Remotasks Review 2022 – Is Remotasks Legit or Scam? (Unbiased)

Remotasks Review

Remotasks is one of the trustworthy and reliable platforms that are controlled by Scale Labs Inc. it is most probably similar to Mturk, Picoworkers, Rapidworkers and Microworkers and thousands of people earning well through this website.

Like any other crowd-sourcing website Remotasks also have some rules and principles. It connects workers and employers together and both get the deserving work here.

A worker gets the appropriate work and more chances to earn and the employer gets the person who can able to fulfill his all requirements.

If you want to know more about Remotasks read this article carefully and you come to know all about Remotasks, so let’s have a closer look at that:

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a popular website that develops such opportunities to fulfill the needs of employers and workers. Here you can post a job or get a job as well. It offers multiple mini jobs and micro-tasks.

All you need to have fluency in the English language for working here and have to pass some tests to get more jobs and work here. You have to complete the task and you get weekly payments in your account.

How does Remotasks work?

There are some steps that you have to follow on Remotasks which starts from creating an account and so on. You can’t start work instantly before that you have to fulfill other compulsory fields.

Sign up (Get $10 as a Bonus Free):

remotasks 10usd bonus free
You have to create a Facebook account for signing up for Remotasks if you have already an account on Facebook then directly open the Remotasks website and sign up.
Remotasks login

Remotasks exam

If you want to become a skilled and talented worker and want to attract more employers towards you then click to the ‘Exams’ button and pass out the exams. There are multiple categories available for exams and as more exams, you will pass out the more you get the work here and able to unlock the high-paying jobs.

These exams include video box notation, segment annotation, image and cubes recognition, etc.

Complete the task:

remotasks tasks
After clearing the exam you can start work. Click on the tasks and get one and read the following instructions provided by the client and complete it and deliver it to the client. If you can’t be able to complete a task do not go for that and do not repeat silly mistakes or it can spoil your image as well as your work.Get the payment:

Getting the payment is the best part of Remotasks. No hassle and no waiting for the payment. You just have to concentrate on your work and they pay you weekly and you get your payment in your account automatically. Just link your PayPal account and forget about the other worries.

How to earn via Remotasks?

Remotasks allow total different tasks and jobs and if you dream to earn in dollars then you have to use some extra part of your mind here. It depends on your exam passing levels and how much exams you have passed will provide and show more jobs to your Remotasks dashboard. There are some tasks that you can do are:-

Image annotation:

In this task, they will show an object to you and you have to draw a line to the outside of the object. The object can be anything like a car, bike, or any other thing.


In this task, you have to do modernization on a particular website or in content. Like you have to divide category whatever they have asked like divide the bookkeeping, and dealing area, or make a different category for jackets and pullovers etc.


It includes image and voice transcription both. You have to write or type the data as the image is showing or you have to listen to the audio and type it.


You have to compare the objects with each other from the provided image.

There is a big list of exams try to pass out more exams as you can do and unlock the more criteria of earning.

Collecting the data:

In this task, you will have to collect the important and related data from different websites as per requirements and send it to the client. The information and data must be accurate and relevant to the topic.

How much you can earn via Remotasks

Now, this is a complicated question because it depends on person to person. What kind of task a person choosing, how many exams he passed, how much time you spend to complete an exam, what are your order delivery chances and the quality of the orders and many other factors that decide the earning.

If you work efficiently and fast you can be able to earn $1.5 to $2 per hour. An average skilled person can make $40 to $50 in a month. They never pay you for poor quality work or wrong work or sometimes they cut some of your money for the poor quality work as well.

The more difficult exam you will pass the more chances to get the high payout. Try to pass out the more exams so you can able to earn more, watch related tutorials and learn how to break the exams.

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How to withdraw Remotasks Payout?

The withdrawal procedure maintained by Remotasks is tremendous which makes it a perfect site. They send your money to your PayPal account every Friday morning. You don’t need to do a single effort or a single click for withdrawing.

remotasks payout
They will send your payment on a weekly basis no matter how much you have earned more or less you will get it every week.PayPal is the only mode of payment for now and as we all know that it is a reliable mode. Just keep updating your PayPal app so your service never gets slow or interrupted.

Remotasks rarely delays in the payment procedure and they are very concerned regarding their facilities so you never feel any irritation or frustration.

Pros and cons of Remotasks:

Advantages of Remotasks

  1. Remotasks is a genuine and professional platform for genuine and talented people and pays your skills well.
  2. There is no limit how much you can earn and no limits for withdrawal whatever you will earn transferred to your account.
  3. If you earn $10 in two weeks you will get $10 more as bonus points that motivate workers for earning more and fast.
  4. There are multiple tasks that pay handsomely just work hard and think more to make money.

Disadvantages of Remotasks

  1. You have a great knowledge otherwise you can’t hit the exams the levels are too hard for an average person.
  2. Remotasks are very strict for their client’s requirements so if you repeat silly mistakes like late delivery, poor quality submission, or other mistakes then your account can be rejected or you will be banned forever.
  3. You won’t get work until you pass out the examinations and if you are not fluent in English then this is not a cup of tea of yours.


Remotasks Legit or Scam

Remotasks is definitely a genuine and legit website that offers multiple opportunities for earning. You need the basic knowledge of recognizing the objects, your learning and listening power also works here.

One of the most appreciating qualities is that I have never heard a single review of clients or workers regarding payment delay or something like that.

They are connected with popular business companies like Gusto, Google, Uber, Procter etc. it means you can have chances to connect with good companies and clients.

If you are serious with your earning choose it and work here. In the beginning, you may feel some difficulty but later you can make money for sure. Always try to provide quality content to the clients and try to improve it.

Take the help of tutorials and related videos for learning to crack the exams. There are many videos available on YouTube.


Thousands of people love and like this site for its authenticity and reliability. The Remotasks is quite professional. It is different from other websites and follows its rules and regulations sincerely.

Remotasks is worthy for sincere and decent people and I assure you that you will get 100% payback of your talent and skills. Though, your earning and getting the projects to depend to clear the more exams so you have to do little hard work in the starting.

Remotasks is strict regarding the order delivery and never compromise with the constant mistakes so do not take it lightly. Working here can be a great fun you learn many things like how to deal with branding companies and people, how to be responsible related with your work, how to tackle pressure and complete the task within the deadline and many more.

We hope that the information would be helpful for you and guide you well. If you are already working with this site then please share your experience with us and if not then sign up today with a Facebook account and work with them.

If you have any question or any problem share with us and feel free to ask us.

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