Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives (High Paying)

Whenever one thinks about making money via blogs, Google Adsense is the first and foremost monetization program that may cross your mind. Getting an approval for Google Adsense Account is not a simpler task but in case if you have succeeded in having one and is still looking forward to multiply your earning through Adsense than you need to try Adsense optimization tools. In case if you are not satisfied with the way Google Adsense functions or if your account has been banned by Google then you need to look for Google Adsense Alternatives. The selected Google Adsense Alternatives should be the best paying one so that it can add more to your bank balance.

This blog about the top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives will give you the clear picture about how these Google Adsense Alternatives works along with other functions.

10 best Google adsense alternatives high paying

There are number of reasons that lead you to look for Google Adsense Alternatives, like:


  1. Sometimes it may happen that Google Adsense disables your account and you are unable to do anything about it.
  2. Your account is rejected again and again by Google Adsense.
  3. You want to add more monetization procedure to your blog or website

The problem while using Google Adsense Alternatives are they do not work equivalent to Adsense as most of them are designed for websites with high traffic. The list mentioned below could be used for all kind of website or blogs and even with Google Adsense so that you can increase your earning through them.

1) Adcash– Adcash is first among Google Adsense Alternatives as it is among the highest paying alternatives. You could use this online advertising podium globally. It has a wide network of audience via internet network. Certain flamboyant features that separate it from the crowd of many are:


  1. It is working in 249 countries
  2. Game development organizations and other many companies are among the common clientele of it.
  3. Alexa had ranked it 545 universally among all Google Adsense Alternatives according to the statistics.
  4. had graded it as one of the most happening startup in Estonia.
  5. It has its office located in France, Spain, Bulgaria and Mexico.

You get superior quality ads here so that the revenue generation is also high. It is easy to monetize your online content here. As it has mass reach, the right audience could be targeted easily.

2)– several advertisers and publishers prefer this Google Adsense Alternative above all. Among the sphere of extended contextual ads universally this platform ensures that that page relevancy is there so that the users could have more benefits. Some of its remarkable features are:

  1. The revenue generation is great due to better advertisement quality.
  2. It functions with Contextual Ads Program of Bing Network and Yahoo!
  3. You get the assistance from dedicated account manager in ongoing process.
  4. It has its office located in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Dubai, New York, Bangalore, Zurich etc.
  5. It also support mobile ads, hence you could enjoy mobile friendly zones.

You can start it with simple JS code of two lines. You get at least $100 as revenue here.

3). Infolinks– “Innovative Ads Powered by Intent” is the tag line that drives this Google Adsense Alternatives. Some of the traits that will attract you towards Infolinks are:

  1. Assist relevant ads so that clientele have desirable experience.
  2. According to the statistics it had earned marketplace among 1.5 lakhs websites spread in 128 countries.
  3. Ideal platform for in-text advertising.
  4. InTag, InFold and InScreen ad units included
  5. Effortless integration.

Native advertisement has become an essential tool so Infolink is highly suggested. It could act as a supplement to the Adsense ads. Customizing ads facility is too beneficial. Minimum payout earned here is $50.

4). Adversal it comes with the format of nine ads. It specially offers pop-under ad units. Real Time Bidding service that facilitates real time auction of advertising inventory is provided by Adversal. The pretentious features that arrest users interest towards Adversal are:

  1. Simple to use with quick setup facility
  2. Adjusting banner size with pop under ads.
  3. Advantage of cent percent fill rate in diverse formats of ad
  4. You can earn a minimum payout of $20
  5. Not suggested for adult blog or websites.
  6. Referral program could help you in earning 10% as commission.
  7. Excluding weekend it takes 35 days to receive payments

You need to apply for this advertising platform and in case of refusal you can re apply after a month.

5). Ayboll– a widget will appear if you use this platform which will reflect the links that are connected to several other networks. An article is added to your link and in case if the audience clicks on that link you are paid for it. The ostentatious features are:

  1. Premium advertisers are 2000+
  2. Fill rate are 100 percent
  3. Installation process takes 1/20th hour
  4. Daily new 600 publishers are added
  5. Average $6 ECPM over US traffic

Ayboll is one stop solution for marketers designed by the marketers. Minimum payout here is $100.

6). Buysellads– combine platform for publishers and advertisers. The information including PR, Alex rank etc are grab by Buysellads on its own after you succumb your blog or site here. For approval high traffic is compulsory here. The attractive features are:

  1. 1500+ publishers
  2. Monthly 6 Billion+ impression are sold as per website
  3. 12000+ advertisers
  4. 5% rate of acceptance

It started in 2008 February.

7). Chitika– it was started in 2003 with its headquarters at Westborough and office in Hyderabad. It is CPC based program where user can customize color of border, text and URL to conform the appearance of website.

Its features are:

  1. 350000+ publishers
  2. Titled as “Silicon India Top 100”
  3. 4 billions+ monthly targeted ads
  4. Real time bidding

8). Qadabra– earlier it was named as AdsGadget. This platform of online advertising is completely based on performance. It is too simple to use. Its features are:

  1. No restriction of  minimum payout
  2. Universal coverage of ad
  3. No strict rules
  4. Maintenance of minimum impression value is not needed
  5. Automatic optimization algorithm

Out of 30 options users can choose the one that matches the niche of their blog and site. Payment gateway is via NEFT, Payoneer and PayPal. 24X7 assistance is available.

9). SkimLiks–  it is driven by affiliate marketing by converting your URL in affiliate links. Commission is earned through every sale from your link. Its features are:

  1. Positively revised commission rates
  2. Over 20 thousands board merchants
  3. Income based on sales
  4. Support team
  5. Automatic built affiliated links

According to the website page impressions currently is over 4.6 billion.

10). Intellinks– a complete network of context link could be seen at this platform. Its important features are:

  1. 24X7 assistance
  2. Complete grab on the ads over your blogs or websites
  3. No minimum payout barriers
  4. Within 7th of the month, payment is made through PayPal.

You get the bid price for your ad space or the one asked by you. You can earn commission also through referral links.

Now choose what suits you the most after comparing their features!

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  3. No matter how many alternatives does Google adsense have, it is the only best ad network for monetizing blog. The thing I liked most of Google adsense is that it also allows small publisher to monetize their blog.

  4. I think more on affiliate marketing than these adsense because even with less conversion i would make good money by affiliate marketing than these, most of them not accept Indian blogs, but appreciate your effort in bringing these alternatives for those who are looking on alternate on adsense.

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