Who We Are

What is Tips2Secure?

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Tips2secure was established on 8th November 2014. It was founded by Mr Kumar.
Tips2secure aims to provide the best solution for bloggers to add income streams to their blogs. It helps new bloggers in their blogging careers.

Is there any charge for Tips2Secure readers?

No, we do not charge anything from our readers.

Why are we?

We are here to serve our readers, not with any purpose of profit maximization. Tips2secure is a team of Pro bloggers who publish posts on blogging guides, SEO tips, Techno guides and much more other stuff.

Our vision

Our vision is to make aware masses of the world about blogging. How a blogger earns their living and luxurious lifestyle by writing and publishing articles.

Generally, in developing countries where there is a lack of Computer and IT literacy, we want to educate them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people who are already blogging or planning to start a blog. We will guide them, teach them, provide tutorials, online training, SEO techniques and moreover, all that tools and things they need to make their blogs successful.