Pushy Ads Review 2019 – Is it Good Adult Ad Network for Push Notifications Monetization?

Pushy Ads Review

Are you looking for some good sources to monetize your Adult traffic and websites?

If yes, then you are at the right place. We have come with a wonderful solution for all of your queries is Push Notification.

Push Notification is just a message which is directly sent to the user from the apps which are already installed on their devices in a very reliable manner. In addition, the user does not need to open that particular app on their device or to make any request for such notification as well.

In general terms, push notifications are of two types which cater to the needs of the different users also. One is Local notifications which are built already within an app and the other is Remote notifications which are sent out at certain times to specific areas as per according to the users.


An ad network with a clear objective, to provide a clean format to adult publishers is called Pushy Ads (http://pushy-ads.com/). These ads deliver small alerts to the device’s notification bar that focus on helping you to increase the level of your revenue as compared to the current level. It can be considered as a new smart technological solution for the publishers because it guarantees 100% high CPM with quality.


Push notifications are very useful for publishers in the following ways as:

1. First of all, Heavy increase in the number of repeated visits to the site can be possible with the help of the Push Notifications. push notification is a very attractive way to remind the users in respect of any new event.

2. Secondly, These notifications promote instant content such as Urgent news, stock information etcetera.

3. Such notifications are very helpful for adults in increasing the revenue via receiving the higher income on advertising according to the increasing size of the views.

4. Due to the feature of segmentation and standard tools, the volume of such notification sent by the publishers was increased by more than 50% in 2017 as compared to other mobile apps which were only 16%.

5. It is very easy to implement the push notifications because of very simple techniques for installing and configuring the platform as well. it doesn’t make the users wait for a long time.


1. At first, useful updates such as weather reports, flight information & other updated information can be easily delivered to end users in real time.

2. Push notifications act as a mediator between Businesses and the end users which acts as a precursor in enforcing the adults to use the concerned app.

3. For receiving Push notifications, users do not need to have any social media app. Hence, the usage of these notifications is really very simple.

4. Every Push notification has its different reasonable prices which depend upon its features. But its chief target to reach the numerous clients in one time.

5. Push notification can be sent in a few minutes without any kind of delay to all of the enterprise customers. In fact, advertisers can easily control who sees their data.

Following things can be easily observed:

  1. What % of Push notifications have been delivered?
  2. What % of Push notifications have been opened by the user?.
  3. What works best for earning profit & advertising as well?

Note: it should be kept in mind that push notifications are only for adults and 18+ age group content sites.

Push notifications has so many advantages as follows:

1. Easy set up & create more and more customers: It is not much difficult to integrate and send the bulk of push notifications in a few minutes which results in increasing customer engagements especially in respect of adults. Infact you can retain your customer with you for a long period of time.

2. Wide coverage: Web push notifications have wide reach of users because of Internet technology. In these days, these are supported by Chrome, Firefox and UC browsers which is one of the reasons of interaction of adults towards these notifications.

3. Communication mode: Segmenting the users based on the activities they perform helps in making the direct contact with them. It results in boosting the revenue level for online business. Moreover, to get in touch with consumers helps to make them feel safe and secure.

4. Opt-in Notifications: As compared to emails and newsletter subscription, push notifications are permission based. it means your permission for acceptance will be taken first otherwise users are set free to ignore, if they want. because of this feature of such notifications, number of the other spam and irrelevant notifications are getting decreased.

5. Scheduled manner: To maintain the customers update regarding any upcoming sale, an event or new article is the main consequence of sending push notifications in a scheduled manner. By availing this benefit, you can increase your profits.

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Every coin has its two sides. There are some drawbacks of push notifications are as follows:

  1. Most of the users hate pop-up ads with a passion because of a number of the reasons such as irritation, disturbance or others. The push notification work like pop-up ads also.
  2. Push notifications can be worse in the long term because of the existence of the other apps. in a very short time, other apps can easily attract users towards the other brands.
  3. These notifications only work when loyalty is already at a very high level. People agree to such notifications only if they already trust the concerned brand.


No doubt, Push notifications for the web will be an essential part of marketing as well as promotional mix. In near future, it will be considered as a very important tool for spreading your business level and boosting the profits as well.

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