Teachable vs Udemy – A Detailed Comparison [UPDATED]

Teachable vs Udemy

Before going to choose Teachable vs Udemy, people are always getting confused about choosing the right and best one. Here, we are going to have a discussion about the features, pricing, and other features. Hope they are helpful to go ahead with that at any time.

Before discussing each point in details, let’s have look at the comparison table of both the platforms.

Teachable vs Udemy (Comparison Table)

Side by Side Comparison table

Best Price Competitiveness
Udemy is less Expensive than teachable
Teachable is quite expensive as compared to Udemy.
Best Free Use Support
Udemy does support free to use
Teachable may not support free to use
Best Course Auditing Policies
Udemy does allow course audits
 Teachable may not allow course audits
Best Free Trial Availability
Udemy may not offer free trials
Teachable does offer free trials
Best Free Use Support 
Udemy does support free to use.
Teachable may not support free to use
Best Website Security & Privacy Policies 
Udemy does offer website security & privacy. 
Teachable does offer website security & privacy
Best Pricing Information
Udemy may not offer price transparency
Teachable does offer price transparency
Best Course Auditing Policies
allow course audits
may not allow course audits
Best Free Return Policies 
 Udemy does offer free returns & exchanges
 Teachable does not offer free returns & exchanges
Best Official Coupons Support 
Udemy does offer official coupons page
Teachable may not offer official coupons page 
Best Cyber Monday Page
Offered by Udemy
Teachable does not offer
Best Teacher Discount Policies
Available at Udemy
Not available at Teachable
Best Affiliate Programs
Not available
Best Loyalty Programs
Not Provided
Best International Shipping Policies
 does offer 
 does not offer 
Best Sales and Promotions
Not available

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a platform that helps the individuals in creating and selling the online courses to the students and audience. Students and audience can virtually choose the courses according to their requirement.
At teachable, it is believed that every person has some experience and expertise skills that can play an important role in teaching others. Through teachable an individual can easily create an aesthetically pleasing course website through which he can share the knowledge and details with others.
Visit Official Website: https://teachable.com/

The best part about teachable is that the individual only needs to focus on creating on the course. While the other factors including the back and work and other coding and designing can easily get handled by them.

Through teachable, the user finally gets a course optimized website. The website needs very little configurations and also the user can easily personalize it according to the demand and the requirements. Even with the help of the Power Editor, the user can easily personalize the website.
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Features of Teachable (Teachable vs Udemy)

By using teachable, students can easily sign up for the school and can go through the curriculum and class previews. Letter on students and audience can also purchase your course easily. Along with that, there is also another feature of teachable that provides the users to mention their comments or send emails regarding their queries.

There is a discussion forum also available through which students and other audience can communicate with the user and other people who are involved in the community as per their requirements.
Teachable, will also provide the feature of moderating the comments before presenting it in public. Apart from this, there are several other amazing features of teachable that include:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. reward program
  3. Coupons and promotions
  4. Encouragement for higher enrollment
  5. For own branding, customizations are also available.
  6. Domain name support
  7. Free domain
  8. Drag-and-drop builder
  9. For sending mail to the targeted audience, Email list segmentation feature also available
  10. First touch and last touch attribution
  11. The determination regarding student conversion
  12. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive can get used to importing the contacts
  13. For reaching international students, the feature of Language modification also available
  14. Learning management
  15. Marketing tools and integrations
  16. Multiple instructor support
  17. Payment gateways
  18. Different Pricing options available like subscriptions, payment plans, and bundled courses
  19. Full refunds or partial refunds
  20. Responsiveness for all devices including the desktops, smartphones, and tablets
  21. Integration of Zapier,
  22. Connection with various support tools like Zendesk

Through teachable, the user will get the chance to create and sell the courses in the form of every type of media like audio, PDF, text, presentation, image or videos. In order to check the progress and performance of the students, the users can also create quiz and tests and exams.

Additionally, the same quizzes and other factors can be used to reinforce the lessons and information summarising. Teachable also provides the benefit of designing the home page, lectures, and sales page according to the requirement of the users. After completion of the course, the users or the instructors can also revert their students by providing them unique and customize the certificates for each course.

In order to collect feedback regarding the course, you can also use Google opt-in forms or surveys. Through such matters, you can easily get to know about the experience and thoughts of the students through which you can easily improve your working and course.

Additionally, there are some built-in reporting tools available by using which you can take a snapshot of the insights and detailed data of the students. Through this, you can also easily avail information regarding your revenue. 

Teachable Support

On the homepage of teacher well, there is a popup that provides an offer regarding free download of the course creation book. The course creation books help the individuals in creating the interviews, slides and video content for generating or building up their courses.

Additionally, there is a separate library having all the essential details regarding the creation of the courses. In order to keep the Student data and course is safe the teachable platform also provides the website backup facility.

The teachable team always monitors every activity happening on the platform and in case any sort of problem occurs at salts it right away. In teachable, the individuals also get automatic and immediate updates. The user does not need to update manually.

Teachable Pricing

There are four main plans provided by teachable including the free plan, basic plan, professional plan, and the business plan. Every plan supports numerous courses, students, hosting and videos. If you want to attract more and more customers for students to your course then there is no need to worry about the plan you are choosing. You can easily tool the plan according to your budget and requirements.

  1. Free plan: $ 0 month
  2. Basic plan: $ 39 per month
  3. Professional plan: $ 99 per month
  4. Premier: $499 per month
But if you go for yearly plans then you will get some discount, and you will be charged as follows;
Teachable Pricing

What is Udemy?

What is Udemy

Udemy is a platform that allows the users to create the courses and share their skill with others including the students. Additionally, users can also prefer Udemy for exploring their hobbies with others. Through this software, one cannot only share the information with others but can also allow feedbacks to perform better.
Visit Official Webpage: https://www.udemy.com/
There are many people who used to create udemy courses with the motive to give their career for advancement. The user can easily plan out the course with the help of Microsoft Office tools and Google Docs. With the help of udemy, the user can also get to know about the procedure through which we can create his own courses and share it with others.

Features of Udemy (Teachable vs Udemy)

With the help of the Udemy, the individuals can easily motivate the audience and students to have interaction with the course is by adding assignments, quizzes and exercises and tests to the curriculum.

Along with this, there is an amazing feature of udemy that provides the messaging facility through which the individual can easily convey messages regarding the course announcements and can also hold the question and answer in sessions.

Being the instructor, you can also chat with the students and solve their problems by answering their questions and providing them with information regarding the course material.

There are several other features of udemy that includes:

  1. Goals of the courses
  2. Targeting the students
  3. Messaging the students directly
  4. Promotional Emails
  5. Course announcement and other important details can be sent through emails
  6. Question and answer dashboard
  7. Fast response
  8. Easy payment criteria by using Pioneer and PayPal

Udemy Support

If you want to have some expert assistance while creating your course then you can easily to the udemy community. There are several Facebook groups and other social groups that will help you in creating connections with the instructors. Such instructors will help you in designing your course with more perfection and expertise.

The best part about the udemy support team is that it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In order to talk with the support team, you need to generate a ticket. 

Udemy Pricing

The best part about the udemy course is that you do not need to pay any fees for creating or hosting your course. Additionally, there are no such limits that how many courses and individual can host at a time. However, there is a revenue share program.

  1. Free plan: $ 0 month
  2. Team Plan: Differs according to the course and requirement
  3. Enterprise Plan: Differs according to the course and requirement

After comparing both Teachable vs Udemy, It is concluded that Udemy is better than Teachable and other such platforms. We are not stating that Teachable is not a great platform but if a user is willing to have some advancements then he/she must go for Teachable platform.

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