Userfeel Review (SCAM or Real) – Website & Apps Usability Testing

Userfeel Review Scam or legit

What is Userfeel.Com?

Userfeel is a website which deals with providing videos of users who have visited your website or app. It basically does so with the help of a usability testing tool. Many a time, it happens that people might not find what they want to find in any particular website or application. In such cases, to address the queries or come to a solution, a usability testing tool becomes necessary. It helps to maintain web traffic thus allowing for website development. Therefore, anybody who wants to do web optimisation or application optimisation can use the Userfeel testing tool to do so.

How Userfeel Works?

The remote usability testing is a method which lets you use the app like a user would do. So, it helps to address the issues which a user might face while using the app or website. From using the app from the user’s viewpoint, the issues can be addressed to increase the performance of the application or the website. By directly focusing on the issues which the users might face, this is the best option to improve performance and keep the website traffic intact. It might also help to increase web traffic. Hence, you can record the video anytime and send it for usability testing.

Is UserFeel A Scam or Legit?

The Userfeel is a legitimate company. It runs user tests for other websites and their applications. It tests many features of the websites. Usability testing allows website owners to find issues regarding their websites or apps. It might be related to design or navigation or anything else. By using this, they can improve their website functioning and performance. The tests are fully legitimate. In fact, the real-time video of the representative is recorded to help address the issues faced by the users. Along with that, the screen record and audio record is also used for testing. So, for testing the website, the user company may charge a certain fee in exchange for their service.

Features of

  1. There are more than 20,000 testers working with 40 languages.
  2. The usability testing is done on a number of devices like tablets, desktops or mobile phones.
  3. Teamwork is another great feature which allows you to arrange your tests into multiple projects.
  4. There is an option to create a highlights video which lets a user highlight the most needed and critical points of the issue.
  5. There is a filter available which can be used for testers based on language, age, country, gender or experience.
  6. The testing panel can also be filtered using screener questions.
  7. There is an option which allows the website owners to select their own testers.
  8. Many formats may be used for setting the ratings, tasks or questions as per desire.
  9. Using the System Usability Scale, one can find out the perceived usability of one’s website.
  10. With the help of automatic voice transcription, one can search for anything within the video.
  11. The uploading and downloading options are available through which videos can also be shared with the co-workers.
  12. Everything can be documented while watching the videos.
  13. Reports can be easily created, exported and shared with team members.
  14. With the help of the test summary, it can be printed and shared with the team.

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Pros and Cons

  1. The biggest cons are that sometimes it is difficult to explain the thought process while completion of usability tests.
  2. People clicking on the wrong buttons might be a problem. Representative users might not be able to predict that.
  3. The product can be made more users friendly.
  4. The testing tool allows for web development.


The usability tool is a great innovation for improving the website. It offers many important features which make the testing process more easy and enhancing.

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