2 Ways to Get Grammarly Premium free For Students

How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free

Are you looking for the Grammarly premium free for students? Well, in this post, you’re going to read a detailed guide on “how to get Grammarly premium for free for students“. Let’s start…

Get The Grammarly premium Account free, an advanced grammar checking tool that can change anyone’s writing style awesomely! In this post, I am going to share two ways of getting a Grammarly premium free account without using Access codes. So, just continue reading both the tutorials and you will be able to get Grammarly premium for free.

Grammarly comes with both Free and premium subscriptions. Its free version has limited features as compared to the Grammarly premium account. Most of the users are not able to buy Grammarly premium because of the Grammarly cost. I have already mentioned Grammarly discount as well on this blog but today here in this post, we will learn how to get Grammarly premium for free.

Due to the high failure rate, I am updating the new steps of Availing Grammarly premium free. Don’t miss any single point and read the post fully to make it possible and get a 100% success rate.

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Get Grammarly Premium Account Free for Students

One new method of accessing the free Grammarly Premium account has been added to this post. You will read that tip ‘grammarly premium free for students’ in the middle of the post.

How to get Grammarly for free?

Today, I have brought you a fabulous guide that will make you able to get Grammarly Premium account for free! And also, you will be able to improve your writing skills and know many new things related to English grammar.

I have updated the old link to avail Grammarly premium account for free with new links. You just need to follow the steps carefully. This year Grammarly premium for free could be a good deal, especially for students.


Registration/SignUp links may not work on Mobile phone browsers. Make sure that you are surfing this page on the Computer/PC to get benefitted. Only Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers are recommended.



What is Grammarly (Free Trial)?

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that improves communication by helping users find and correct writing mistakes. It is the world’s leading automated proofreader. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations. It acts like a human tutor that finds your mistakes and provides you with better and accurate solutions. It works anywhere whether you’re writing an email or updating the status on your social networking profiles. Grammarly is one of the best tools available to enhance your writing skills. Using this tool you can draft your posts without a single mistake of spelling or grammar. You don’t need to read your article many times because this tool continuously runs in the background and detects mistakes. It is one of the most efficient and accurate proofreader tools. You can use the Grammarly free version of this tool and if you find it really worth it, you can purchase premium version as well.

To turn “impossible” into “I’m possible,” you need to bear a rock-solid level of confidence everywhere you go.

While you speak, while you write, while you teach regardless of the situation, you need to have excellent command over the medium of communication—the language.

With broken English, you are not going anywhere other than the shades of low self-esteem and poor confidence.

I mean, if you are not proficient in speaking, writing and reading in English—it becomes a major drawback for you to maintain your self-confidence consistently. Eventually, it will turn into a habit to make such mistakes frequently. Thus, it is going to harm you all-around in the long term.

While most learners find English a bit complex and the grammar rules confusing, it turns into fun when you actually start to play with them.

…but the major issue is we all have time constraints today, and it seems impossible to relearn the concept of all the grammar rules and ethics. Still, while you work, all the rules come into the application and create a blunder.

To tackle all such issues, I have a smart solution for you. Yes, solution!

Meet the all-in-one companion of English—Grammarly.

With Grammarly no more you need to gulp in those hard-to-digest grammar rules, neither you need to spend countless hours practising. In addition to that, it becomes your English companion and works without anyone’s help.

Grammarly is one of the best English grammar checking tools that helps you correct spelling mistakes, nurtures a strong vocabulary, and multifold the structure of your content.

As you use it, you will notice that gradually all of your grammar inefficiencies will start to improve.

Whether you are an avid writer, a teacher, a student, or maybe a technical person, Grammarly has a pack full of solutions for every error you make.

One of the best features it has is—explaining the root of your mistake. It ensures you are informed about the cause of the error and thus, it becomes easy for you to remember the rule while you write in the future.

The powerful plagiarism checker by Grammarly helps you find the content that may be copied from somewhere and makes it easy for you to cite the sources. Also, it is an easy way of keeping your documents plagiarism-free.

Moreover, you can choose to change your desired language from these four options US English, British English, Australian English, and Canadian English. Even if you are a non-native English speaker or writer, you can make your language choice according to your needs.

Grammarly, as it says, adheres to more than 250 official grammar rules to mark your errors and suggest fixes for them. So, here you can rest assured of the accuracy.

Additionally, to use Grammarly, you need not rely on a particular browser or your pc. It offers standalone applications for almost all the devices you own. It has a web-based editor to upload and edit.

Then, you get a browser extension for using it throughout the web. For use on PC, you get a plug-in version for MS Office as well. In android and apple devices, it has Grammarly Keyboard as your writing companion.

Now, coming to the pricing. You will be amazed to know that Grammarly is a freemium application.

It has two kinds of plans for the users, currently:


  1. The free program: In this plan you can experience all the above features of Grammarly without even paying a dime, with some limitations.
  2. The premium plan: To have a glance at the complete features you can opt for any premium plans which are available in monthly, quarterly, and yearly slabs. It has a lot of other perks like add-ons and limit-free usage.

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How to Get Grammarly Premium Account for Free

To avail the Grammarly for free, I have divided this post into two categories –


  1. For Bloggers
  2. For normal users (Students and other people)

(A special guide for normal users is given at the last of this post. The Post is based on How to Use Grammarly for free? Don’t miss even a single line or point if you really want to access Grammarly premium account for free.)

1. Grammarly Premium Account Free for Bloggers

Bloggers are the persons who own their own websites.

If you are a blogger or webmaster then you can participate in Grammarly’s affiliate program and write a review about Grammarly on your web. For writing a review you will get 1 month Grammarly subscription FREE.

If you do not have any Good ranking website then scroll down the page and read the second guide, i.e., for #Normal Users (Students, housewives, teachers, retired persons, employers, employees and other category people).

In the first category, I would like to write about bloggers to avail Grammarly free. Bloggers are those people who have their own blogs or websites for any kind of business. For bloggers, it’s a very easy process to get their premium access for free.

Sign up using this link to register and use their free version for at least 1-2 days.

Now, you have to write an email to Grammarly with a business proposal. Mention in the email that you have already used their free version services. Now you would like to write a sponsored post for Grammarly on your blog. For this purpose, you want to access the services of Grammarly premium account.

That is all, and you will be given an Id and Password for accessing the premium version of Grammarly for free by their team. It would be accessible for 1 month.

After using Grammarly for at least 7 days, write a sponsored post for Grammarly including your personal experience with Grammarly. After publishing the post, send the URL of your post to their affiliate department.

Grammarly premium free

Grammarly Premium for Free – My Experience

I made a proposal to the Grammarly team. Read my wordings in this screenshot which I sent to their support team, don’t go on my Typos.

request for using grammarly free

After 5 days, I got a reply from them and they accepted my proposal and gave me access to Grammarly’s premium account for free.

See the wordings of their reply yourself in this screenshot. I have not mentioned the whole conversation here, just the message that we need here to understand the way we are discussing.

use grammarly premium version for free

Above given screenshots are taken from my email inbox.

2. Grammarly Premium free for Students (Normal Users)

If you are a student, housewife, job holder or from some other categories and want to improve your English writing and speaking skills using Grammarly, but not able to pay their fee.

Then Don’t worry I have a solution for you, which may help you to solve this issue.

As a normal user you can do these 2 things:

  1. Access the Grammarly Premium Free version
  2. Get Grammarly premium subscription by referring friends (for 1 referred friend you will get 1 week of Grammarly premium subscription)


Grammarly Premium Account Features

What are you supposed to keep in mind while writing a perfect article? Correct spelling? Grammar? Selection of words? Plagiarism? What if I tell you that the Grammarly tool is equipped with all these features which you want? Don’t you believe it? Ok then, have a look at these features of Grammarly.

  1. All Basic features of the free version
  2. Checks for 150+ additional points of grammar
  3. The speciality of checking for different document types: academic, technical, creative, etc.
  4. Provides vocabulary enhancement suggestionsDetects plagiarism and provides citation suggestions
  5. Comes with Microsoft Office Add-In, enabling you to use Grammarly inside Word Outlook.
  6. Automatically detection of mistakes with Solutions and Examples.


Access the Grammarly Premium Free version

1. Click Here and you will be redirected to a special page (as shown in below Screenshot)

create grammarly premium free account

2. Now you have to click on ‘Get Started, It’s Free‘ button and you will be asked to add an extension to your Internet browser.

Grammarly free browser extension

3. You will see a “Personalize Grammarly” landing page. It will ask you for what type of project you need Grammarly and what is your current level in English. For example, you can see I have added ‘work‘ as my requirement and as a ‘beginner level skills.

Grammarly account registration

4. Now you will get the list of typical mistakes that you can make.

list of typical grammatical mistakes

5. Click ‘Continue to Save your Settings” button.

6. Enter your basic profile details like your email address, password, name, etc. Click on the “Sign Up” button.

grammarly account sign up

7. Continue by clicking the button “Continue to Grammarly, It’s free” button.

Grammarly premium free account created

8. You are done.

Congratulations! you have got your Grammarly premium account for free.

(Sometimes it may ask for email verification if it asks then do the same and you will be able to log in.)
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Grammarly premium free for mobile users

If you are thinking of using Grammarly on your mobile phone devices, then the first thing you need to do is open your play store and search for a grammar app. After finding the app, you can download Grammarly and install this app. After installing the app, you can log in to the app after filing the details. Now you can you grammar even on your mobile devices for the correction of mistakes.

Get Grammarly Premium Account Free by Referring Friends

You can also access Grammarly Premium free by referring your friends to use Grammarly. For every single friend, you refer to Grammarly will make you able to earn 1 more week of Grammarly premium account.

To Invite your friends;

1. Click here to create your free account.
2. Now click on “Add extension“.
3. Install Grammarly extension into your Internet browser.
4. Enter your details and click on the “Sign Up” button.
5. Now Login to your Grammarly Dashboard.

6. You will see a banner at the top of the page as same as shown in below image:

Grammarly premium free by inviting friends

7. Now Click on Go Premium.

8. You will see a Pop-Up window to Invite your friends via Email, Social Websites or by sharing your links.

Invite friends get grammarly free account

9. You have done. For every single Invite/Refer, you will earn 1 Week of Grammarly Premium account for Free.NOTE: 

If you are doing individual work then paying for Grammarly is not a wise decision. Grammarly has just deactivated the referral option to get the free account on Grammarly premium. People used to get the account via Flikover but for now, that program has also been cancelled by Grammarly. So what to do? Well, there are other working methods available that are worthy and I am mentioning one more method to get the Grammarly account for free.

Get Grammarly’s Premium Account by Reviewing it on Social Media

Social media has done a great transformation in human life and not a single aspect is untouched by the effect of social media.

If you are looking for a Grammarly premium account for free then social media can provide such help to get a registered account and we will guide you on how to do this.

Create an account of famous social media sites:

If you are a writer, blogger, teacher, or just want to improve your Grammar or whatever but all you need to get a free version of Grammarly, be social. Be a part of famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This will help you to stay connected with the entire world.

If you have already an account to all these social sites then add updates and posts every day, you can either create a business page or channel related to your hobby which can attract more users to you.

Increase your fan following list:

Creating an account is quite easy but you have the ability to attract fans and users who visit your page or channel. For instance, there are numbers of people who have millions of fan following.

People do many efforts to make their channel more popular. Add new and fresh posts, answer the user query, stay connected with users, and request them to subscribe to you or join you for new information and post.

Ask Grammarly for a free account:

Suppose you have created accounts and now you are getting a heavy fan following on your pages. Now, You can simply send an email to Grammarly and inform them about your huge fan following and about your page.

Inform them that you will promote Grammarly through your pages by showing your fans the benefits of Grammarly.

If you have any questions, then ask here and we will try to sort them out as soon as possible. We hope you like this information.

Isn’t it amazing?

Why Grammarly Premium Account?

Grammarly Free Vs Premium Account

Grammarly Free Access Codes – Do they work?

Grammarly free access codes sometimes work and sometimes don’t work. Actually, Grammarly access codes are the codes provided to the university and colleges that help them allowing their students to use Grammarly. But if you’re using access codes illegally then you will be in trouble once you are caught by university or Grammarly. The people providing Grammarly premium free access codes are fake and not working. The only way to get a free access code is to contact any of the universities that use Grammarly ask them for the code and you should pay a little amount to them as well.
Grammarly free access codes are working no longer, all such kinds of accounts have been disabled. If you’re still using then you might face legal uses. For more, read this post on Grammarly access codes.

All the things have made clear that How Grammarly plays an important role in improving our English writing skills. There are lots of tools available online that claim to improve your English but I bet they don’t do what they claim. But Grammarly does all that they claim.

Thinking more would be a waste of time. Just click on the Sign Up Now Button to Start Using Grammarly for Free.

Sign up button

Still, have any questions, please ask me through comments.

Grammarly free for a lifetime

Everyone wants a tool that is free of cost for error detection. Now, it is possible to get a free Grammarly premium account for a lifetime if you use their codes and stay as their affiliate.

Grammarly helps reconstruct sentences for clarity:
Grammarly helps in error detection and provides concise and easy-to-read alternatives and spots unnecessarily complicated phrases. However, sometimes a grammatically correct sentence becomes difficult to understand. To overcome this problem, Grammarly helps a lot. First, it provides you free cost suggestions, which make the sentences more apparent to the reader.
For whom is Grammarly for Grammarly used by billions of users for writing. It provides us many other tools like plagiarism and more. Mainly Grammarly is used for writing error-free text.

  1. Journalists.
  2. Authors.
  3. Students.
  4. Bloggers.
  5. Graphic designers.
  6. Proofreaders.

Grammarly is also using for social media posts, presentations, assignments, etc.

Similarities and dissimilarities

  1. In free Grammarly it helps you in the correction of spelling. Similarly, the premium version also helps in the spelling of discipline.
  2. The free version does not help you in detecting ineffective vocabulary, but the premium version provides you
    in seeing an inefficient version.
  3. Premium version help in finding out the overuse of the passive voice, but the free version does not detect the overuse of passive voice.
  4. The Premium version maintains consistency in writing, whereas the free version does not maintain consistency in writing.
  5. Both free version and premium version take care of punctuation.
  6. The Premium version also detects the overuse of words, whereas the free version cannot see the overuse of words.
  7. Similarly, as the premium version, the free version also detects grammar errors.

Grammarly Premium Free Alternatives?

To be honest, If you search for the Alternatives of Grammarly you might get results in hundreds. But the fact is none of them works like Grammarly. They all claim to perform well like Grammarly but when it comes to the practice they always fail.

If some of them are good then they charge hundreds of dollars a month but still, they do not provide you with accurate results or they highlight only the basic mistakes. They will not make you aware of your mistakes of sentence formation, punctuation, and other errors.

It is my personal experience that is why I never recommend readers to go for others. I always recommend users to use Grammarly.

You may read these comparisons to have your answer,

Grammarly Vs Ginger – A Detailed Comparison Review
Grammarly vs Whitesmoke [Detailed Comparison]
Grammarly Vs Turnitin: A Detailed Comparison Review

Moreover, as I said above, I have been using Grammarly for 2 years and in these two years, I have improved a lot. If my blog is ranking well in SERP’s and articles are being loved by readers then trust me, it all has happened just because of Grammarly.

The credit of the Quality of this site goes to Grammarly. I always use Grammarly’s premium version while writing posts and articles.

Also, I am a student and it helps me a lot in completing my assignments, written work, online writing projects.

It helps a lot if you are learning English.

In simple, it can be said that it is useful for every kind of person. So, don’t wait anymore and give a try to Grammarly.

Additional Tip for readers:

If you are an existing user of Grammarly or going to start Grammarly then you should never miss their Weekly progress report and tips in your email box.

They send every week the details of the activities including your mistakes and errors you did in that week.

For example:

1. Grammarly Premium found 362 additional advanced mistakes.
2. 130 mistakes: Missing comma in the compound sentence.
3. 109 mistakes: Missing comma after the introductory clause.
4. 88 mistakes: Missing article.

Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is, I know that.

Try Grammarly Now!

Important Note: 
Unfortunately, if the given steps do not work for you then please let me know your issues directly by writing an email to me with the Subject “Grammarly Account Help“. I will send you some additional tips. Here is my Email Address: kumarsluck0001@gmail.com


Easy to use:
one of the best things about Grammarly is it is easy use feature. With the help of Grammarly, you can write anything very smoothly .even for beginner content writers, Grammarly proves very helpful.

Real-time Grammarly correction :
Grammarly helps you in finding real-time Grammarly corrections. It not only find the error but also provides you suggestions for the mistake. Thus, it gives you better and fast results than the other tools of writing.

Easy customization:
This is also one of the best features of Grammarly premium for free it is accessible to customized the content. You can also add and use new words and select the preferred language you want to use in your content writing.

Accuracy: the accuracy rate of grammar is not 100%, but it provides you better results and error detection than the other writing tools. After using Grammarly, you need to proofread the content once for better results.


The limitation of Grammarly is very rare. Grammarly’s free version is minimal, and the result provided by Grammarly is not so accurate. You have to check it for 3-4 times yourself for better accuracy.


If you really want to learn English, improve your writing skills then Grammarly is the best option for you. But before this post, the main problem was money, which I have sorted out today. So go ahead and fulfil your desire of learning English free by using Grammarly. If you are not able to follow the above-given steps then you must go for their premium version at least for a month (30 days only) and you will see the results. It might be very useful for students as Grammarly helps them in an easier way to learn English online.

I have been using Grammarly’s yearly subscription for the last 5 years and I can say it is awesome. It will definitely help you in improving your writing skills and make you able to write error-free English.

Message: I hope that you have enjoyed the ‘[Updated] How to Get Grammarly Premium Free for Students ‘ article on Tips2secure. However, if you want me to deliver more items, then please share my post. You can use Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!

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