss position. If the average is above 1.33 it means they are earning your profits.
If you are a golden member then this 0.66 only, means if the average click is 1.33 only then still you’re making a huge amount.
But keep in mind that are costs as well like renewal costs, recycle cost, golden membership cost, etc..
Now The Main Strategy Starts;
To make more profits we need to lower BEP (no profit/no loss average click), and that can be achieved by following some strategies;
To lower the BEP and increase your profits follow these TIPS;
  1. After 1 month always extend your referrals from 150 or 240 days so that you will get a 30% discount on renewals. That means that 30% is your profit.
  2. If your pocket allows you upgrade to golden membership.
  3. Golden Tip: Rent less and Extend for more time.
For example, a standard member may start earning $6 per day by renting 300 referrals only if all the referrals stay active.
No Of Rented Refs
Per Month Earning
But I know there are very less chances that all the referrals will stay active. So if you take half of that then you’ll be making $3 per day… but again if you upgrade to Golden then with the same data your earnings will be doubled, i.e., $3×2=$6/day.
With that earning, you can easily manage your costs of renewals & recycling. If you’re from India then you sohuld watch this tutorial on Neobux in Hindi.

Are Neobux Referrals Bots or Real?

Sometimes, people think how Neobux gives that many referrals to their users, whether they use bots or they are real?
So, the answer is Neobux referrals are not bots they are real. Neobux is the site with Alexa rank of 600 and it receives millions of unique hits a day. Secondly, they buy referrals form users like you & me.
Do you know? Even you can sell your direct referrals to Neobux and they will but it from your giving you a good amount and further, they rent them to others and make profits.
Thirdly, all the people who sign up directly to Neobux is being rented to other people. There is always a waiting period of up to 15 days to rent again with limits.
Fourth, people with higher upgrades need to stay in queue to have more referrals when there is a shortage of referrals.
Also, read a detailed Neobux review to know more about Neobux.

Is Neobux Scam?

I didn’t want to cover this point here but just to make sure it’s not a scam. I’ve read on many forums where people were claiming they worked Neobux for 5 years and earned $5 only 5 years… Lolz… I don’t know from which planet they’ve come on the Earth…
I had earned my $11 in 1 week and cashed out. Even their withdrawal is almost instant when you reach $2 only.
There are some people who intentionally criticize Neobux and recommend to join some new or other sites by being their referral.
So don’t worry it’s not a scam and paying for the last 12 years.
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$0 Neobux Strategy To Earn Money? 

A standard member can easily star up their earnings from $0 to $6 per day in just a few days, the only thing that you have to do is to spend a little of your times on Neobux on regular basis and to work finely on some strategies; that’s it.

  1. You are going to get a minimum of $0.001 per click here. The amount is surely too low to count on, but if you are willing to raise this number to a greater extent just read on the strategy given below to make your experience a greater one. If you are a beginner and you really don’t have any experience of working with PTC sites, this guide will surely be going to great help for you.
  2. So just keep on patience and follow up on the right strategy. While starting up with the Neobux earnings, just signup with Neobux and register your account at Neobux. On making the registration on Neobux, you will become the standard member of it. Registration for a standard membership is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay direct or hidden charges for it.
  3. A standard member on Neobux is being provided with about 24 ads to click on each day, nothing more or less than that. As we have mentioned above that being a standard member you are going to get about $0.001 for each Ad.
  4. You can complete other tasks and earn $0.60 in 2 or days and start renting referrals.
  5. The choice for referrals is going to be absolutely yours. Users can easily opt for either direct referrals or rental referrals as per their preferences.
  6. Keep earning and investing in renting referrals and if you continue work within 4-5 months you will have 300 referrals without investing even a single penny.
  7. If you are going to choose upon the direct referrals, make sure that you have completed your age about 15 days on Neobux and are also having a minimum of 100 ads clicked to date.
  8. Moreover, the amount of commission for the standard member through direct referrals is also quite low. The users who eagerly are willing to raise the number of direct referrals instantly, they have to upgrade their account to Golden membership.
  9. Rented Referrals are the paid option being provided by the Neobux itself. As it is a paid service, you have to pay out for each and every rental referral on a monthly basis.
  10. One of the best things about rental referrals is that you can avail of the number of rented referrals as much as you can without facing any lower limit barriers over there. Moreover, the commission on the rented referrals for the Golden membership is also quite higher than the direct ones.

What are the Prerequisites to Start with Neobux?

If you are willing to get some genuine sources to get started with some online earnings, Neobux is surely the one that you can trust in. it is one of the leading PTC sites that makes it easy to make money from your home without making any investments or having professional skills.

One can easily start with the same very conveniently without facing, any age limit or gender restrictions. The only things that you need here to get started with it are:

  1. Laptop or PC with working internet connection without having any VPN services installed to it
  2. Working Gmail account
  3. Payza, Skrill, Neteller, Airtm (If you don’t have you can create in minutes).
If you fill these requisites then CLICK HERE and register your account and start making money.

Earning money on a wonderful platform like Neobux is absolutely easy and fun. It is one of the finest platforms that offer multiple channels for users to start earning. Users are free to raise the potential of their earnings as much as they want. One of the best things about this wonderful tool is that it is absolutely free to use.Note: If you don’t have laptop then you can start working with ySense. Here is the detailed ySense review.Users are free to join it for free and can start working from home without requiring any specific skills for that. One thing that we need to admire here is that you can work anywhere anytime you want. The tool will provide you with various paid tasks after a certain interval of time.

Once you have made successful signup to the Neobux, you will be rewarded with standard free membership. Yet the starting wages are quite low, but one can easily extend it to a huge number as per their potential just within a few months.

How to work on Neobux?

Working on Neobux is just fun. Users just have to complete a single ad at a time. Once done successfully, they will automatically lead to a new browser. Just a matter of few seconds of minutes sometimes and once ad running bar ends at your home screen, your Neobux account will be automatically credited with a certain amount automatically.

You really don’t need to have any professional skills for operating the tool perfectly. You just have to keep a keen eye on the timer, and once it meets the endpoint, just close down the ad window and get to the main advertisement page to view the next one, that’s it.

Just make sure to repeat the process with all the advertisements you are facing on Neobux. The number of ads you will find on your home screen will automatically get raised with time.

The time of the ad usually differs each time. Users will be paid between $0.001 to $0.01 depending upon the time and content of the ad you are watching out at your home screen. The process is quite simple, more will be the time you will spend on watching out the ads, more will be the number of earnings you are going to have.

You can participate in Neobux surveys and mini-jobs to boost your earnings.
neobux surveys

How to start your Earnings from Neobux?

Starting earning with Neobux is not a difficult task to accomplish. The tool offers users multiple channels to start their earnings with. You just have to grab on the right options to add some more amount to your Neobux account. Some of the best options that you can start earning with are:

  1. You can take part in AdPrize program and can win the chance of earning about $50 or free golden membership also.
  2. You can take part in various ongoing mini-jobs and for accessing that you can search upon the Neobux offer section.
  3. You can also earn money by completing online surveys tasks also.
  4. You can also earn coins by completing the offers. The coins you have gained here can be easily converted into real-world money later.
  5. You can also rent referrals to boost up your earnings.
  6. You can click and view short advertisements to start up your earnings.
  7. You can easily earn money at Neobux even by playing some online games also.
  8. Users can also raise the amount of their income by raising the number of referrals also. The referrals being provided here are absolutely free to use and do not include any hidden charges over there.

So Guys! What are you waiting for? Just get register to Neobux now and start your earnings with it directly from the comfort of your home.

Patience is the key asset here, so bear it to raise the amount of income with the passage of time. Just spend a few minutes from your busy schedule on a daily basis and make some beautiful amount each month.

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