OptimalBux Review 2020- Is OptimalBux Scam or Paying $10/Day Now?

OptimalBux Review

Read the precise OptimalBux Review to make the right decision.

Are you looking for the best and trusted PTC site for earning money? Optimalbux is the right choice for your needs. It is an excellent site developing to help members to advertise while making money. As a new site, it brings you an extraordinary chance to enjoy limitless direct referrals in your standard membership. You can also rent references. If you desire to know more useful details regarding this site, you can read the OptimalBux Review.

The standard member can alone find around twenty to twenty-five ads daily. In this process, the standard members receive 50% of referrals earnings. The referrals earnings for upgraded members are 100%. The daily earrings of a member are calculated as $0.015. If you want to boost your profits, you can make use of Offers4all, PTCwall, Myadswall, Wannads, or Adscendmedia. The OptimalBux Review helps you to have a complete understanding of this site.

What is OptimalBux?

It is the PTC advertising and revenue sharing portal where you can invest money and grow your online business quickly. When it comes to TrafficMonsoon, it is similar to OptimalBux. The major variation between these two sites is admin. Optimalbux is preciously received lots of new members due to its trusted admin.

How to use OptimalBux?

how to earn money in optimalbux
Luckily, OptimalBux is an entirely free service, so you can use it without investing your hard-earned money. Also, the registration for this site is entirely free, which takes only two minutes. The site does not oblige people to register. If you desire to make cash with this site, you can directly go to the official website of OptimalBux.

Features of OptimalBux

Features of OptimalBux

1. Paying facility

This site is paying based on the Terms, within one week of request.

2. Endless affiliate program

Optimalbux does not include any limitation to the number of members you can refer to this site. It brings you a fantastic chance to build an excellent downline. When you manage it properly, you can grab residual income from your comfort place even without any extra efforts.

3. Worldwide Service

There is no limitation. It ensures that people across the globe are permitted to join this site and grab money from it. The members need not purchase a membership to receive the payment.

4. Buxenger Supported tool

It is desktop software available for free. This software helps members to view, organize, and monitor the ads from several PTC site accounts. By using this tool, anyone can see the overall summary and accounts statistics on a single screen. Also, you can view the ads from every account while creating any new accounts on several sites at a time.

How to Earn Money with OptimalBux?

There are many valuable reasons available to use OptimalBux, and few of them are given below.

1. Click Ads

One of the simplest ways of earning money from OptimalBux is by just clicking the ads. In this site, you can find out different kinds of ads. The payout range can differ from 0.0001-0.01$

2. Referral program

In this platform, you can earn from rented or direct referrals.

3. Paid for signing up offers

Every member is getting paid for signing up for the affiliate link or site of another member. It is mandatory to follow the instructors of sponsors. This thing will ensure that you are credited with the respected amount.

4. Offerwalls

You can earn cash by doing a few simple tasks offered by the 3rd party companies.

Other Benefits of OptimalBux

It is pleasing news for members that OptimalBux is associated with several benefits. It includes:

Trusted admin

It is the most significant benefit of using this site. Optimalbux is developed by Dimitrios, who is proven that he is trusted with his previous PTC portals, including GPT Planet and ScarletClicks.

Boasting of a sustainable model

The best part of this website is that it is designed in a reliable way. The admin of this site is designed every aspect sustainably.

More than a money earning website

It is more than a usual Revenue sharing scheme. The model of this PTC website is similar to GPT planet and ScarletClicks. The site admin gets revenue from advertisements as well as rented referrals programs on this site.

Restricted affiliate income adpack

Every member should study an affiliate income carefully for an adpack. It helps you to understand that it is not available for many members. This site does not offer affiliate income for updated, and standard members, including Gold and Silver, upgraded members. If you are diamond and platinum members, you can receive the affiliate income directly from the adpack.

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Is OptimalBux Scam or Real?

Even OptimalBux is an entirely new website, but its sister sites like GPTplanet and Scarletclicks brings additional confidence to use this site. Optimalbux is the platform that everyone should add to the portfolio of PTC sites.

OptimalBux Pros

  1. No membership limitation – Regardless of your country, you can join this website for entirely free
  2. Credibility – the admin of ScarletClicks and GPTplanet supports Optimalbux
  3. Beneficial rented referrals – It is the most excellent PTC site well-known for offering money for the rented referrals.
  4. Forum – This portal has an open and active forum that is an excellent credibility sign for PTC sites

OptimalBux Cons

  1. Geo-targeted offers – It is common for every PTC portal as people who give the benefits are focusing on specific countries.
  2. Slow earner – If you fail to have referrals, it will reduce the speed of your earnings
  3. Self-sponsored ads – Many are sponsored directly by the admin. It will lead to various cash flow issues if this portal fails to produce sufficient sales for paying these ads.
  4. Limit on the direct referrals – It includes some restrictions on the count of members that members can refer to the portal.
  5. Being forced to click on ads – Members need to click on four ads for making money from the referrals. You can also override it through vacation days.


There are lots of excellent changes available for people who are joining Optimalbux so that you can make a good move. With the great launch, this website has already grabbed lots of people. If you currently join this site, you will get enough space to acquire more direct referrals in the upcoming months.

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