Is It Difficult to Get a SAFe POPM Certification?

What abilities are necessary to add value to a lean organization? The tactical duties of the SAFe Product Owner and SAFe Product Manager (POPM) roles in the Agile Release Train are covered in this course. The POPM training also equips you with the knowledge and methods required to collaborate successfully with distributed teams in remote settings.

Learn how product owners and managers should collaborate to provide the best customer and business results. You will learn how to use the Scaled Agile Framework to take a customer-centric approach to product development and deliver more value quicker through the SAFe POPM training. In this course, you will learn how to pen down epics, features, and stories and design, classify, create, test, and deliver products efficiently and of higher quality. You will also learn about the everyday responsibilities of POs and PMs.

What Is SAFe POPM Certification?

SAFe Product Owners and Product Managers serve as the delivery team’s link to the customer and as the Agile Release Trains customer’s voice. In addition to developing epics, decomposing them into features and stories, and monitoring the backlog, they are also in charge of creating the team and program-level goals and the roadmap. They are also accountable for validating the user stories.

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You will be equipped by this training to plan and implement the program increment in SAFe organizations successfully. This alignment is essential. A variety of processes, mechanisms and technologies for the management and corrective management of programs are covered in the SAFe POPM Certification course. During this two-day classroom program, you will understand the role a Scrum Master performs in a SAFe enterprise and prepare for the SAFe Scrum Master exam. It assists you in becoming an expert who can advance business objectives using Scaled Agile Frameworks and a participant in the product development process (SAFe).

Participants get a thorough grasp of how to play their part in the Agile Release Train (ART) as it administers value with the help of program increments during this two-day workshop.

Participants learn how to manage the program and team backlogs, break epics into features and stories, revise features and stories, and plan and carry out iterations and program increments using Lean thinking. Participants also learn about the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and the DevOps culture that supports ART’s constant improvement.

How Does a Product Manager Work in SAFe?

The delivery of software applications across numerous active teams is coordinated using the Scaled Agile Framework. At every level of the organization, SAFe POPM training provides standards for aligning tactics and execution. The framework utilizes lean and agile principles to help businesses deliver complex solutions that meet customer and organizational objectives in the quickest possible turnaround.

In SAFe, product monitoring is crucial because this team is responsible for developing a product approach, determining what customers want, and concentrating on functionalities. This responsibility ensures that customers are satisfied and that the company generates a profit. Following this interpretation is a typical product manager’s primary responsibility.

However, as you will discover in this tutorial, SAFe sets particular guidelines and practices that product managers should adhere to. Your success in a SAFe environment depends on your ability to comprehend where item administration fits the comprehensive framework, your responsibilities, and who you will work with.

Learner’s Objectives

Following completion of the Scaled Agile Framework Lean-Agile delivery course, trainers are more aware and surer in the following five critical areas:

  • Explain the responsibilities of the product manager and owner.
  • Link the PO/PM positions to the values and principles of SAFe Lean-Agile.
  • Break down epics into features and stories from features.
  • Manage the backlogs for your team’s programs and projects.
  • Work in conjunction with Agile teams to estimate and predict tasks.
  • Work with Agile teams on estimating and forecasting.
  • Examine ongoing initiatives to boost the value of planning.
  • Run the program and consistently deliver value.
  • Determine the functions of the producer and management.
  • Create a strategy for the role’s actions.
  • Dissect the characteristics of the epics, then the stories’ traits.
  • Organize the program’s backlogs and backlogs.
  • Up your program planning game to the needs of the customer.
  • The client needs identification.
  • High-Performance Teams Lead Teams.
  • Write epics, feats, personality traits, and tales.
  • Team and product backlogs should be prioritized.
  • The business’s most incredible scale value.
  • In program increment planning, represent customer needs; carry out the program increment and provide lasting value.

SAFe POPM’s Core Values

The following are the main pillars of the SAFe POPM:

  • Alignment

Alignment is the first key value in POPM training. When businesses want to scale agile, the first step is to unify all the teams to work on a single, repetitive goal. For geographically scattered teams, better alignment and coordination are crucial because poor alignment can make it more difficult for a company to adapt to change. By clearly defining team roles and coordinating tasks, SAFe POPM certification enables alignment seamlessly, allowing enterprises to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Built-in Excellence

SAFe POPM encourages a high standard, making sure it is prioritized rather than being treated as an afterthought. These quality criteria must be incorporated into the development life cycle, especially in a large-scale system where untested batches accumulate quickly. Under the five headings of flow, design, architecture, code quality, system, and end product, SAFe POPM ensures the inherent quality.

  • Transparency

The confidence in teams and initiatives to foster an open workplace culture are two other crucial components of any organization’s operational success. By guaranteeing total visibility into teamwork and outstanding tasks and establishing clear goals, SAFe POPM certification promotes transparency. It allows for the effective detection and correction of any work-related obstacles.

  • Programmer Action

The primary goal of SAFe POPM is to strategically create and deliver a compelling final product that provides significant business value. SAFe POPM certification strongly emphasizes offering dependable and durable systems that regularly produce financial results.

How Difficult Is the SAFe POPM Certification Exam?

The SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager certification exam is undoubtedly complex and necessitates a solid understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework’s underlying principles. Attending the SAFe POPM training session provides the means for gaining this knowledge.

A SAFe POPM training certification can undoubtedly improve your employment prospects if you are a product owner for such a firm. There are two types of recruiting managers for a product manager outside of that particular function.

  • Who are familiar with SAFe and will respect your certification.
  • Who understands what SAFe is and won’t consider your application because they want someone who can work in a flexible and agile setting.

Any Agile certification is acceptable if you seek a PO position in accreditation. According to the survey, Agile is applied differently in each organization. Instead of depending on a certain implementation, you will need to grasp the company-specific procedure. However, certification will provide you with some expertise if your profession is starting.

Knowing how agile functions is helpful if searching for a PM position. Still, since you often don’t oversee the development team, certification is less valuable unless you have a dual SAFe PM/PO role.

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A comprehensive strategy for implementing and expanding Agile at a high level is provided by SAFe POPM certification. And part of that entails thorough preparation carried out under the proper supervision of a teacher knowledgeable about the principles, practices, and functions of SAFe.

It is crucial to first thoroughly understand the fundamentals of becoming Agile and work ethics by participating in the training. You should practice on many test model papers and thoroughly review both fundamental and sophisticated concepts. In this manner, you’ll be able to assess yourself and develop a strategy that works best for you.


  1. What are the requirements for the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) course?

Anyone interested in learning more about the SAFe framework and developing their skills to use it is welcome to enroll in this course, which has no prerequisites.

  1. How does SAFe POPM online training differ from traditional in-person training?

Scaled Agile, Inc. will provide the standard in-person SAFe POPM training over two days. In contrast to the in-person class, which consists of two types with sessions lasting between 7 and 8 hours each, the online course is divided into multiple categories of lesser duration.

  1. What practical skills can I expect to acquire after completing the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) course?
  • Leadership
  • Conflict resolution
  • Facilitation
  • PI execution and planning
  • Assisting with agile teams
  • Increasing team effectiveness
  • Directing groups for improved delivery scaled-up company value at its highest level
  • Recognizing client needs

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