Top 3 Websites like Grammarly but Free & Paid in 2020

Websites like Grammarly
Are you searching for free websites like Grammarly? Here, I have listed 3 best websites like Grammarly for free in this blog post. You can give a try to these websites/apps like Grammarly to improve your English writing.

Grammarly is one of the best tools to consider when a user wishes to check Grammar and plagiarism of the content. Within no time, they have details available considering punctuations, spelling error, vocabulary, syntax, readability, complex sentence, passive voice, and so on. But sometimes, the result appeared are not up to the mark, and the poorly structured sentences are not looked at by Grammarly at all. This results in poor grammar score, and the user is not able to find out their mistakes. This will not only affect your writing but ill also let you feel disappointed sometimes.

If you are feeling irritated just because the Grammarly premium or free version is not working appropriately and you want any other tool that will help you to deal with it effectively, then you have landed on the right platform.

Here we will be going to discuss the top 3 websites like Grammarly that will serve your requirement. All these are the popular ones and will serve your requirement in the manner you are expecting.

3 Websites like Grammarly for Free & Paid

1. Ginger software

Ginger software - free website like grammarly

If you’re looking for free websites like Grammarly then Ginger software hits in the category of top websites like Grammarly. There are many features linked with it, like grammar checking, translation checking, and so on. Moreover, it will work well with MS Office, IOS, and Android as well. It focuses on Grammar, punctuation, and spellings. It is available in both the plans free and premium. One can choose any of them. There are so many features that make it different from Grammarly, and the user will not face any kind of difficulty at all.

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Primarily, one will be able to make corrections in real-time. After integrating it with MS Office or other sites, one can easily check their mistakes and correct them. You might feel like it is disturbing you, and you do not wish to integrate with other applications you are using, then you can think simply of it. The option is also available.

Whether you are using Chrome, Safari, IE, or Mozilla, the option is available to use. As you use Grammarly, you write the document on third party application and then simply copy-paste it in the same manner you can use Ginger software. You will not feel like you need to understand any hard and fast rules whenever you wish to use it. It will suggest improvements, and you can easily change them. A tool is also available known as in the sentence rephrase, and it will help you to enrich the word choice and Spice up your writing as well. It will act as a human editor for you, and you will be able to see the changes in your writing.

There is a style list available, including business, creative, and academic one can choose any accordingly. The option is also available if you wish to find out any of the synonyms of a particular word. Thesaurus option will help you in dealing with it easily.

Ginger Software Pricing

Ginger software is available in both the plans. One can go for free and premium easily.

The price of the premium plan is $89.88. Also, one can go for a monthly, annual, or two years plan. It will not only let them save some money but also help them understand that they are spending a little on them.

Ginger Software Features

Here we will be going to discuss the features linked with free plan and premium plan both. With no time, you will be able to understand which one you wish to consider.

Ginger Software Free plan

  1. The translation is available in 40 languages.
  2. A user can check Grammar Up to a particular limit.
  3. This one is a browser extension.
  4. Definitions are there.

Ginger Software Premium

  1. All the features available in the free version are available in the premium version as well.
  2. Grammar checking is unlimited.
  3. Sentence rephrase is available
  4. Text reader is there
  5. One will be able to practice on mistakes
  6. One can easily analyze their errors
  7. One will be able to correct the text in real-time
  8. It ensures accurate writing and proofreading is also there


  1. Easy to use
  2. Different plants are available
  3. Proofreading option is also available
  4. This tool will act as a multi-tasker


Instead of the fact that it will not work in Google Docs, no as a search problem is available in it.

2. Whitesmoke – Website like Grammarly 

Whitesmoke - Website like Grammarly

Whitesmoke is also the best tone to consider whenever you are looking forward to websites like Grammarly. It will help you get available with multiple features that will not let you feel disappointed at any point. There are a lot of features available which you can include not only to enhance your writing but to make it error-free as well. It will help writers considering Grammar, spellings, style suggestions, and punctuations. Whether you have Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, or any other web browser, you can use WhiteSmoke.

Apart from all the features, WhiteSmoke is available with a hundred templates for reports, condolences resume, and so on. Therefore whenever you wish to prepare something like this, there is no need for you to spend unnecessary time on other platforms. The translator is also available, and it is quite accurate. 55 languages are supported by it, and you will not face any kind of trouble at all.

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When it comes to looking at the working of white smoke, it will work in the same manner as you are using Grammarly. But it will highlight the words and will also help you in checking out the suggestions. If you wish to use some synonyms, the option is also available, and all of them will get generated through Thesaurus. You just need to wait for a particular duration, and within no time, the suggestions will get displayed. If you wish to check out the plagiarism, the option is also available.

If you are new to writing, and you wish to learn more about at the video learning tutorials are available, and it will help you to improve your writing skills easily. It will not only correct your mistakes in real-time but will also help you to feel focused. Sometimes during writing, we get distracted and write something unusual, which is not up to the mark. It will not let you do it at all.

Whitesmoke Pricing 

WhiteSmoke is not available with the free version. Whenever you are looking forward to using WhiteSmoke, you need to purchase any of the plants. A total of four plants are available, and you can choose accordingly.

  1. Chrome extension: $4.16/month
  2. Essential: $5.00/month
  3. Premium: $6.66/month
  4. Business: $11.50/month

As per the requirement, a user can choose them.

Whitesmoke Features

There is no free version available. Thus, we will be going to discuss the features which are linked with the premium version only.

  1. A translation option is available.
  2. Along with every error, additional information is available.
  3. Innovative technology is used that will help a user to understand the things appropriately.
  4. Natural Language processing technology is there, along with artificial intelligence.
  5. A user will be able to create flawless content along with a Spell checker grammar checker, translator, and punctuation.
  6. Algorithms are available, which help a user to analyses text and detect all the errors available.


  1. Translators are accurate
  2. Plans are quite inexpensive.
  3. According to the requirement, plans are available.


  1. No free version is available.
  2. No trial version is available.
  3. The plan is available for yearly only.

3. Prowritingaid – a best free website like Grammarly

Prowritingaid - a best free website like Grammarly

For all those people out there who are looking forward to a tool that will help them to check Grammar and act as an awesome proofreading tool, then Prowritingaid is best to consider. This tool is up to the mark for all the copywriters, novelists, and bloggers. It will eliminate all the errors and optimize the word choice as well.

If you wish to integrate it with other apps like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, and Microsoft Office, it is also available. You just need to understand the interface, and within no time, you will have results available. By giving access to the API, the user will be able to integrate it with their app.

A user can easily pick up the language like general English, UK versions, or US versions. As per your requirement, you can choose from the stylist and implement it over the task you are doing. Also, after installing the extension of Prowritingaid, any icon will appear whenever a user is writing something with the help of a text editor. If they wish to check out for the particular mistake, they just need to click on the icon and choose the particular requirement. With no time, they have results available, and they can deal with it.

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Additionally, along with Grammar, if you wish to check out on sentence structure, vague words, and pronoun, the option is also available. Thesaurus option is also available, which will help you to get the list of alternative words available, which you can choose accordingly.

Prowritingaid Pricing

Prowritingaid is available in both of the plans. A user can go for a free plan and a premium plan as well.

The free plan is quite restricted and, with the help of a premium plan, is usable not going to restrict at a particular point.

Prowritingaid premium plans

1. $70 a year

By going with this plan, a user can perform the checking along with a plagiarism checker. Within a year, a user can perform up to 50 checks.

2. $80 a year

In this plan, a user will not face any kind of hassle, and they can easily perform the checking of Grammar, and it will act as a Plagiarism checker.

Prowritingaid Features

Here we will be going to discuss the features linked with the free plan and premium plan. These are:- 

Prowritingaid Free

  1. A user will be able to create a summary of key issues.
  2. Internet connection is required to use it.
  3. 19 writing reports are user can make.
  4. At a time, a user can edit only 500 words.

Prowritingaid Premium

  1. The features which are available in the free plan are available in the premium plan as well.
  2. The desktop version is available.
  3. More than 20 different types of reports are available that will help you to analyses your writing easily.
  4. There is no word limit implemented for a user.
  5. The option is available if a user wishes to integrate it with Chrome, Google Docs, MS Word, and Scrivener.
  6. One will be able to get synonyms for each word in the text, which will save the user time.
  7. Manuscript editing software is available to help you find out the repeated words in the content-sensitive spell suggestions. It will also help you visualize the length of the sentence and variations.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Multiple plans are available.
  3. Whether a beginner or experienced, this tool will serve their requirements
  4. It will not create high on your system.
  5. Can easily integrate with different apps


  1. No monthly plans are available.
  2. The expansion available can be used in Chrome only. Safari, iOS, or Firefox do not support it.


These three are the best websites like Grammarly. It depends upon the user which one day wishes to prefer. If you feel like that a tool is not working as per your requirement, then you can choose another one. All of the tools mentioned above are competitors of Grammarly and are best once if compared. A User will not face any kind of trouble, and they will be able to use them efficiently.

Whether you are a beginner experienced, professional, blogger, novelist, and whomsoever you are and you are looking forward to using a premium version, the options are available, and you can choose any of the mentioned above. If you wish to figure out what will suit your requirement, you just need to go through all features linked, and you will have results in front of you within no time.

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