New – Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3

A few weeks ago we did an article on a website that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. Today we bring you another great website for converting videos to MP3. is a free online video to MP3 converter. It specifically works with YouTube video’s and is very simple to use. The websites allow you to convert videos to many formats including MP4, 3GP, AAC, MP3, etc. The site also allows you to convert videos into 320kb audio which many other sites don’t support. This guide will show you how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format in only three steps!

1. Visit YouTube and find the URL to the video that you would like to download and convert.

2. Copy the URL of the video you would like to convert and paste the URL into the input box of Select the format you would like to convert the video to and hit the convert button.

3. Wait a few minutes while the video is processed. Once the video is converted simply click on the download button and then you’re done.
Congratulations. You have just converted your first YouTube video to MP3. It’s something that proves to be really useful nowadays. Happy converting!
We have been receiving lots queries from people regarding how they can play .mkv files on their old low memory computers as they don’t support .mkv files. So, finally, I have got a great solution to this problem and it can be done easily by compressing MKV files. Here is the guide to How to Compress MKV Files without Quality Loss.

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