PC Gaming: Is Building or Buying a Gaming Rig Better?

PC Gaming

Perhaps one of the most debated topics when it comes to PC gaming is not about what the best games are, but whether it’s better to build or buy your own. For some, knowing how to build a gaming rig is a life skill on its own. The other side would argue that it’s cheaper to buy prebuilt ones since parts can be swapped later.

Finding out the answer to this actually depends on the user and from what angle they’re looking at. With the cryptocurrency mining and craze, some components have had their prices increased exorbitantly. Since then, the pros and cons have varied inconsistently, and the best way to find out which is which is to list them down. Check it out below.

PC Building Pros and Cons

One of the most highlighted pros of building your gaming desktop is the freedom to choose parts that you specifically want. There are websites that can help with building your gaming rig as they make sure that all PC parts are compatible. You can be sure that, before you hit the buy button if you’re ordering online, you won’t do that kind of rookie mistake.

Another advantage of building a custom rig is that you’ll be able to learn from the entire process. When you have a hands-on approach, you’ll understand how the parts work, and if something goes awry, you’ll pretty much have an idea what went wrong. With this, you’ll be able to figure out solutions, and if not, it will be easier to look for the answers online, especially on forums where users have experienced the same issues. The downside is that you’ll have to play tech support of your own since this option isn’t available for builders, as opposed to those who bought their computers prebuilt.

Since the boom of cryptocurrency, the lower cost of building your own PC has been debatable. The idea before the trend was that, since you had the freedom to choose your components, you can concentrate your budget on more higher-end parts and go midrange for the rest. With a custom build, you can address specialized needs especially when you are into AAA games, streaming, and video editing.

Playing tech support for yourself isn’t so bad especially when you’re experienced and you know what you’re doing. However, if you’re just a novice, it can get frustrating really quick. Your carefully curated components may have different manufacturers, and it can be a mess figuring out their specific issues especially if they don’t work well with others. Once the defect has been spotted, it’s easier to replace the faulty parts on your own, though.

It is not to say that building your own PC is cheaper; it’s that you have better control of your budget and where you want to focus most of your money on. It is not a good idea to build a computer if you just want something basic because it is actually cheaper to buy prebuilt systems.

Those who are interested to build their own gaming PC are recommended to do research as much as they can and to look at guides. It is an excellent idea to interact with more experienced builders as they may provide better insight and maybe some advice.

Prebuilt PC Buying Pros and Cons

Cryptocurrency has increased the value of GPU since the high demand for it has made it difficult for everybody else to obtain it. The same thing happened with RAM. Independent builders and hobbyists have mostly been affected by the price hike, which made the buying of prebuilt PCs more appealing to most in that time.

Others have argued that prebuilt PCs are much cheaper because vendors are able to get discounts from bulk buying. This is certainly something you should consider if you think the prices are still too high for your budget. All the money you use in buying the inflated components can be used to buy ones that are already built.

Analysts and experts have advised to hold off building your own gaming PC at the moment. They have predicted that everything will go back to normal as supply keeps up with the shortages.

When you buy prebuilt gaming rigs or laptop, there are potential discounts and sales you can take advantage of. So if you only need a low-range to midrange gaming PC, this could be a pretty good deal for you.

This doesn’t apply to high-end gaming systems though because the more advanced a component is, the more jacked up the price will be regardless if it’s prebuilt or not. Consider getting a gaming laptop instead because it adds portability as another advantage. The disadvantage is that you are limited in your upgrade options later.

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It Really Is Up to You

There is a lot to consider when you’re either building or buying your own gaming rig. Look into the pros and cons, and carefully determine which path gives you more advantage. Either option is viable.

If you are confident with your knowledge and skills when it comes to putting components together, then build your own. If not, there’s no shame in buying a prebuilt system. There’s no cut-and-dried way to getting a new gaming PC, and it all is really up to you.

Do you think buying a prebuilt PC is better than building one? Share your advice below.

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