10 Reasons why coronavirus is spreading too much?

why coronavirus is spreading too much

Our world is fighting against the most dangerous pandemic coronavirus that has ruined the lives of people. This virus is quite dangerous and is spreading all over the world at great speed. In such a short time is has spread all over the world and the main reason is its transmissibility. It is also known as respiratory tract infection as it enters the body through mouth or nose.

Why coronavirus is spreading too much?

  1. Airborne Transmission is one of the reasons why the virus is spreading quickly. The virus lives in the air for 3 -4 hours and so when we breathe this infected air goes into our lungs and causes corona. 
  2. When an infected person coughs or talks the infected droplets get spread in the air. On breathing this infected air the virus enters from the nose or mouth and starts affecting the internal body. A person who is within 6 feet of the infected person has a high chance to get affected by the virus.
  3. Immunity is also a reason as one whose immune system is weak can get affected by the virus very quickly. When a weak immune system person gets in contact with an infected person their body reacts to the virus and makes the condition miserable.
  4. If a corona positive person spits in the open, the virus float in the air. When this air is breathed by any normal person the virus enters the lungs and starts reacting with the body. So, spitting in the open area is also a reason that coronavirus is spreading too much.
  5. People who have no symptoms or fewer symptoms are very dangerous as they cannot be isolated or quarantined. One who is coming in contact with such a person can also get infected. Moreover, such people, who do not have symptoms they don’t know that they are corona positive and so don’t take any preventive measures. This is the main reason why the virus is spreading quickly all over the world.
  6. When an infected person touches any things like the door, plastic, steel, etc. virus stays on the surface. When a disinfected person touches such things the virus gets on their hands which can get into the lungs if they touch on nose or mouth. Thus virus is more likely to spread when touching these infected surfaces.
  7. People mostly share things in the family which can also spread the virus. If a person has doubts about being virus-positive but keeps on touching personal things at home they can infect even other people at home. Touching utensils of an infected person can also spread the virus among people.
  8. The virus can also spread through packages and groceries. If you are visiting any store and touch things that are already been touch by an infected person it is more likely that you can get affected by the virus. Even in-store if you aren’t maintaining 6 feet social distancing virus can easily enter your body.
  9. The symptoms of the virus are quite similar to the cold and cough and so many times it is not detectable whether it is a common flue or virus. People who don’t visit the doctor or take required precautions can spread the virus to other people. So, unable to identify the actual symptoms can is also spreading the virus so quickly.
  10. If you are even in public to buy essentials or for some important work, it is very important to wear a mask and gloves. People who are not taking such precautions are more likely to get infected as we don’t know that people around us are positive or not. So, when you are in a public place without any such precaution it is more likely to get affected by the virus.

These are some of the main reasons why the virus is spreading with such a speed all over the world. People who are not taking precautions are more likely to get infected and this cycle goes on. So, one must take all preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus and try to stay at home.

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