Bosch Chimney Review- Is it better than Other Chimneys?

Bosch Chimney Review: If you like Bosch kitchen appliances, you’ll love their high-quality kitchen chimneys that improve air quality.

Looking for the perfect Bosch kitchen chimney for your home? If so, you’ve probably started your online search but been overwhelmed by the number of model options. This article aims to help you choose the proper Bosch kitchen chimney for your needs. You’ll learn about Bosch kitchen chimney types and features to make an informed decision.

Rest assured, we’ll simplify your decision-making. To help you choose the best Bosch kitchen chimney for your kitchen, we’ve listed the top models in India and compared their key features.

Bosch Chimney Review: A Comprehensive Overview

bosch chimney review

Bosch, a German company with many products, sells kitchen appliances and accessories. I review the Bosch Kitchen Chimney from the inside, focusing on build quality and performance. Bosch’s Kitchen Chimney has many impressive features. Their chimney has a large baffle filter for efficient suction.

Their user-friendly chimney design is impressive. The Bosch Kitchen Chimney is designed for easy disassembly and grease cleaning. Bosch prioritises functionality and convenience to improve its customers’ kitchen experiences.

Exploring Bosch Chimneys: A Company Overview

Established by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in 1886, Bosch stands as one of the premier multinational engineering and technology corporations globally. While their headquarters is located in Gerlingen, their operations span across several cities in Britain, North America, and India, with thousands of products shipped daily.

Bosch chimneys are known for their quality and performance. The industry’s largest baffle filters in our chimneys demonstrate our commitment to efficient suction. These filters draw in smoke and eliminate odours thanks to careful motor design for power and noise reduction.

User-centric design distinguishes our chimneys. Cleaning and maintenance are easy, reflecting our commitment to thoughtful engineering to improve your daily life.

Bosch proudly supplies all electrical and electronic components for your appliances, providing complete home solutions. Bosch chimneys are global leaders in major home appliances due to their impeccable German engineering, elegant craftsmanship, and premium materials. They add style and convenience to your daily routine.

Our company guarantees spare parts availability for up to 10 years to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. This ensures we continue to provide excellent service and support to our valued customers.

Bosch 60 cm Self-Clean Technology Kitchen Chimney Review

The Bosch 60 cm Self-Clean Technology Kitchen Chimney (HOOD DWBA68J60I) is a good choice for a reliable and efficient kitchen chimney. This elegant chimney adds modern style and functionality to your kitchen. Let’s examine this Bosch kitchen chimney’s best features.


Size and Compatibility: The chimney’s 60 cm width fits a 3-4 burner stove and is ideal for wall-mounted setups. Medium-sized kitchens are covered and extracted well with this size.

Extraction Capacity: The Bosch DWBA68J60I can extract 950 m3/hr. It works well in kitchens under 100 sqft, especially those with little frying and grilling. This extraction power removes smoke and odours, freshening kitchen air.

Warranty: Bosch’s generous 2-year warranty backs this product’s quality. Knowing you’re covered for unexpected issues gives you peace of mind.

Self-Clean Technology: A highlight of this Bosch kitchen chimney is its Self-Clean Technology. This innovation makes chimney maintenance easier by self-cleaning. The Self Clean Reminder Function keeps you informed of chimney maintenance needs, ensuring optimal performance.

Smart Motor Technology: This chimney’s Smart Motor Technology provides powerful suction with low noise. This keeps the kitchen quiet even when the chimney is full.

Fan Speeds and Intensive Mode: The Bosch DWBA68J60I has three fan speeds to suit your needs. Heavy-duty cooking sessions benefit from the Intensive mode’s fast smoke and odour removal.

Noise Levels: The chimney operates at 57–70 decibels, creating a peaceful cooking environment.

Touch with Gesture Control: The touch control panel with gesture control elevates your kitchen. The chimney’s functions can be adjusted and controlled easily with its intuitive design.


Bosch Chimney Review: Features

  • 60 cm width, suitable for 3-4 burner stoves
  • Extraction capacity up to 950 m3/hr
  • 2-year warranty
  • Self-Clean Technology with Reminder Function
  • Smart Motor Technology for high suction with minimal noise
  • Three fan speeds + Intensive mode
  • Touch and Gesture Control


  • Effective smoke and odor removal
  • Self-cleaning reduces maintenance efforts
  • Warranty provides peace of mind
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Versatile fan speed options
  • Modern touch controls enhance usability


  • Ideal for medium-sized kitchens
  • Noise may increase at the highest settings
  • Professional assistance is needed for installation and maintenance purposes
  • Higher price range

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Exploring the Features of Bosch Chimney

Any kitchen needs Bosch Chimney to keep smoke and odours out and protect walls and ceilings. The unique features of Bosch Chimneys are discussed here:

  1. Powerful and Quiet Extraction: Bosch Chimneys remove smoke and odours from your kitchen quietly while sucking.
  2. High-Performance Motor: These chimneys have 350-watt motors for suction. Copper winding and efficient filters boost performance.
  3. Elegant and Sophisticated Design: Bosch Chimneys are carefully crafted to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic.
  4. Self-Cleaning Technology: Bosch Chimneys have self-cleaning technology, making maintenance easy.
  5. Cutting-Edge Technological Advancements: Bosch Chimneys use cutting-edge technology to improve cooking.
  6. Self-Clean Reminder: Notifies you when to clean the chimney.
  7. Booster Function: Maintains smoke-free kitchen ventilation during intense cooking.
  8. Delayed Shut Down: Runs for 10 minutes before turning off to eliminate odours.
  9. CleanAir Module: CleanAir Module extracts 95% of chimney odours for quieter, better air.
  10. EcoSilence Drive: Quiet and efficient air purification with a magnetic and brushless motor.

Installation of Bosch Kitchen Chimneys

Bosch offers customised chimney installation. The suggested steps are:

  • Dry, sun-free area to install cooker hood.
  • Place the cooker hood directly over the stove.
  • Maintain the specified distance between the hob and hob, with induction and gas hobs differing.
  • Follow the instructions to adjust the cooker hood’s height and secure it with brackets and screws.

Post-Purchase Support:

Bosch chimneys are known for their high quality, but after-sales service is crucial. Bosch warranties cover manufacturing defects for the first few years, but they vary by country.

The company prefers to repair defective appliances rather than replace them. There is usually a short period when the product can be refused and returned. Each case is evaluated, but appliances with a history of failures are mostly replaced.

Importantly, Bosch’s warranty excludes installation errors, blockages, scratches, misuse, normal operational noises, and customer-induced mistakes. Flooding, animals, power supply issues, and water or gas issues are not covered.

Bosch’s warranty policies seem fair, but customer service has been criticised in recent years.

Is Bosch Chimney a Reliable Choice?

Indeed, Bosch produces some of the finest kitchen chimneys in India, offering stiff competition to renowned brands such as Elica and Faber.

Is Bosch Considered High-End?

Not precisely, Bosch categorizes itself as a mid-range brand. However, it’s worth noting that Bosch Benchmark products consistently hold their own against top-tier high-end appliance brands.

Bosch Chimney Price:

Bosch Chimney series prices range from ₹15,000 to ₹50,000, depending on model and features, as listed on Amazon.


So, is the buzz around Bosch chimneys warranted, especially given their price tag? Well, the final judgement may vary from person to person, but considering the overall satisfaction and reviews from the majority, it’s safe to conclude that yes, Bosch chimneys are a worthwhile investment.

With various unique and environmentally friendly features, they undeniably alleviate kitchen-related stress, elevating the cooking experience to a more enjoyable level.

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