Thinkific VS Teachable (UPDATED) – Which one is Better? (Detailed Comparison)

Thinkific VS Teachable

In this post, we’re going to compare two online business platforms Thinkific vs Teachable. Here you’ll learn which platform is good for you according to your business needs and requirements. Let’s start with Thinkific;

What is Thinkific?

What is Thinkific

Thinkific is a cloud-based online course platform that is used to create and deliver stunning and quick courses. It helps the customers to meet their goals such as educating their customers, selling courses, earning good revenue, grow their brands and engaging with the audience. Thinkific makes all these tasks easy to perform.

Official Website of Thinkific:

This platform is used by thousands of instructors and creators along with several multinational companies. It allows easy creation of courses and marketing them. It supports the companies with many advanced features, integration options, and customizations along with good support customer services.

What is Teachable?

What is Teachable

Teachable ( allows the user to control their brands, students’ data, pricing, messaging and create their course website all from one place. It allows the students to sign up easily to their school, purchase any course and view curriculums and previews. They can get a full functioning school with learning management, sales and marketing tools, and payment gateways.

Users can create any course for free in minutes with the help of Teachable.

Thinkific Vs Teachable Comparison Table

It does not allow the user to make surveys or polls
It allows the user to make surveys or polls
Design customizations
Customers can use HTML or CSS to customize their designs
It provides its own Thinkific editor to the customer to make
design customizations
Course ratings
Students can rate the courses available on Teachable
Customers can not get course rating with the help of this
It provides a blog facility to its customers.
It does not offer any blog facility to its users.
Transaction fees
It charges 5 % transaction fees for basic plans
It charges no transaction fees for all plans
Live customer support
It offers the customer with a live customer support facility
It does not offer any live customer support to its users

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Thinkific Features

Thinkific Features

Features of any online courses platform can be broken down into numerous categories. Hence, there are few categories which describe the features of Thinkific. These are:

1. Course creation experience

  1. Thinkific is more focused on businesses or instructors that want to create their own online course.
  2. It allows the customers to create their own account on Thinkific, then creates a new course and then adds new chapters to each course.
  3. It can also add different types of content to the course or chapters such as quizzes, exams, videos, audios, images in a very simple and intuitive flow.

2. Student experience

  1. It focuses more on students experience as it made with the view that the success of student results into the success of the course creator.
  2. It offers unique and attractive tools such as well structured course curriculum, discussion threads, and course certificates. It also offers a knowledge base built specifically with keeping in mind the success of the student.

3. Sales and marketing tools

  1. It provides functionality that users might need to get up and run their courses. It helps the users to bring their business to the next level.
  2. It offers them the integration with the best marketing services in the world. These services include Mixpanel, ConvertKit, Zapier, MailChimp, and google analytics.

4. Customer support

  1. Thinkific allows the institutionalization of customer support. At Thinkific, every single employee takes regular turns which help them to provide supportive shift. 
  2. It allows answering 98 % emails within one day and more than 50 % emails within an hour. 

5. Customization and advanced features

  1. It offers a number of customization and advanced features such as custom domains to support the businesses in their growth.
  2. Advanced features of the Thinkific include API access, easy security of the site, tons of integration with software services of leading industries.
  3. It enables the quick growth of the businesses and allows them to integrate or build their own customized solutions.

Teachable Features

Teachable Features

While it is very easy to use Teachable, it is one of the best online courses platforms. It has numerous features and offers about everything that is required by most creators to create and sell an online course. These features are:

1. Builds a beautiful course website quickly

  1. This platform provides a subdomain to every school for free. It allows them to create their customized domain if they wish to.
  2. They can create their homepage, page for selling their courses and some other pages on their site with the help of drag and drop editor available on the teachable. 
  3. It does not require any technical skills to create a personalized website.
  4. It also contains a power editor option that can help the users to make advanced customization on their sites.

2. Create and deliver an engaging course

  1. The user can add videos, pdf files, images, quizzes, HTML, audios and many more to their course lectures very easily.
  2. The users can do unlimited hosting for their course content including videos with the help of Teachable. This feature is available for users on all the plans.
  3. Teachable’s native comment feature can help the students to interact with the instructor and fellow students also.
  4. The users can easily issue certificates and create them for their students.
  5. It allows the user to release all the content for the students at once. They can also drip the content over a number of days if they want.

3. Market and sell courses

  1. It allows the customer to charge the one-time fees very easily along with any other subscription fee or a payment plan for the courses. It also allows the customers to accept payments from students through Stripe or PayPal.
  2. It also allows for creating discount coupons for the courses so that the courses can be sold easily in the market.
  3. MailChimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Mixpanel and other marketing tools can also be integrated with Teachable with the help of Zapier software.
  4. It becomes very easy for the users to create an affiliate program for the courses with the help of Teachable.
  5. The users can add instructors, create and manage courses, share revenues very easily. It also allows them to create a marketplace as well.

Thinkific VS Teachable: Pricing

Let’s discuss the pricing strategy of both the tools.

Thinkific pricing strategy

Thinkific pricing strategy includes no transaction fees and unlimited students to every user. It contains some plans which can be purchased by the businesses to enjoy its advanced features.

  1. Free plan: $ 0 month
  2. Basic plan: $ 49 per month
  3. Professional plan: $ 99 per month
  4. Premier plan: $ 499 per month

It provides instant access to their funds, student notifications, full e-commerce, discussion forums, easily built in SSL certificates and email and phone support at this pricing strategy.

Teachable pricing strategy

Teachable offers their user three paid plan along with a free plan. These are as follows:

  1. Free plan: $ 0 month
  2. Basic plan: $ 39 per month
  3. Professional plan: $ 99 per month
  4. High volume: $ 299 per month

All the pricing plans provided by Teachable including the free plan offers the user unlimited video hosting, courses, students and bandwidth in addition to some essential features like quizzes and discussion forums. Every plan includes unlimited videos, courses, students, hosting, integrated payment processing, student management, discussion forums, basic quizzes and no fees on free courses. Teachable also charge 5% transaction fees on the basic plan but for professional plan, you need not pay.

Thinkific VS Teachable: Other Differences

1. Payment gateways

Out of the two platforms, only Teachable provides its own internal payment gateway. Users can link their PayPal or Stripe account to Teachable but this is possible only if they go for the professional or higher plan. It helps the user to get the payment with the help of easy and minimal setup.

But this feature is not offered by Thinkific as it does not offer any payment gateway but allows the user to link their Paypal or stripe account even on the free account.

2. Transaction fees

Teachable has higher transaction fees as compared to Thinkific. Both the platforms charge 10 % transaction fee but Teachable collects an extra $ 1 per transaction.

For instance, if there is a course that sells for $ 97 then Thinkific would collect $ 9.70 as transaction charges but Teachable would collect $ 10.70 in total.

3. Higher savings on annual plans

Thinkific offers better savings plan in comparison to Teachable. It is offered after users sign up with any of the annual plans. When users sign up for Thinkific paid plans they will get a 20 % discount over paying monthly. While Teachable only provides 14 % to 16 % discount when signing up for any of their paid plans.

4. Instant payouts

Thinkific offers instant payout on all the sales that are made by the users. They do not have to wait to get their money. This is possible as Thinkific allows its users to link PayPal or stripe with Thinkific even on their free plans while Teachable does not let any customer link their stripe or PayPal account till they go for any professional plan at $ 99.

5. Presentation tools

There is an advanced feature that is being offered by Thinkific. It includes a valuable presentation tool that allows the users to do voice over for their slides. This allows the user to create excellent PowerPoint or keynote presentation even at low budget with the help of this tool. This tool is not present at Teachable platform.

6. Trial offers This option is only available at the Thinkific platform. This is a very helpful feature for the users as to when they first start with any platform; it is not possible or easy for them to buy any course when it has not built up any brad yet. When the platform offers this trial option with one or two lessons for free, it makes it easy to try out the course and check whether the course is fit as per their requirement or not.

This offer is provided by Thinkific even at their free plan while it is not offered by Teachable at any plan whether free or paid.

7. Group sales
Group sales option is available only with the Thinkific platform. Those users who have any course company or organization they can sell it at group rate package with the help of Thinkific. But the number of people that can be allowed on the course depends on the package that the users have while this option is not available at Teachable platform.

  1. Free plan – groups of 5
  2. Essential plan – groups of 25
  3. Business plan – groups of 500
  4. Advanced plans – groups of 2500

8. Apps

Teachable provides its users with a mobile app and all those customers who purchase the courses provided by reachable lie this feature very much. But this offer is not provided by Thinkific. They do not have any mobile app and creates issues for those users who use mobile devices instead of PC. The mobile app provides many benefits to the users as they can use the platform anytime anywhere even at lunch break or relaxing at night. The mobile app provides them with an additional feature to use the platform in their spare time as it is not possible sometimes to sit in front of their computers.

9. Training

It is not possible to start an online course business on their own by the users sometimes. They must require some help and this is done by both the platforms in different ways. Teachable does not provide any kind of education related to this until the users sign up for their professional plans. After signing up for their professional plans they get access to Profitable teacher. It is a type of course made by Teachable to teach their users about the creation of their own courses. Thinkific provides a resource center which can be accessed by anyone from free plans to paid plans but they do not provide all in one solution.

10. Monthly fees

Teachablestarting pack starts up from $39 per month while the Thinkific basic plan starts from $ 49 per month. The reachable business plan runs at $99 per month while a professional plan of Thinkific runs also runs at the same price. Teachable high volume plan runs at $ 299 per month while Thinkific offers its advanced plan at $ 499 per month.

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