Top 10 Best PTC (Paid to Click) Sites

I have listed best PTC sites list in this post. PTC websites are Paid to Click websites which pay their users for clicking and viewing the Ads for few seconds to few minutes. You will find Top 10 PTC sites which are legitimate and paying in this post.

Making money online is the craze nowadays. Even teenagers also think of some different ways to earn money in their free time so they don’t need to depend on their pocket money. You will find many different ways according to your talent and interest but if you just want to get handsome amount of money without any specific extraordinary talent, then PTC is the best option. You will only require an internet connection and basic knowledge of how to use the internet and that’s all.

There are so many advantages to work on PTC sites, but the problem comes when the site is a scam. So, how to be sure whether they will pay you for your work or they will steal your hard work? A reference always works when there are no tricks to identify the scam behind any site. You can refer to the person who has worked with such sites and ask them about their policies and payouts.

Yeah, you can’t get rich overnight but everything works in the proportion of your hard work. You can earn $5 to $100 each day.

So, here we go with the list of tested PTC sites which also pay highest for the task….

Best PTC Sites List
  1. Neobux
  2. ySense
  3. Gptplanet
  4. Clixten
  5. Scarlet Clicks
  6. Buxvertise
  7. Ojooo
  8. EasyHits4u
  9. Twickerz
  10. Paidverts

1. Neobux

top ptc site Neobux

Neobux comes at #1 in our list of top 10 ptc sites. They are paying their customers since April 2008. They are paying $0.002 per click. The amount per clicks is quite low but still, you can earn handsome amount via referring to more people. The minimum payout limit is $2. You can withdraw your payment instantly via Paypal or Payza.

Neobux is my favorite because here you can RENT referral and start making good money from the first week. I cashed out my first $10 after 7 days by just renting 100 referrals.

After 1 month I started making $6/Day without any direct referral but with only rented referrals. Now I’ve some direct referrals as well and making $13+ a day. Create your account here.

2. ySense

best PTC site - Clixsense

I have listed clixsense is at #2 in our list of Top 10 best PTC sites. In the world of Internet, you will find thousands of sites having referral programs, but how many sites are genuine from them? Clixsense is the most trusted PTC site in the world. This community is started since February 2007. There is no joining fee. They also have some other money making programs like visiting websites, paid surveys, micro tasks, contests and many more. It works globally and good for India PTC sites as well because the paid tasks offered by clixsense work fine for Indians also.

3. Gptplanet

Gptplanet PTC website

We have listed GptPlanet at position 3 in the list of our best PTC sites. GPTPlanet is also in the queue of the most trusted PTC sites. They have PTC programs like surfing ads. With it, you can earn $0.005 to $0.01 per click. This site is in the existence since 2010. They also pay via PayPal. The minimum payout limit is $1.

4. Clixten

Clixten ptc site

They are online since 2012. Their services are giving win-win environment. Clixten have long term business plans for their members. In case of any problem, they provide professional support by their dedicated team. They have a secure working environment. The payout methods with this PTC site are Payza, PAYEER, bitcoin and much more.

5. Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet clicks good ptc website

You will be paid $0.01 for clicking on each ad up to 100% downline earning. With ScarletCLicks, you can earn by clicking ads, completing offers and referring to your friends. The more you refer, the more you will earn. The minimum payout is just $2 that can be withdrawn via Payza or Paypal.

6. Buxvertise

Buxvertise ptc website

This is the PTC site paying without any complaint but still if you want to go for the upgrade, check the entire site thoroughly before upgrading your account. You can earn daily rewards on BuxVertise with lots of surveys and fun offer games.

7. Ojooo

Ojooo paid to click site

This is also one of the best paying legit paid to click site. They also pay via Payza or Paypal.

8. EasyHits4u

easyhits4u website

They have 1,200,000 members currently which show that it is one of the most trustworthy PTC sites. They have easy networking feature which lets you get connected with other members of the community as well.

9. Twickerz

Twickerz paid to click site

Twickerz is the new face of advertising. You can earn a decent amount of money by joining this PTC program. This program is free to join. You can get paid up to $0.04 per click. There are chances to win up to $5.00 in Twickgrid. Based on your activities you can even win the chance to upgrade your account for free. The most important advantage is they have a very low minimum payout for all the members. There is no limit for direct referral, so there is no limit for your earning as well.

10. Paidverts

paidverts good ptc site

Paidverts is not just only PTC site, it is revenue sharing site, PTC is just one part of this platform. It is the highest earning PTC site till date. The value f ads you view is defined by the points you have. The more BAP you have, the more chances are there that you will get high-value ads. So, the question is how to increase your BAP? To increase your BAP, you can see the BAP ads first and then get your own ads.

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Benefits of Best PTC sites


  1. Easy Income
  2. Earn from anywhere
  3. Guaranteed work daily
  4. Upgrade opportunities
  5. Enhanced management
  6. Secure and Stable environment
  7. No technical knowledge required except basic Internet knowledge
  8. No Issues with PTC sites
  9. Very low payout per click
  10. Hard to identify the trustworthy site
  11. High minimum payout threshold
  12. Chances to bump into scam sites

You can earn the amount of money which will help you to manage your expenses that are not affordable with only the pocket money. Just a few minutes of hard work and you will get the money in your pocket. I will suggest you create your account on all these top 10 PTC sites and work on them. So, you can earn decently in a month.

So, what are you waiting for? Just check all these sites and sign up. Do some easiest work and earn for yourself, because it’s time to be independent. Share this article with your friends who are in search of part-time job and feel free to share your views and suggestions via the comment section. Let us know any other trusted and highest paying PTC sites via the comment section.

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