Best Laser Cap for Hair Loss 2024 (Top 3) – Laser Cap Reviews

best laser cap for hair loss reviews

After going through many FDA cleared Laser caps for hair loss treatment, we’ve made a list of the 3 best laser caps for hair Growth. These three laser caps that can help to get thicker hair are as follows:

  1. Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap – Guaranteed Result Within 7 Months
  2. iRestore Laser Cap for Hair Loss
  3. illumiflow 272 Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth

Kiierr Laser cap vs iRestore vs illumiflow 272 Laser cap – Comparison table

Kiierr Laser Hair Growth CapiRestore Laser Cap for Hair Lossillumiflow 272 Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth
Laser Diodes148 & 272255Up to 272
Warranty2 years1 year5 year
FDA ClearanceApprovedApprovedApproved
Time Duration7 months4 to 6 months4 to 12 months
Time to use


30 minutes every alternate day25 minutes every other day30 minutes every other day
Cost of TreatmentClick Here to CheckClick Here to CheckClick Here to Check

Does laser cap for hair loss (treatment) work, really?

laser cap reviews

Yes, laser treatment is one of the best treatments for hair loss. Laser Treatment is also known as low-level laser therapy, where photos are irradiated into the scalp tissue. The laser treatment has both red light and cold laser therapy that is quite effective and encourages hair growth.

The weak cells on the scalp absorb these photos and help in the growth. This treatment is comparatively safe and tolerable for everyone. Laser treatment gives a quick result as camped to a hair transplant.

The laser treatment helps in circulation and stimulation, which will help hair follicles to grow. As the microcirculation increases, there is a good supply of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle. The treatment makes it easy to regrow the hair and get rid of loss.

What is laser treatment?

Today many people around us are facing hair loss issues. We lose nearly 100 hairs daily, but most people have good growth and thus get their hair back. Some people around us do not get their hair back because of age, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, and many others.

These people opt for different medications that can help them their growth back. Some of these treatments are effective, one of which is laser therapy which can help get growth back and stop hair loss.

Many companies have come up with laser hair growth treatment caps that would help one opt for the treatment from their home’s comfort. It’s you to check out the detailed information and get the best laser cap to encourage hair growth.

3 Best Laser Cap for Hair loss 2023 (Reviews)

1. Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap

kiierr laser cap

Kiierr laser caps are the best in the market as it is non-invasive, safe and non-irritating. The lasers in the cap go deep inside and work on the tissue to promote hair regrowth. These caps are FDA approved and guarantee to get hair back within seven months.

The lasers penetrate the hair and thus help follicles change from the resting phase to the growing phase. It is portable and so allows users to do other tasks while wearing the cap. Kiierr laser caps can be used even at the office.

Low-level laser therapy is clinically approved for hair regrowth. This device is based on the same technology and so is effective for both men and women. Kiierr laser cap is to be worn on the head for 25 minutes on alternate days. Here you can read a detailed Kiierr laser cap review.

Kiierr Laser Cap Features

  1. The cap comes with an upgraded battery so that charging once can work at least three times.
  2. Kiierr laser caps look like black ball caps so that one can wear them anywhere and anytime. Whether you are working at the office or doing other work, this cap is suitable for all.
  3. It has a stretch-fit headband so that it can cover the entire head. It helps to grow hair equally from all sides and thus promotes good hair growth.
  4. The cap is to be used only for 25 minutes every alternate day. Moreover, it also has an automatic shut-off option so that you are not required to check out time.
  5. The package also has a portable power bank so that one can use it at any place. Users are not required to skip the laser cap even if away from home.

Things we liked in Kiierr Laser Cap

  • Kiierr laser caps are FDA approved and are entirely safe to be used for hair regrowth.
  • These laser caps come in different shapes and sizes so that everyone can wear them with comfort.
  • The Kiierr laser caps look like the usual baseball cap to wear while playing outdoors or working in an office.
  • The comfortable and portable Kiierr laser caps can reverse hair loss and also promotes hair growth.

Things we didn’t like

  • Users have to wait for seven months to see the result. In some adverse conditions, one has to use it for a long time to get good growth.
  • There are some hair losses like complete baldness, where these laser caps do not work.
  • The official site of the Kiierr laser caps has five-star reviews, which are hard to trust.

Kiierr Laser Cap Price

The price varies depending on the type of cap you are selecting. The cost ranges from $595.00 to $925.00. One has to check the official site to get good deals and discounts.

Where to buy the product

Kiierr laser caps are available only on the official site and even unavailable at Amazon, so one has to buy them only through the official site.


  • It uses 569nm, which is effective for hair growth but does not have any adverse effects. So, everyone can use it without any fear.
  • It is a full coverage laser cap covering the size, back, and scalp so that there is consistent growth.
  • The laser cap can be hidden from any other regular caps. It makes the laser cap suitable even for outdoor use.
  • It is FDA approved which ensures complete safety. Both men and women can use it to encourage hair growth.
  • The hands-free device is not only durable but also sturdy. So, that users are not required to change the battery or device after continuous use.
  • Kiierr laser cap is also effective in reducing baldness and also thickens the hair.


  • The price of the cap when opting for the entire model is relatively high. So, many people cannot opt for it.
  • The result of the Kiierr laser cap varies depending on the type of hair loss.
  • The full model of the Kiierr laser hair growth cap comes with 272 diodes which makes it quite powerful to have skin rashes.

2. iRestore Laser Cap for Hair Loss

irestore laser cap

People suffering from balding, thinning hair, or having less hair in their hairline will find iRestore the best solution. There was a time when studies prove that laser treatment is not effective in hair regrowth, but the current scenarios are changed.

The hair regenerates in three stages, mainly anagen, catagen and telogen. People who experience hair loss or have thin hair are in the catagen and telogen phases. So, with the iRestore Laser Cap, the anagen phase is reversed which helps in hair growth.

It is comfortable, durable and is a hands-free device that runs on a battery. It is a painless and elegant way to get thicker hair. There are no instruments inserted in the body and is a comfort cap that shows the quick result.

iRestore Laser Cap for Hair Loss Features

  1. iRestore laser cap comes with an ergonomic design, which means five soft pads divide the weight equally.
  2. It comes with a clear timer display that makes it easy to start, pause or resume the helmet as per your need. Thus, the session could be started at your time.
  3. iRestore is a non-invasive and safe device that stimulates the hair follicle and helps in hair regrowth.
  4. FDA clearance products are suitable for both men and women to encourage regrowth.
  5. The device is to be used only for 25 minutes every other day. The time investment is negligible in front of its result.
  6. iRestore is working with technology that helps regrowth and also makes hair thicker.

Things we liked in iRestore laser cap

  • iRestore Laser Cap is for both men and women. So, one who is looking for thicker, healthier and fuller hair can go for it.
  • The time investment is also minimal as it has to be used just for 25 minutes on alternate days.
  • If using any other hair growth products and iRestore Laser helmet, the results are quick and efficient. So, people who want immediate results must also take additional supplements to support hair growth.
  • According to clinical research, there are no side effects. Some reviewers phase mild headache and itchiness.

Things we didn’t like

  • iRestore has both LED and laser diodes inside the dome. For hair regrowth, LEDs are not as effective as they cannot go into deeper tissue. Thus, the effect is also more negligible, and you cannot get quick results.
  • The battery does not come with a package, and so you have to plug in a while using the device. If willing to make it, a separate portable battery is to be purchased, increasing the cost.
  • Entirely bald people will not find it compelling.


The price of the iRestore laser system varies depending on the site and deals. The cost of a professional device ranges from $1195 to $ 1255. But it also contains other things that promote fast hair growth.

The essential variant is available between $695 to $755. So, before making the purchase check out the sites and deals to make the device affordable.

Where to buy the product

People who are struggling against hair loss or balding can get the device from the official site or from Amazon (easy & safe). It also has the option to buy a rechargeable battery to make the helmet portable.

Many other sites sell iRestore so, check out and find the best deal to make the device affordable.


  • The device is mainly to encourage hair growth through laser therapy. The laser goes deep inside the tissue and promotes regrowth.
  • It is the best way to hair regrowth as there is no instrument going inside the body. Thus, it is non-invasive and also the safest way to get thicker hair.
  • iRestore helps hair regrowth, and using it for a longer time will reduce hair fall. It means users can get fuller and thicker hair.
  • The device comes with a timer display to check the time when the device was on, along with the option to pause it.
  • iRestore is compatible with other hair growth products, and thus, to get a quick result, it must be accomplished with essential nutrients.
  • It comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee, so users who don’t find it effective can replace it.


  • It has 252 diodes instead of 272, which makes it less [powerful. Some people might see a quick result, but it might take nearly six months to get visible output in average conditions.
  • Some users who used the iRestore Laser Cap for more than six months didn’t find it effective.
  • It is not suitable for all types of hair loss.
  • The cost of the iRestore Laser Cap is high, so everyone cannot afford it.

3. illumiflow 272 Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth

illumiflow 272 laser cap

illumiflow is one of the best laser caps today as it has the ability to reverse the hair loss process and thus encourage hair regrowth. It is known for its durability, safety, and most importantly, it gives effective results.

The cap is  FDA clearance l and so is a trustworthy brand. It is even considered the most effective laser cap in the market today. Illumiflow uses clinically approved technology that ensures 100% safety and also gives quick results.

It is a full-coverage laser cap that helps to penetrate the laser in the scalp to reach the base of the follicle. It helps to strengthen the hair and also promotes hair regrowth.

The lightweight laser cap is a little expensive, but the hands-free makes it easy to use. The device also shuts off automatically after the session, and this is one of the best products for hair growth.

illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Features

  1. illumiflow is a clinically proven and tested cap, so there are minimal chances of any side effects.
  2. The laser has premium 272 laser diodes that gives full coverage so that there is uniform hair growth.
  3. It also has in-built cooling technology that protects the laser and makes the cap durable.
  4. The laser calibration for dep penetration must be 650nm, and so the illumiflow laser cap is designed accordingly.
  5. It runs on battery, so you can do multitask while wearing the cap. The lightweight cap does not feel the weight on the head.
  6. The best part is that the illumiflow laser cap is an effective and painless treatment that encourages hair growth at an affordable cost.
  7. It is a Grade 2 medical level device that a doctor has recommended for hair growth. Laser cap makes hair thicker, stronger and healthier.
  8. It is to be worn only for 30 minutes, that to three times a week. It means there is no continuous process to get effective results.

Things we liked in illumiflow 272 Laser Cap

  • The laser points in the cap are designed in such a manner that it has optimum penetration. This makes the illumiflow different from others, and as it 100% safe, there are minimal side effects.
  • Initially, 3 months would reverse the hair loss process s while the next 3 months will promote hair growth. Using it as prescribed for more than 9 months will thicken the existing hair and make the hair healthy.
  • The illumiflow has a battery that can easily charge with the cord. The battery makes it portable, and you can use it while watching TV or working.
  • It comes with 5 years warranty along with a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Things we didn’t like

  • The laser cap has to be used for 30 minutes only 3 times a week. So, the result is not quick, and it takes time to show its effect.
  • The battery-operated cap might need to change the battery after using it for a longer time.
  • The effect of an illumiflow laser cap varies from person to person, and so it is hard to say whether it would be effective for everyone. One has to try it by themselves to get effective results.


If we talk about the price, illumiflow is not so expensive as a one-time treatment cost less than $4.50. Some many discounts and offers help to reduce the overall cost of the treatment. In all, one can get the complete treatment through an illumiflow laser cap for $799.

One who cannot pay the total amount at once can go for the instalments. If looking out for an affordable and safe laser cap for hair regrowth, illumiflow is the best in every manner.


  • Both men and women can use it. So, all who are above 18 can use these laser caps to promote hair growth.
  • The laser cap has 272 laser diodes that will give full coverage of the scalp. Thus, it helps in regrowth from all sides, and the results are also quick.
  • The laser cap comes with a battery so that it is easy to handle and is not required to sit in one place. After the recommended time, it shuts off automatically.
  • The laser cap is portable and lightweight, so there is no issue wearing it even for 30 minutes.
  • Illumiflow laser cap comes with 100% safety and is also FDA-approved.
  • It is a baseball cap that helps you to wear even while you are out of the house.


  • It takes nearly 9 months to show the result. So, one who does not have patience will find it difficult to get the result.
  • It cannot accommodate all head sizes, and so many find it uncomfortable.
  • The powerful laser-emitting diodes can cause skin rashes, but it is quite rare.
  • In many adverse situations where the hair condition is not according to the laser cap, it might take more than a year to show its effective result.

Where to buy the product

Many sites are where the illumiflow cap is available with great discounts. But it is advisable to buy it from Amazon as it’s safe & secure.

How to get good results with Hair regrowth treatment?

There are some points which must be followed to get a good response to the product. These points are as follows:

  1. Every laser cap for hair loss comes with a manual and set of instructions. So, even if you know how to use it, don’t forget to study the manual to know more about the device.
  2. Following instructions properly can get the best of the product and thus you can see the result quickly.
    A laser cap for hair regrowth comes with diodes, so it is advisable to keep it in a cool and dry place. Keeping the laser caps in such a place will protect the mechanism.
  3. Laser caps come with a time recommendation, so don’t use them for a longer time. People who think that keeping the laser cap for a long time would give quick results are wrong. Thus, one must make sure to follow it.
  4. Every time you begin using a laser cap, make sure to wash, condition, and mostly dry your hair. It will help to remove all the dirt, and drying hair will avoid unexpected conditions.
  5. Many users are confused about how to wear the cap, and many do not go with the flow. So, for all such users, the laser cap must start from the edge of your hairline as it would help to encourage regrowth incorrect manner.

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Benefits of Laser cap for hair loss

  1. Laser treatment does not require the instrument to enter your body, just like any other hair growth treatment. Thus, it is a non-invasive way to get hair back.
  2. The low-dose laser stimulates important nutrients in the follicle, which helps in the regrowth of hair.
  3. People who opt for laser treatment will not get their hair back and stop the further reduction of the hair. Thus, it encourages the regrowth of hair for a lifetime.
  4. Some people might face some side effects, but nothing is so dangerous. The user might face some issues, and thus, one must consult the doctor.
  5. Laser hair treatment not only helps in regrowth but also increases the fullness and density of hair. It means the hair looks fluffy and thus affects your overall look.
  6. Many hair regrowth treatments can give good results, but some of them can prove very painful. People who opt for laser hair growth treatment are not required to go through pain.
  7. The laser hair regrowth tretamine is best through caps, making it manageable as one can wear at home and is not required to go to any doctor. The time required to spend on laser caps is manageable by all.

Best Laser cap for Hair loss 2023 (Buying Guide)

Points to remember while buying a laser cap for hair loss…

  • Many factors must be considered before one opts to buy a laser hair growth device. Many laser hair regrowth devices in the market, but one that suffers from severe loss will find the laser cap as the best option.
  • Price, warranty, and safety is some of the factors that should be considered before buying any laser cap for hair loss. You must also check the power supply diode to make sure that it won’t have side effects.

Some other points should also be considered while buying the laser caps, which are as follows:

1. FDA Clearance

To ensure the laser cap’s complete safety and efficiency, go for the one which is FDA-approved. Most of the laser caps for hair regrowth are FDA-approved; still, you have to check them out before purchasing.

2. Amount of lasers

The laser cap that has a greater number of diodes will give better coverage, and as a result, it will be more effective. Every app shows the number of lights it has, so make sure to check it out. Nanometres must also be considered as it is the reason to stimulate the follicles. So, check out the range to get good results.

3. Price

One of the most important factors to consider before going for laser cap treatment is the price. The price may vary depending on the number of diodes and the light-emitting capacity. The price mostly varies between $500 to $1500 for some best laser caps. So, compare it before making any decision.

4. Time

The other important factor to consider after the price is the time duration. The low-level laser therapy gives results but needs time to get better results to check out the one that shows the result in a short time. But to get effective results, one must use it as prescribed.

FAQs related to best laser cap for hair loss

1. What is the common cause of hair loss?

Indeed, hereditary is also one reason for hair loss, but there are many on the list. Some of the common causes that stop hair regrowth are diet, stress, depression, and even illness. People’s age and hormonal changes are also the reason for hair loss.

2. Is laser treatment suitable for both men and women?

Yes, the laser treatment is suitable for both men and women so that anyone can have hair growth.

3. What are the common side effects of using laser hair regrowth caps?

Based on the user’s review, the side effects are infrequent with laser hair regrowth treatment. In case there are many, it is minor, but in case there are some uncommon side effects, one must consult the doctor. The most common side effects of laser hair regrowth treatment are headaches, scalp redness, itching, and a burning sensation.

4. What is a holistic program for hair loss?

People who really want to get quick results and want to start the hair regrowth process must opt for the best laser caps. But along with it, they must follow the holistic approach to see better and quick results. So, one must take vitamins, amino acids, and high nutrients in food to boost hair regrowth.


People suffering from hair loss and wishing to get painless and non-invasive solutions will find laser treatment the best option. It reverses hair loss and thus encourages the regrowth of hair. The treatment uses a low dose’ laser to encourage growth in the head follicle.

One should have patience and follow the instruction of the hair laser cap to get effective results. Hair regrowth might take time and so don’t get discouraged and opt for hair regrowth treatment.

So, check out these three-laser hair regrowth capos and get detailed information to select the best of all. It is advisable to consult the doctor before laser treatment as it would take the correct decision.

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