Serpstat Discount: 30% OFF Serpstat Coupon & Promo Code

Serpstat discount coupon 2019
I have already reviewed Serpstat in my last blog post and also mentioned how Serpstat is better than other SEO tools. In this post, I am writing about Serpstat Discount. If you were also looking for SERPstat Discount, Serpstat promo code, Serpstat discount codes or coupons then you are at the right place. You will get all this and a Good discount on your SERPstat premium subscription plans.

Serpstat Discount (Codes & Coupons)

If you are reading this blog then you might already be aware of SERPstat tool. But still, I would like to describe Serpstat in few lines, especially for those readers who do not have the exact idea of what SERPstat is and for what it is used.

Serpstat is a tool for Webmasters, bloggers, digital marketers, SEOrs, and web developers which helps them in Keyword research, Backlinks analysis, Competitor research, PPC research, Keyword position tracking, finding keyword difficulty and many other tasks related to search engine optimization.

If you use SERPstat then you will not need any more tools. Like I am using SERPstat and now I don’t use SEMRush and Ahrefs because this single tool provides all that we need.

Serpstat discount coupon 30%

As a reader of this blog, you can get a 30% special OFF on the 1-Year Subscription plans. Follow these steps to avail Serstat discount.

Steps to Avail Serpstat Coupon Promo code

Note: The discount coupon will work only through special link registration.

1. Click here and create your account. (special link)

2. After completing your registration.

3. Now TURN ON the yearly Subscription.

Serpstat yearly subscriptions

4. Click on the “Subscribe” button for any of the annual/yearly subscriptions as shown in the image. It will ask you to add your discount code. Copy and paste this coupon code there and then click on APPLY.


Discount Coupon: tips2secure30
Serpstat discount coupon

5. You have done and got 30% Special OFF on your subscription. You have got in $579 only instead of $828.

Note: This Coupon works for 1 Year Subscription to any Plan (but only through the special link and coupon added above). This is the highest discount being offered by SERPSTAT officially and you are lucky enough as you have landed here at the right place. The special discount will expire soon.

You also get a FLAT 30% Discount.

Serpstat Discount (Promo Code)

Here are the Special link and Coupon that will allow you 30% special OFF on any 1 Year subscription of Serpstat. You can also follow the same guide written above.
Click here [Special Link]

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Serpstat Free Trial

If you are very new and have not used it before now then you may try the Serpstat trial. The Free trial comes with the Free version and has limited access to the features. But this will help you in deciding whether you should buy a Serpstat premium account or not. But I am sure you will definitely be using this tool.
You will not be asked to Enter your Credit card details if you are using our special link.
Click Here [Trial Link]


If you face any problem or difficulty in availing of these discount and promo codes then you can ask me your issues and queries using the comment box given below this post. I will reply and solve your issues within 24 hours.

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