Can Laser hair therapy cause cancer?

can laser hair therapy cause cancer

Does Laser hair therapy cause cancer? People often go for laser therapy sometimes for removing unwanted hair from the body and sometimes for hair regrowth purposes.

Laser therapy indeed causes some temporary side effects. There are no studies that prove it, and so people must stop believing it. Infect laser therapy is an easy process that is safe and painless.

Then why do people think… Can Laser hair therapy cause cancer or be safe to use?

DISCLAIMER: This post is published only for educational purposes only. Always consult your doctor before taking any decision related to your hair treatment.

How does laser therapy work?

Case 1 – Laser therapy for hair removal

Laser hair therapy uses radiation that helps to produce the laser beam. This laser beam is of non-ionising radiation, which kills the hair follicles to stop hair growth. It prevents the development of new hair and thus helps to get rid of hair for a long time or permanently.

Case 2 – Laser therapy for hair regrowth

How does laser therapy help in the hair regrowth process?

You might have heard about laser caps, laser combs, brushes etc., to stop hair loss. The theory is that when hair follicles absorb laser light at a certain level, it stimulates hair to grow. But there’s not enough evidence that any of these devices restore hair or prevent balding. (Source: Webmd – Hair loss treatment)

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Why do people prefer laser therapy for hair related problems?

People who do not have time and are willing to get some permanent solution must go for laser hair therapy. Laser therapy is not only used to get rid of hair but also is used in skin procedures and for some hair regrowth purposes as well. It uses minimal radiation for treatment, affecting only the skin’s surface, and does not go inside the body.

There are some minor or temporary side effects of the therapy, but there are many wrong myths regarding the treatment. One such belief is that laser therapy can cause cancer. It is entirely wrong, and there is no cause of cancer with laser therapy.

Does laser therapy cause cancer?

Laser therapy uses radiation in the form of a laser beam. This laser beam is non-ionising which is very different from Ultraviolet rays that tends to cause cancer. It is one of the reasons that make people believe laser therapy causes cancer.

It is true that ionising radiation like x-rays can sometimes cause cancer but as said the laser therapy uses non-ionising, which is different from all.

The ionising radiation tends to damage the DNA cells that can cause cancer but as said the laser therapy uses non-ionising radiation. The minimal amount of light will reach the follicles, and not penetrate deep inside the body.

Which are the side effects of laser hair therapy?

  1. Redness and irritation are the most common side effects of laser therapy. These effects are minor and go away with time. An ice pack can reduce irritation, and in severe cases, one must consult a doctor.
  2. There are chances that skin pigmentation changes after laser therapy. It can make your skin light or dark, but these are also temporary that disappears after some time.
  3. People who get exposed to the sun soon after the procedure might face blisters. So, the dermatologist’s advice is to stay away from the sunlight after the process.
  4. There are no studies that prove pregnant ladies should avoid laser therapy but still one must avoid it for safety reasons.

Benefits of using laser therapy

  1. There is no evidence nor any research that proves laser therapy causes cancer. There are many benefits of using it so let’s check out the pros of laser therapy:
  2. It is a painless process where a minimal amount of radiation is used the body can tolerate that. It does not cause any pain, and there are no scars after the procedure.
  3. Laser therapy does not say it gives a permanent solution, but it will be long-lasting.

FAQs related to Laser hair therapy

1. Which type of radiation is used for laser hair therapy?

Laser therapy uses non-ionising radiation as the source of light, not ultraviolet rays, X -rays, or nuclear radiation. These concentrated light sources will not go deeper into the skin and thus it is safe.

2. Who must be cautious while undergoing laser hair therapy?

Researchers have found that laser therapy can change a typical mole. So, people who have a history of skin cancer or atypical moles must be cautious if they find any rare side effects after the process. But none of the studies or results proves that laser therapy will indeed cause cancer.

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