TextRanch vs Grammarly- Which is Better? (TextRanch Review)

People who are writing always try to get smooth and error-free content. Tools can help to make it possible, but the main query is ‘Textranch vs Grammarly.’ These both are the best tools when it is about checking Grammar and other errors in your content.

TextRanch vs Grammarly (Comparison)

Checking content through these tools will help to rectify spelling mistakes, punctuation and other such errors. It will not just correct mistakes but also come up with a solution to make your content error-free. So, writers who are confused between Textranch vs. Grammarly’ can check out the pros and cons to conclude.

Pricing: TextRanch vs Grammarly

TextRanch offers only 140 characters per day for free whereas Grammarly has no limits of words for proofreading. Textranch charges according to their credit points system which is very expensive whereas Grammarly has no such system.

Have a look at the Pricing structure of TextRanch before proceeding further…

textranch pricing


Grammarly pricing – $9.91/Month (a special discount for our readers) with unlimited AI revisions.


grammarly pricing

What is Textranch?


Textranch (https://textranch.com/)is an automatic tool that makes it very easy and quick to check your content. It helps to proofread English content by human experts and so the accuracy is high. Proofreading is not an easy task and to make your content error-free textranch can work for you. Textranch has qualified and experienced native experts who are best with UK and US English.

It gives users an option to rectify their mistakes and correct them so that they can avoid such errors in the future. Experts do corrections in your text itself, where small and unseen mistakes are also solved. Experts will help get your content proofread and end up with silky, smooth material. Textranch also has an automatic tool that gives two sentences so that writers can compare both and select an entirely appropriate one.

Many writers still think it is a scam, but they are wrong as it’s legit. Many writers who need human experts to rectify mistakes are trusting it and using it to create perfect English content.

How Textranch works?

  1. Users are just required to enter their text in the textbox of the tool.
  2. You need to click the submit button after native English experts will start correcting your mistakes and make it in a readable form.
  3. Lastly, you will get error-free and complete text without any mistakes or errors.

TextRanch Pros

  • Textranch is mainly for checking word order, preposition usage and idiomatic sentences that are bene used in the sentence.
  • Writers are always looking out for something that can give them quick results and help to come up with perfect content. Textranch average response time is just a few minutes and in no time you can get error-free content
  • Many beginners are writing just for the hobby and so for them, the free version is the best. Writers can have one free version every 24 hours and thus help to get error-free content.
  • The cost of a premium account with Textranch is also quite affordable and writers who are willing to have error-free content can easily afford it.
  • Native English experts are working 24*7 for their users. It means you can get your content to proofread at any time of the day.
  • Privacy is an essential concern while getting content checked through such online tools. Textranch makes sure that text submitted by users is entirely safe and secure.
  • Users can give some information like the type of content, preferred language, and notes to help editors correct the content based on it.

Cons of Textranch

  • Beginners cannot check their every content as it offers just one free material in 24 hours. So, one needs to buy a premium version for proofreading content.
  • Human experts are checking your content and so there are chances that some mistakes are unseen.
  • It also offers a comparison tool for free where users are required to select the appropriate sentence for their content, which is not easy. Many time users end up selecting sentences that is no appropriate for their content.

What is Grammarly (TextRanch vs Grammarly)

grammarly vs textranch

People who love writing as a hobby or have careers in this field are very well aware of different proofreading tools. But among all one that is very popular and preferred by most writers is “Grammarly.” It is one of the best online tools to check Grammar and mistakes to give you error-free writing.

Grammarly is also known for its accuracy and user-friendly interface. People who love to write and are willing to improve their skills will also benefit by using Grammar as it will not only solve issues but also explain it to you. So, proofreading with learning new skills can make you the best writer.

It is available as a free and premium version with various mediums. Suppose you are not willing to make any investment go for the free version. But if you are a professional writer who posts their blogs and is looking for perfect content, opt for the premium version. It will rectify even the minute mistakes and helps to improve writing. Grammarly’s premium version will check out spelling, punctuation, ambiguous pronoun, overused word, punctuation and much more.

Grammarly Pros

  1. The user interface of Grammar is quite smooth and everyone can use it for resolving mistakes in content.
  2. It works best with grammar checking like punctuation, spelling and even solves grammar mistakes. The software is built based on standard grammar rules.
  3. Grammarly also comes in a free version that is also very helpful in solving basic punctuation or spelling. So, if you are a beginner and cannot afford the premium version, it is the best option.
  4. Grammarly is available with the browser extension and also in the form of a web tool. It is also available in the way of Microsoft word add-in and mobile app. You can also check Grammar at https://app.grammarly.com/ without actually downloading.
  5. Grammarly can be used for casual writing and even for professional content. People who have writing as a hobby can also use Grammar to improve themselves.

Grammarly Cons

  1. It is comparatively costly when opting for a premium version. So, one who is new in these fields will find it quite difficult to afford it.
  2. It is software that lacks a human touch. So many times, some mistakes are ignored by the software.

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Why is Grammarly better than Textranch?

Writers who are writing as a hobby or looking out for professional guidance to check their content can opt for Grammarly or Textranch. Both are very helpful in proofreading English content, but when you consider various factors, Grammar is leading. Below are some of the reasons why Grammarly must be preferred as compared to Text ranch:

  1. Grammar’s free version does not limit you and can solve all underlying issues regarding punctuation, spelling, and Grammar. But textranch offers just one content free checking, and also it defines the word count. So, it becomes compulsive to opt for the paid version.
  2. The features available with the premium version of Grammar is just beyond word. You can get perfect wring with the premium version as it rectifies the smallest and invisible mistakes. Textranch proofreading is done by human experts and so the chances of errors are high. Many times you won’t come across minute errors that might affect your writing with textranch.
  3. Grammar reviews make it clear that people are using it to get perfect writing. But you can’t find more reviews regarding textranch and so it is tough to rely on it. So, when it is about reliability, Grammarly is considered rather than Textranch.
  4. Looking at the cost, one would find Grammarly costly as compared to the textranch. But the output can compensate the price and so writers prefer Grammarly over Textranch.

Conclusion – Grammarly vs TextRanch

In all, both these proofreading tools are working in their way. Moreover, one is an online software while the other is a human experts proof-reader. So, you cannot compare both, but if you are looking out for silky smooth writing, opt for Grammar. It is up to you to select any of these tools, but Grammarly is leading the completion if you want to improve your writing skill.

It is advisable to try out both and check out the results by yourself. The free version of Grammarly is also very useful for beginners and students. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try and compare the results.

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