Why You Should Get a Smart Lock Alongside Your Video Doorbell

Smart Lock
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A video doorbell is an excellent thing. It allows you to know who’s at your door at all times, even if you aren’t physically there all the time. But, unfortunately, that’s where it ends. Even if you know your delivery driver is outside your door, you can’t let them in because you aren’t there. Even if you know your kid just got home from school but they’ve forgotten the key, you can’t let them in because you aren’t there.

Enter the smart lock, an often overlooked aspect of home security systems worldwide. It’s a device that only recently gained a bit in terms of popularity, but should be an essential part of your home security. They’re at the stage where they aren’t too cheap, but they’re affordable for any homeowner who cares about keeping their home safe. If you’re interested in one, read on to see what they are and why they’re the perfect companion to a video doorbell.

What Is a Smart Lock?

The conventional lock has been improved and perfected for nearly two centuries. But, thanks to technology, a smart lock adds convenience, utility, and security. It’s basically a lock that’s Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, enabled, and allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door by sending a secure signal from your mobile device or computer. With the ability to customize who can get inside your home, and when, they add a whole new dimension to the home security experience.

A smart lock, contrary to popular belief, is a lot more than just a smart home device. The key is to get one that has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you want to make the most of it. Wi-Fi will allow you to view real-time entry and exit logs, so you know who and when came to your home. It’s a great way of knowing when your kids got home from school. Bluetooth, on the other hand, will allow your smart lock to unlock automatically when your phone is nearby.

Now, not all smart locks work only with smartphones. Many of them will allow you to set up another, more conventional method of entry, such as a PIN code, a password, or even biometrics for some of the more higher-end models. You also get the possibility to give, for example, your friend a temporary code that will only unlock the door for a specified amount of time. It’s going to keep a log of what happened, so you know exactly who came in and when.

By all means, the main advantage is the complete control you have over your front door, whether it’s at home or when you’re halfway across the world but have a connected smart lock. It’s going to enable you to allow people inside your home that you trust, without being physically there, and so much more.

Why Is It a Perfect Companion for a Video Doorbell?

In order to understand this, you should first know what a video doorbell does. Basically, a video doorbell will ring like a conventional doorbell, but also send an alert to your phone that someone is at the door, and let you communicate with them through two-way audio. It’s another great device you should definitely invest in. But as we said, that’s where their functionality ends.

A smart lock can extend this functionality. For example, if you’ve got a delivery but aren’t at home, you can use your video doorbell to instruct the delivery person to leave the package inside. Unlock the door for them, and lock it as soon as they leave. Simple as that. You can give your family different PIN codes and have an overview of who came home when. This also negates the need of having a spare key hidden somewhere outside. If you’ve thought of a clever place to hide it, chances are a thief will think of it too, and they’ll find it sooner rather than later. And you’ll be in trouble. With a lock that doesn’t require you to have a key, there’s no key to hide outside, so you’re safe.

Smart Lock doorbell
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To add to this, sometimes we just forget to lock our front door. This is a bigger problem than you might think. However, with a video doorbell that’s got motion detection, you’ll get an alert that someone is snooping around your front door. Have a smart lock? Now you can check whether or not your door is locked.

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When it comes to home security, devices like this will certainly give us quite a lot of peace of mind. We get greater control over our home and who has access to it, and the best thing of all, we don’t even have to be home for this!

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