Hairmax Laserband 82 Review – Does it Work?

hairmax laserband 82 review

When we talk about hair loss treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is laser therapy. Today, many laser devices like caps, combs, helmets, and bands are available, which help to thicken hair follicles to restore hair growth.

One such product is Hairmax LaserBand 82 that helps to treat hair loss problems and encourage hair growth. It is FDA cleared and is used by both men and women. The laser from the band stimulates and nourishes the hair follicles to reverse the hair loss process.

The Hairmax LaserBand 82 is an effective device that helps get thicker and longer hair for people suffering from pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. The band comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for three weeks on one-time charging.

LaserBand comes with medical lasers, which need to be used for 90 seconds on alternate days to get visible results. The band needs to be moved in front, middle, and back, which means in 90 seconds, it gives full scalp coverage.

Does Hairmax Laserband 82 work?

hairmax laserband 82

Low-level laser therapy is one of the effective solutions for hair loss. The Hairmax LaserBand 82 has medical lasers that emit light to the hair follicle and activate the dead cell. It is not effective in the case of dead cells or baldness.

If you are having mild or moderate hair loss because the cells are inactive, the laser light nourishes them and promotes hair growth. This Laserband comes with teeth parting that makes it easy for follicles to receive the laser light.

The intensity of the Laserband gives effective results on using it as prescribed. Doctors even recommend the Hairmax Laserband to regrow hair and give thicker and longer hair.

The clinically approved technology and FDA-cleared Laserband is one of the best products in the market. There are many other Hairmax products in the market, but looking for affordable and effective products, consider Laser band 82.

Hairmax Laserband 82 Features

  1. The Hairmax Laser Band 82 comes with 82 medical lasers is FDA cleared.
  2. Hairmax LaserBand 82 is on the expensive side, but it can be shared with other members of the family. Thus, it can reduce the overall cost.
  3. It is effective for pattern hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, and hair thinning.
  4. The laser band is comfortable and light in weight.
  5. The band’s design gives full scalp coverage and stimulates the hair follicle to reverse the hair loss process.
  6. Hairmax Laser Band 82 is to be moved in the scalp’s front, back, and middle areas. Thus, it is three times more effective and works as if the band has 246 lasers.
  7. It is to be used for 90 seconds while moving from one area to another after 30 seconds. There is a vibration after 30 seconds that works as an indication to move on to other areas.
  8. It has soft hair parting teeth to emit lasers and promote hair growth.
  9. There is no need to sit in one place for using the hair laser band as it comes with a rechargeable battery. Thus, you can do your work while using the laser band.

Things we like

  • Hairmax Laser Band 82 is FDA cleared, and thus there are no side effects of using it.
  • It comes with a cordless battery, which means you can move while wearing the Laserband.
  • The laser band is to be used only for 90 seconds thrice a week, which does not take much time.
  • It comes with medical lasers that will reduce hair loss and also makes your hair healthy.
  • The laser band comes with six months money-back guaranty and also has two years warranty.

Things we don’t like

  • The Hairmax Laser Band 82 needs to be moved on the different scalp areas and is not as convenient as Laser caps for hair loss.
  • The laser band is influential only for moderate hair loss and is not effective on progressive hair loss.
  • It comes with a money refund option but cuts of 20% from the amount.
  • Some reviews show people are not finding the device effective for hair growth.

Hairmax Laserband 82 Price

The laser band effectively reverses the hair loss process and thus helps to get longer and thicker hair. The device comes with 82 medical lasers, and the overall cost of the Hairmax LaserBand 82 is between $750 – $800.

It is better to look out for offers and discounts to get saving on your purchase. Hairmax LaserBand 82 is available for international shipping, so feel free to get the device and get rid of hair loss.

Where to buy Hairmax Laserband 82?

Hairmax LaserBand 82 is available on various shopping sites like Amazon, and also one can get it from their official website.

One must check the return policy while buying it from another shopping site and not from the official website. Many people have not received the warranty and guaranty, so make sure to check it out before making the purchase.


  • The Hairmax Laser Band 82 is an FDA-cleared product and so can be used by everyone.
  • The laser in the band helps to stimulate hair follicles and increase blood circulation. Thus, it encourages hair growth and thus reverses the hair loss process.
  • It comes with a flexible design that fits all scalp sizes. Moreover, it can be shared with other family members to make it more affordable.
  • The rechargeable battery makes it convenient to use even while travelling.
  • The Hairmax LaserBand 82 is to be used only for 90 seconds and just three times a week.
  • The laser band can be returned and eligible for a refund for up to 6 months if results are not visible.
  • It is a cordless hair band that is very easy to rear and also comfortable for all.
  • The vibration notifies to slide off the laser band to other areas of the scalp. Thus, it covers the entire scalp in just 90 seconds.
  • The laser band can be used with other hair products for hair growth.


  • The device is expensive as compared to other products in the market.
  • It does not work on complete baldness and receding hairlines.
  • The regular use of Hairmax Laser Band 82 also requires time to have visible results.
  • It works on the entire scalp, but the coverage is still less than laser caps and helmets.

Hairmax Laserband 82 Reviews

The reviews and feedback of people are mainly on the positive side. Many people have used the Hairmax Laser Band 82 and got good results. Many people have to wait to get visible results.

The effect of Hairmax Laser Band 82 also depends on hair type and type of hair loss. People who have opted for it in the initial stage of hair loss have found it more effective. Even some customers have got a good density of hair along with reducing hair shedding.

Many have found it cheaper as compared to other such products. It also works on three stages that give full scalp coverage and are an effective treatment to reduce hair loss.

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FAQs related to Hairmax Laserband 82

1. Is it safe to use Hairmax LaserBand 82?

Yes, Hairmax Laser Band 82 is entirely safe and also FDA-cleared. The clinical research, trials, and customer reviews clarify that the laser band is safe to use.

2. Is Hairmax LaserBand 82 effective?

The laser band has 82 medical lasers to stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair regrowth. It gives the required nourishment to the hair and also helps to make it thicker and longer.

3. Can we use Hairmax LaserBand 82 with other hair growth products?

Yes, Hairmax Laser Band 82 is safe to be used with other hair products like supplements. Using a laser band with other such products will give quick and effective results.

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People looking for trustworthy and effective treatment for hair loss will find Hairmax LaserBand 82 the best. The positive feedback of customers and the clinical trials clarifies that the laser band is effective for hair growth.

The laser band is FDA cleared so that everyone can use it without any fear of side effects. One can get visible results after four months, and using it continuously for a long time will give longer and thicker hair.

Laserband takes time, but some people who do not find it compelling can get a refund. The effect of laserband depends on the type of hair loss, skin type, and many other factors, and so it might take time to show results.

So, if you are also worried about thinning hair and looking for some viable product to stop the hair loss go for Hairmax LaserBand 82. It is imperative to have the patience to get satisfactory results.

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