Getting Started

Are you a beginner or fresher in Blogging Industry? If ‘Yes’ then you are most welcome on our blog, which will guide you A2Z of blogging.

Well, this ‘Getting Started’ page is specially designed for newbies or the persons who are very new in blogging and don’t know anything about blogging but want to start blogging and earn some money.
This page will guide you the very first steps in blogging like;

  1. What is a blog?
  2. How to create a blog?
  3. Best niche for blogging?
  4. What is custom domain?
  5. How to book a domain?
Let’s start with the first point
What is a Blog?
Blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. A blog is a discussion or communication site published on the world wide web and consisting of posts typically displayed like the most recent post appears first. A person who is participating in managing blogs or say like an owner of blog is known as a blogger. The Process of managing and writing blogs is called Blogging.
Example: You are reading this article on, that is a blog.
Getting started with a blog
How to create a blog?
There are lots of platform and free hosting sites, which are offering free blogging services. But We always recommend our users to choose or WordPress as their blogging platform. The blog you are reading is hosted on So next question is ‘How to create a blog using’
1. Login to using your Google account ID/Password, i.e., your email Id/Password. If you don’t have email address in Gmail, then first, create a account in Google or Gmail. One account can be used in all products owned by Google like, Adsense, Blogger, Gmail, Adwords etc., but here we will talk only about
2. After Login, you will find a option to create a blog, click on that.
3. Choose title for your blog.
4. Choose Url for your blog, it will be something like this;

5. Select template and click on Create blog.
6. Your blog is created now, you can use the Url which you have used to create blog.
7. Now there you will find a option to Start posting, click there and start writing your own contents by adding title and message body. Click on Publish and now you can see your post on your blog.

Best niche for blogging?

Niche, is nothing but it refers to category of the blog. Niche in which you can write more and better with your experiences and knowledge, select that as your category for blogging. It can be anything like Technology, Android tips, Health tips, Eccommerce tips, Cooking guide, Fashion designing, beauty and whatever you want and you think you will give your best,

What is a custom domain?

Custom domain looks more professional. These are paid domains and you have to buy by paying money and also you have to pay for renewal every year, but cost is as low as approx 10 USD per year. After using custom domain your domain will be replaced by .com, .net or whatever you will choose. It removes but still posting and all the settings remain same and unaffected by adding custom domain.
If you manage to invest, only then go for custom domains or simply start blogging by using free ones provided by hosting provider. Once, you start getting earnings or able to buy the you can buy custom domain for your blog. There is no boundation or compulsion to buy custom domains. You can grow yourself even on free domains.

How to book a domain?

Once you finally decide to go for custom domain, your next question will how to book that domain.
Here again, there are lots of domain sellers. But we recommend only for and, because both are personaly used by us and their services are amazing.
To book just open website by visiting or, search for your domain, add in cart that domain and pay for the domain. Now that domain is your’s.
Transfer your blog on that domain and start managing your blog as more professionally. If you face any problem in these basic steps, kindly let know our experts by commenting your problem, they will provide you the best solutions within 24 hours.

Advance Tips and Techniques are posted in Different categories and Menu pages of

Important Tip:

These are basic keypoints for freshers to start a blog. After completing these steps, just go for advance tips for blogging like SEO, Promotion of Blog, SMO and many more and all you can find here on Just navigate different pages and posts to learn all about blogging. You can use Search option on our blog to find solution for your particular problem or question.

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