Acorns stole my money- Why people complaints like this?

Acorns stole my money complaints

In this blog post, we are going to cover why people make complaints like Acorns stole my money. Every technology and investment platforms has got some good as well as bad reviews and provides different experiences to the users.

Acorns operates on a simple process that is rounding up everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and investing the spare change in diversified portfolios. This approach aims to make investing accessible to the masses, especially those who might not have large sums to invest traditionally. Users link their bank accounts or credit cards to the app, and Acorns automatically invests the rounded-up amounts.

What is Acorns?

Acorns is a financial technology (fintech) company that offers a micro-investment platform. The platform is designed to make investing more accessible to individuals who may not have large sums of money to invest traditionally. Acorns operates on the principle of “rounding up” everyday purchases and investing the spare change.

How do Acorns Work?

Here’s how Acorns typically works:

  1. Linking Accounts: Users link their credit cards or bank accounts to the Acorns app.
  2. Round-Up Purchases: When a user makes a purchase using a linked card or account, Acorns rounds up the transaction to the nearest dollar. For example, if a user spends $4.50 on a coffee, Acorns rounds up the purchase to $5.00.
  3. Investing Spare Change: The rounded-up amount (in this case, $0.50) is then automatically invested in a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) chosen by Acorns. This allows users to invest their spare change without actively managing a portfolio.
  4. Portfolio Diversification: Acorns typically spreads the invested funds across a mix of asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, to create a diversified investment portfolio.
  5. Fees: Acorns charges a monthly fee for its services, which may vary depending on the type of account and services a user selects. The fee structure is designed to be transparent, and users can find information about fees on the Acorns website.
  6. Educational Tools: Acorns also provides educational tools and resources to help users learn more about investing and personal finance. This is aimed at empowering users to make informed financial decisions.

Acorns stole my money- Why such complaints

Acorns stole my money complaints

Some of the common complaints by people are;

1. Unauthorized Transactions (Acorns stole my money)

One of the most prevalent complaints revolves around unauthorized transactions. Some users have reported unexpected withdrawals or transfers from their linked accounts, leading to concerns about the security of their financial information.

2. High Fees Relative to Investment Size

Acorns charges a monthly fee, which can be perceived as high when compared to the relatively small amounts invested by users. This fee structure has prompted complaints about the platform eating into potential returns, especially for those with modest portfolios.

3. Lack of Transparency

Some users express frustration with what they perceive as a lack of transparency in Acorns’ fee structure and investment strategy. Understanding how the fees impact their overall returns is a common concern.

4. Difficulty Withdrawing Funds

Complaints have surfaced regarding difficulties users face when trying to withdraw funds from their Acorns accounts. This has led to concerns about the accessibility of their invested money when needed.

What is the Solution?

If you suspect or identify an unauthorized transaction on your Acorns account, it’s crucial to take prompt action to secure your account and address the issue. Here are the steps you can take:

1. Contact Acorns Support:

Reach out to Acorns customer support as soon as possible. You can usually find contact information on the Acorns website or within the app.
Inform them about the unauthorized transaction(s) and provide details, including transaction amounts, dates, and any other relevant information.

2. Secure Your Account:

Change your Acorns account password immediately. Use a strong, unique password that you do not use for other accounts.
If applicable, enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.

3. Review Recent Transactions:

Carefully review your Acorns transaction history to identify any unauthorized or suspicious transactions. Note the date, time, and amount of each transaction.

4. Report to Authorities:

If you believe your account has been compromised, you may want to report the unauthorized transaction to the appropriate authorities, such as your local law enforcement or the relevant regulatory body.

Always prioritize your account security, and take proactive steps to prevent unauthorized access in the future, such as regularly updating passwords and monitoring your account activity.

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How to get Benefitted using Acrons?

It’s important to note that experiences can vary, and while some users may have encountered challenges, others may find Acorns to be a valuable tool for their financial goals. As with any financial platform, users are encouraged to stay informed, regularly review their accounts, and promptly address any discrepancies or concerns with the platform’s customer support.

Here are some tips to maximize the benefits of using Acorns:

1. Understand Acorns Features

Familiarize yourself with how Acorns works, including its round-up feature, investment portfolios, and fee structure. Understanding these elements will help you make informed decisions.

2. Link Multiple Funding Sources

Consider linking multiple credit and debit cards to your Acorns account. This increases the potential for round-up contributions, allowing you to invest more spare change.

3. Set Up Recurring Investments:

Take advantage of recurring investments by setting up automatic contributions. This ensures a consistent flow of funds into your Acorns account, helping you build your investment over time.

4. Choose the Right Portfolio:

Acorns offers a range of portfolio options with different risk levels. Select a portfolio that aligns with your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Acorns offers portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive.

5. Utilize Found Money:

Acorns’ Found Money feature allows you to earn cashback rewards when you make purchases with partner companies. Check the Found Money section regularly to take advantage of special offers and boost your investments.

6. Maximize Referral Bonuses:

Acorns often provides referral bonuses for bringing in new users. Share your referral code with friends and family to earn bonuses, which can contribute to your investment portfolio.

Acorns provides educational resources on investing and personal finance. Take advantage of these materials to enhance your financial literacy and make more informed decisions about your investments.

7. Regularly Review Your Portfolio:

Periodically review your investment portfolio to ensure it aligns with your financial goals. Adjust your portfolio if your risk tolerance or investment objectives change over time.

8. Withdraw Strategically:

When you need to withdraw funds, do so strategically. Consider market conditions and the potential tax implications of selling investments. Acorns provides tools to assist with the withdrawal process.


In conclusion, complaints like Acorns stole my money surrounding Acorns underscore the importance of careful consideration and due diligence when engaging with financial technology platforms. While Acorns has pioneered a user-friendly approach to investing, it is not immune to criticisms that users have raised. Issues such as unauthorized transactions, perceived high fees, lack of transparency, and difficulties in withdrawing funds have fueled discontent among some users.

It is essential for both users and Acorns, as a financial service provider, to prioritize open communication and transparency. Users should take the time to thoroughly understand the platform’s fee structure, security measures, and terms of use. Acorns, in turn, should actively address user concerns, enhance security protocols, and improve communication to foster trust.

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